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Why Shut My Mouth, Suitcase,Toothpaste & Purse

I don’t shut anything. My purse is always open, I leave suitcases unlatched, my perfume and lotion bottles don’t have lids, the toothpaste always has a slight ooze since the cap is no where to be found. I don’t know why I don’t shut and close things. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m lazy and I think “why shut it, close it or latch it, I’m going to be opening it again in a little while anyway.” I don’t like to iron and make beds either. To me it’s a total waste of time.

Brad gets so frustrated with me when I leave suitcases open. He loves to shut them. He loves to pack them neat and tidy and in order. Then he loves to make sure they are packed in the car in the right order. Not me, as long as I know the vicinity in which I threw it, I can dig for it when I get where I’m going. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a slob, I’m actually pretty organized, my house is pretty tidy, and my closets and drawers are beyond organized. I can give Brad the location of the little slip of paper that he wr…