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One Nation Under GOD

As most of you know I'm a hard core conservative; 2nd amendment loving, state's rights believing, God fearing, Constitution upholding American. I am having trouble swallowing all of the ##*! that's being fed to us. While I'm thinking these thoughts, I call myself a Christian. I'm struggling with that too. How can I be a Christian and have such hateful thoughts towards other Americans? Last night the results of a House vote nudged us yet closer to a socialized nation. As that news flashed across my computer screen more hateful thoughts popped into my head.
I believe the Bible is God's instruction book for life. There is not a single question about life that's not answered there. This morning I sat down to read my Bible and the Lord opened it up to Psalms 37. I've read this many times before, but as usual, the scriptures don't always stick...that's why we have to read it daily. Here's what God says will happen. And he's in contr…