Thursday, April 4, 2013

Where Have All The Leaders Gone?

Have you heard the one about Washington pulling out due to the “criticism crisis” at Valley Forge?   Or how about the one where David decided not to fell Goliath because his feelings were hurt when people made fun of his over sized armor? How about the one where Patton quit at Bastogne because people were talking behind his back- no victorious Battle of the Bulge.  Or the one where Nehemiah decided not to rebuild Jerusalem’s wall because Sanballat and Tobiah ridiculed him?

Luckily neither have I, that is not how those stories ended.   Aren’t we glad those heroic leaders and numerous others like them chose to be true leaders?   If fear and emotion had ruled their decision making our liberties and freedoms would have been lost; even our Lord’s ancestral lineage destroyed. 

A silent, dangerous, insidious war is taking place on American soil: the infiltration of the U.N. Agenda 21 Sustainable Development into cities, homes and schools and onto ranches, farms, feedlots and businesses across the U.S.  It will incrementally make it into your backyard determining whether your private property is “sustainable” an elusive term designed and used by a global group intent on destroying America’s sovereignty.   

This past week I visited my state Capitol, something I’m not completely comfortable doing in fact the times I have visited was to serve beef to hungry state legislatures with the Oklahoma Cattlewomen…never to lobby. 

I was excited when I found other like-minded Oklahomans aware and concerned about the threats of the United Nation’s Agenda 21 infiltration and it was great to witness HB 1412 work its way through the political process passing the House overwhelmingly.   

 However, when it was time for the bill to be heard in the Senate it strangely became stalled in Senator Branan’s Energy Committee where he held the ability to put it on the agenda.  I received several emails stating who, how and why it ended up there and was urged to make calls to persuade Senator Branan of the importance of the bill. Realizing the threats of this plan I had an urgency to educate others as quickly as possible so I decided to go a step further and drive to the city and share a crude flow chart I had designed several months earlier that connected dots from my ranch and others like mine, to the destructive Agenda 21 plan and its numerous layers of infiltration (see Agenda 21 heading for more info.)

 A year ago last October I was made aware of Agenda 21 when I recognized its connection to a deceitful beef auditing group on our ranch. From that point forward the dots have clearly connected and point back to the insidious plans and individuals pushing Agenda 21.  Nearly each day that passes I witness Agenda 21 behind another curtain with another set of acronyms (NGOs-Non Government Organizations a tool they use to usurp our constitution). That was true even on day two of my Capitol visit.  On the second day I stumbled upon concerned educators and parents holding a Common Core Is Not OK Rally.  As I listened to speakers for nearly an hour it became clear the infiltration of this insidious plan, which is data mining our children’s personal information among other horrendous things, is an arm of Agenda 21.  It was during that rally that a speaker Representative Gus Blackwell from the Oklahoma Panhandle approached me and pointed at my chart making the statement that the two were connected.  I told him I was beginning to realize that but had not heard of Common Core until that rally.

  I was excited when I witnessed “true” leadership…thank you Representative Skye McNiel who after serious attacks on her family, including a death threat, stood firm and helped usher in HB 1999; the horse slaughter bill.  I was thrilled when Representative Gus Blackwell understood my complicated chart after glancing at it a few seconds.  I was excited when I actually got to speak with Senator Branan and he gave me time to discuss my concerns.  We had a nice short conversation and I felt he was truly going to try to understand the threats of Agenda 21…he even asked to keep my flow chart.

 But when the going got tough and insults started flying I was deeply disappointed in what I’ll call “marshmallow” leadership…leadership I’m glad wasn’t practiced during our history’s previous days of wartime.  Do I agree with the actions of  Mr. Gerhart towards Senator Branan?  Absolutely not blackmail is reprehensible but was it so reprehensible as to cause our leaders to kill the bill?  Hadn’t Representative McNiel just withstood numerous attacks; some life threatening? Should the mistakes of a few frustrated, angry constituents determine the fate of our sovereignty? The fate of our children and grandchildren; whether they have an opportunity to live in the Land of the Free?

We are at war.  I’ll say it over and over…and over.  Roll your eyes and snicker, I’ve gotten used to that.  A large growing number of Americans aren’t snickering, they’re educating themselves and others. They know this incremental war is real.  They’re watching it unfold.  It’s not a conspiracy, a conspiracy has no evidence…the evidence of Agenda 21’s infiltration and destruction is countless and easily accessed with  simple research.  Courageous groups such American Agri Women are standing up and standing firm against it as are a growing number of states.

What has been interesting to witness is the attitude of leaders that refuse to accept the fact of this “Agenda 21 War” those who deem themselves a little loftier than most- educated beyond measure.  Smug statements such as “Well, we’re so sorry your bill wasn’t heard” or  “Hey, your bill didn’t fair too well this week, Gerhart didn’t do such a good job marketing it did he?” My bill?   My battle?  Excuse me.  And to think the individuals that made these statements are leading, lobbying, making decisions that affect our future and the future of our families; our state? 

Great leaders are crucial in times of war.  Leaders with great wisdom and great minds will determine whether our nation survives; not leadership controlled by special interest groups, emotion and fear.  Leaders who have the courage to stand up  and take  "Home of the Brave" seriously. 
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