Thursday, October 29, 2009

For He Will Give His Angels Charge Concerning You, To guard you in all your ways

Today I praise the Lord. We lost a calf, but it so easily could have been our oldest son. An electrical line that ran from our barn to an old branding shed had blown loose last night during a rain storm. We had just turned some calves out in the lot yesterday. Our son realized one of the calves was down so went to check on it. The calf was dead. He didn't notice the line, and went ahead and roped on to drag it off. It wasn't until he had secured the rope to the calf did he notice the line dangling. It was then that he realized it had been electrocuted. Luckily the breaker had blown when the calf touched it so it wasn't hot when our son was working with the calf.
I pray daily for the Lord to encamp his angels around my family. Thank You Lord
Psalms 34: 7; Psalms 91:11

A Trip To The Sale Barn

We sorted cattle last week and dropped by a local auction barn to check on an upcoming sale. Sale barns have been a part of my life. During earlier days most communities had a local sale barn. Today it's been whittled down to the "survival of the fittest." With auctions being offered via satellite and internet a lot of buyers go that route instead. I still love to visit them.
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Unloading cattle for the sale

The Auctioneer will auction from the center
as cattle are brought into the ring. Ring men
are located around the perimeter of the ring
taking bids.

Buyers are seated "theater fashion" and
bid in various ways; raising a finger, tipping
their hat, winking, nodding their head etc.
Seasoned buyers have a trademark bid that
the ring man will recognize.

Most sale barns have a cafe, but most are not
this nice and clean.

The homemade pies here were hard to pass up

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