Monday, January 17, 2011

There's More To The Story...

The previous post (Waiting For A Leader) was brought on by several things primarily after doing research for ANCW's website. My look up around 30 different terms that consumers don't understand.  Terms such as factory farming a label we've been given by animal activists . At this point it seems there is nothing on the web to counter this misconception.

I've been told we must be positive, and I've tried hard to be positive comments and stories; but animal ag people we're going to have to take some steps on the aggressive side. Play defense.  This problem is not going away.  It's becoming a muddled mess in my eyes.  I'm not sure who's coaching. I'm not sure who our friends are.  I'm not sure about anything anymore, except that HSUS is sprinting ahead of us while we flounder.  I want someone to get into the drivers seat; be coach; be boss; be in control. 

The past two months I've witnessed more discourse among our animal ag industries (remember we're a mere 2%)-we don't have the time, the money, nor the numbers to do this.

The past two months I've seen my grandkids bring home school text books persuading them to not eat meat; a 6th grade reader AND a 7th grade reader...and this is rural Oklahoma-an ag savvy state wouldn't you think?

The past two weeks I've driven by ranches that were once lush and filled with cattle, now filled with wild mustangs and broom weed thanks to animal activists victories (your tax dollars hard at work).

                             Weeds Is What You Get When Horses Take Over A Pasture;
                                            They're Grubbers...Not Grazers

And I've watched a wealthy animal activist control a state university.

The past two days I've witnessed in awe more producers asking "What's HSUS?"

In the past week I've seen an increase in HSUS’ "gloating" of getting food establishments "on board" to their way of thinking -Wendy's, Dominoes Pizza, Sonic, the list is numerous...Google it and see.

The past two years I've watched an Oklahoma Hollywood entertainer bash our industry as they consumed and utilized our by-products; driving cars with rubber tires, wearing clothes with buttons, eating food, chewing gum, wearing makeup and taking meds.

HSUS is utilizing avenues that we are now only discovering. They understand current demographics; that nearly 50 percent of the population is under 30 and have never known life without a computer. They know that the majority of the population gets their information from the web. They know that Facebook has surpassed Google in the way people retrieve information. They know they can covertly carry their message using open, pliable, absorbing young minds…and school text books.

We're  floundering for footing; trying to find our coach while HSUS has left the starting block and is drawing closer to the finish line. If our team doesn’t find a leader to lead us you can bet HSUS will win. And don’t be surprised when their teammates carry them off the field in victory taking your children’s chances of owning animals or enjoying a future in animal agriculture with them.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Waiting For A Leader-Unite or Be Destroyed

I’m Waiting For A Leader.

For the past two years I’ve been hounding. I’ve yapped and yakked and pleaded and prodded. I’ve created and crafted--- a website, blog, and facebook page. I’ve joined and paid--- NCBA, ANCW, AAA, NBSB, NRA, USFRA, OFB, all with hopes of eliminating this plague called HSUS. A plague that as one professional put it “is light years ahead in destroying our animal ag industries.”

I’m disillusioned as I witness state universities "supporting the supporters" of HSUS. I’m disgusted as I watch ranchers “playing the animal activists game” using taxpayer's dollars to house wild mustangs. I’m dumbfounded as I witness animal ag industries cannibalize themselves and each other and hear educated producers blurt uneducated statements, “Who is HSUS?”

HSUS is united-were fractured. They’re one-we’re fractioned. They’re balanced-we’re straddling. They’re winning-we’re losing.

If you’re an animal ag producer you can’t have it both ways. There’s no sleeping with this enemy. A Leader MUST emerge---Corn Growers, Summit of the Horse, NCBA--- “Someone MUST take the lead and organize our ag related groups into ONE. ONE for Posterity.

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