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A Tale of Two Messages

I'm beginning to stay perpetually confused. It started...oh I'd say about 6 months ago. It revolves around Social Media. Last year I was gung ho. I was told to share my ranch/agriculture story via social media in an attempt to educate consumers about where their food comes from, so I started a blog. A little later I was urged to create a personal website (our ranch had one but a more personal one would be better), so created chainranchlady. My blog didn't want to follow me to my website, so I just let it stay there and started writing stories in it. All the while my website continued to grow.
A few months later an increasing, almost frantic, concern that animal activists were destroying our livelihood I started a Facebook page to get that message out. Before long that too was growing. On top of that I threw in Twittering and Tweeting...also an attempt to warn the public about animal activists threats.

Fair Time

We've entered every year for as long as I can remember. Fairs are the chance for rural Americans to show off. Most of us are pretty humble throughout the year but come August and September watch out, because the gloves come off. Bread making, picture taking, fruit preserving and cattle,chicken,hog,sheep and goat showing become cut throat competition. Our county is known for STIFF competition on just about anything you enter. We have 20 consecutive year bread baking champions, 30 consecutive year canned pickle, peach, pear,green bean champions. Fair warning to other 3-5 year old entrants...these girls mean business.

The Next Generation-Seven of What?

To the crew here at home I’m viewed as kind of a “Ranch Office Seven of Nine” When it comes to technology I get asked the questions. They’re not hard questions,non-the-less,I run the technology side of the “Ranch Voyager”. That feeling was lost this past week when I wound up with a group of high tech ag chatting, social media gurus. I left Oklahoma with Dino, my 35 pound laptop, feeling very tech efficient. I boarded a train and headed north to attend the Ag Chat Foundation 2.0 Training at the Dairy Management Institute in Rosemont, IL.
Arriving at the DMI pulling Dino in a rolling carrier the “Seven of Nine” feeling left and a “Wilma Flintstone loading her record player via a bird” feeling set in. One look at the teeny tiny lap tops, Kindles, the quick fingered texting, tweeting and twittering and I was suddenly embarrassed. I left Dino in his sleek, black leather carrier, pulled him around all the first day…and took notes.

In March of last year, Ag Chat Foundation was founded by…