Friday, May 14, 2010


Animal Welfare vs. Animal Rights
• “Animal rights” means that animals have rights- and aren’t ours to own or use for food, entertainment, or companionship.
• “Animal welfare” means providing proper care to animals- something that farmers and ranchers work hard to achieve everyday!
About Animal Activists
• They have been in the business of creating conflict between animal agriculture and the consumer for more than 30 years.
• The end goal? Cause animal protein products to become so expensive that the average American can’t afford them, putting farmers and ranchers out of business.
• These are not people who want to make a deal; this is a movement, an ideology, dogma, religion… this is a long-term battle.
• They are targeting youth, schools, colleges, and rock concerts by using “hyper emotionalism,” a false display of cruelty to get their message out.
Who is the Humane Society of the United States?
• The Humane Society of the United States preys on emotion to fundraise- even though, according to IRS documents, less than one-half of one percent (.5%) of HSUS’ $100 million budget goes towards hands-on animal care.
• But- according to a 2010 survey, 83 percent of Americans think that HSUS supports local animal shelters. 71 percent think it is an “umbrella group” for local shelters.
• Where does the money go? $2.5 million went to HSUS employee pension plans- five times as much as the money used by the organization to promote animal welfare.
• HSUS takes on expensive ballot initiative campaigns, advertising, and lobbying to restrict livestock production practices.
• According to David Martosko of, PETA and HSUS are very much alike; they just differ in how they market their brands. PETA is a “pickpocket” and goes for shock value. HSUS is a “con man,” manipulating the public to gain support.
Recent Activist Campaigns
• California’s activist-funded 2008 Proposition 2 campaign outlawed common agriculture practices and set a precedent for other states.
• Lobbied to strip funding from USDA horse slaughter inspection, shutting down all domestic horse slaughter in 2007.
• HSUS infiltrated the 4-H program in 2010, presenting a session at the National 4-H Convention to youth leaders entitled: “Animal Instincts: Service Learning and Animal Welfare.”

HSUS Corporate Supporters
• Steak and Shake
• Jack In The Box
• Sonic Corp
• Oreck Vacuums
• Chipotle
• Bank of America
• Microsoft
• Xerox
• PetsMart
• Land Rover
• Harland Clark- they probably print your checks
What YOU Can Do

• Spread the word of HSUS’ deception through grassroots efforts;
• Sign up for NCBA’S MBA (Master’s of Beef Advocacy) Program;
• Join groups such as, Animal Agriculture Alliance, and Advocates For Agriculture;
• Utilize social media, Facebook, Twitter and blog platforms to share your story;
Bottom Line
• Either you believe in farming and ranching, or you don’t.
• Either you are willing to defend it, or you aren’t.
• Agriculturists MUST tell their stories in order to push back the opposition and preserve our ability to feed the world!

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