Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Visit With Lincoln

Just returned from Lubbock where several ranchers from six of the largest beef producing states in the U.S. were able to speak with Senator Blanche Lincoln, D-Arkansas Senate Ag Committee Chairman. Even though our political views are different she IS a friend of Ag and is extremely well informed on all the issues facing our industry. Our goal was to create rapport with those in Congress and extend an invitation to visit our ranches and witness our lifestyles. We also extended a hand on any issue that may need clarification that relates to our industries when up for a vote. She was extremely gracious for having her come visit and vowed to stick behind us. She said the best way to get congress to listen to us is to "TELL OUR STORIES" She said "numbers and statistics" just swirl around Washington but if you have a "good story" they'll remember you. We invited her to our ranches and extended the invitation to all others. I want to thank Terry Stuart Forst for allowing me this opportunity. It was a great experience for an old country bumpkin from Oklahoma :)

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