Monday, May 17, 2010

Deja Vue

Deja Vue; I had it tonight. A birthday party for our grandson was held at his home- the one I grew up in. After blowing out candles and eating cake and ice cream, kids went on to play and grown ups sat around and talked about the fate of our country. One relative, a banker, made comments on the direction of the banking system. Everyone threw in their 2 cents and the fate of our country was soon doomed. As the discussion drew on some little ones had filtered back in and were eavesdropping on the adults. Just like I had done 48 years ago...
The area of concern then--the Cuban Missile Crisis. I remember that evening as if it were yesterday. My Grandmother Hazel sliced the Neopolatin ice cream "just so" making sure each plate had a perfect vanilla, strawberry, chocolate trio, Grandma Grace added slices of her homemade Angel food cake to each. I ate with ears "wide open" listening and absorbing what I could. I didn't understand what was going on but I knew we were in trouble. I don't remember the outcome of that discussion. Perhaps as months passed the focus shifted to President Kennedy: his life and death. But I never heard the problem the adults were discussing on that cool autumn evening mentioned again.
Tonight I thought about that. The fact that the problem that caused such sober faces and somber talk 48 years ago was taken care of.
I say a prayer that those little ones that overhead the sober talk and witnessed the somber faces tonight will be able to say the same thing years from now..."I don't remember the outcome of that discussion."

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