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Great Revivals In History

The Bible records revivals where great numbers of people turned to God. Each revival was characterized by a leader who recognized his nations’ spiritual decay.  In each case the leader took action, was not afraid and followed God’s guidance. 
It is apparent our nation is under siege. If you’re considered a leader in one of the resource sectors under attack; health care, production agriculture, education, energy  you know something is wrong.
You might be in the health care profession and have the task of “navigating” Obama Care.  You may be forced to make decisions to terminate a patient’s prescription drug or forced to make the call to proceed with lifesaving treatments or pull the plug.
If you’re a teacher you are finding yourself forced to usher in Common Core curriculum you know is damaging your students and our nation’s future.  Maybe you’re a professor sharing radical progressive teachings in colleges or universities and you’ve suddenly realized what’s going on…God is nowhere to be found on campus.
Maybe you’re an industry leader, staff member or director in production agriculture and have suddenly realized that the programs you have implemented and the individuals you’ve aligned yourself with are not really friends of ag after all, they’re there to destroy it.
Maybe you’re in a government position that is facilitating programs you know are designed to expand regulations, implement agendas that will incrementally destroy private property rights and producer’s ability to produce.  Or you might be a governor or elected official who has known from the beginning the plans being implemented and have “gone along to get along”. Maybe you didn’t realize, and have now found yourself in the middle. 
Maybe you’re not in the resource side of the attacks at all but have found yourself in the propaganda arm and know you are aiding the enemy  by promulgating  a Communist/Marxist/radical Islamic based agenda.  You might  be an ag  journalist who woke up and realized you’re the water-boy or girl for the “sustainable” hoax, or advancing fear of farming and a global meltdown crisis. 
You must stop today and make plans to turn America around. Our culture is being destroyed and  if you continue to promote these ideas and agendas you are part of the machine designed to destroy us from within. You are the problem.
This is not a conspiracy; it is not radical thinking it is happening under our noses. Today you must take a firm stand against it. If you refuse and choose the route of escapism burying your head in the sand, Thunder, Sooners, fishing or Kardashians you are guaranteeing your kids and grandkids will be slaves. You are aiding the enemy in instituting their plan in America. Do nothing and they win.  Your children loose.
This is more than Agenda 21. The chart that took me two years to compile is only a sliver of what is taking place.  It is a part of the destruction, but only a part, Trevor Loudon pointed that out to me last week.  This is subversion of our culture, our values; our nation.
 And what is subversion?  It is turning nature’s hierarchy, the natural order of things, upside down. Animals become more important than people, kids are smarter than adults; wrong is right.  It has incrementally been used to rot American values removing God from our schools - government –society and replacing him with political correctness and tolerance.  It is destroying U.S businesses and production agriculture (our food supply) by burdening American capitalists and producers with growing rules and regulations to appease the “subverters”.   The madness must be stopped, the evil destroyed and eradicated.

We need leaders, leaders who will stand up against the attacks at the local and state levels. Those leaders will come from the ground, from grassroots individuals who are willing to lead.
We also need national  leaders that must be put into place to lead this nation in 2016.  They are Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, David Barton, Jim Bridenstine, and a host of other true conservatives who can change a nation’s course.  We must get behind these individuals in whatever capacity they are willing to serve.  A reminder about supporting individuals who “go along to get along”; victory has never been achieved under the guidance of “enemy collaborating leaders”…study the outcome of the nation’s leaders who collaborated with Hitler. Victory has been achieved through leadership by brave, courageous, persistent God fearing men and women taking a stand. You can today read stories of Bible heroes who took a stand, revived nations and changed the course of their people’s future.

Moses:        Exodus 32,33
Samuel:       1 Samuel  7:2-13
David:        2 Samuel 6
Jehoshaphat   2 Chronicles 20
Hezekiah      2 Chronicles 29-31
Josiah        2 Chronicles 34, 35
Ezra          Ezra 9, 10; Haggai 1
Nehemiah (with Ezra)  Nehemiah 8-10

These men were ordinary men, some had wives (lots of them in some instances), kids, jobs, families to take care of.  They had their everyday problems just like you and I, but God gave them a job , a mission, a task to save a nation and with his help (and a host of angels as you’ll read in some of these stories) they finished those jobs. 
Why not take your Bible today and read about these leaders.  God has put you in a specific place to make a difference.  Reviving America is your job, you’re mission, your task.

 P-R-A-Y-E-R-S is a list of things you can do today to start securing your children and grandchildren's future Christian heritage and nation.

1. PRAY These leaders first and foremost prayed for guidance and protection and that should always be first on our list. They put their total trust in God and his protection.  They were not afraid.
2. RECOGNIZE the enemy.  This enemy is getting easier to recognize and it's becoming easier to expose them; they are the one's straddling the fence, making deals with the subverters, advancing the enemy's message and agenda- they are aiding the enemy's infiltration.  You must stand up against this, call out organizations, individuals, groups, government officials who are allowing this evil communistic, radical Islamic culture into our schools, businesses, culture etc.
3. ALIGN yourself with others taking a stand.  Join other growing groups such as Freedom Works a truly conservative organization, tune into The Blaze, Glenn Beck's this source is actually the only media telling the complete truth, if they get it wrong they say so, back up and try again, there is no hidden agenda or lurking sponsors driving their agenda,  Mark Levin promotes the Tea Party and has several great books out- he's a true patriot, Michelle Bachman tries hard to stand up (the mainstream media which is now controlled by the enemy has tried to destroy her and also Sarah Palin, but they are coming back and I imagine it will be with great force).  Each of you have those in your state who you know are true conservatives; promote them at the grassroots level.  A group in our county is Sons and Daughters of Liberty which each month invites well known speakers in to share their knowledge. This is how I met Trevor Loudon, three of our counties went together, Garfield, Major and Dewey and hosted him. It was his speech that opened my eyes wider. We have also hosted Jonathan Small from the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, and several
other great speakers, representatives and senators.
4. YELL loudly.  Speak to your local school board about the dangers of Common Core or invite speakers and experts in to share their knowledge to your community.  This is being done next week at Watonga, Oklahoma.  Jenni White will speak.  Linda Murphy is another expert on Common Core.
5. EDUCATE  low informed voters and show them the devastation that will result when dictators (Communistic, Marxist, Fascists, radical Islam) are allowed control.  We must share history with them and show them how the government works.  If you don’t know start at home teaching your family.  David Barton is your expert on this, he is on Glenn Beck and travels the U.S. teaching the constitution (we heard him speak this summer in OKC).  After you’re educated hit the road and YELL.
6. REGISTER voters. We have three years and only three years to change course.  We must make sure our citizens are registered to vote.  Get them to the voting precincts in 2016 and turn this nation back over to God.
7. SMILE God is on our side…he’s always helped leaders who will help themselves, he loves it that we are fighting for Him and he will protect us.  Give Him the glory, keep praying, keep plugging and he’ll do the rest!


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