Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Wonderful Day

Today was a wonderful day. It began by waking up beside one of my grandsons...the one that rolls his little body up in a tiny ball and sticks his butt in your stomach...
For breakfast we made crepes and buckwheat pancakes and ate them to Sponge Bob. By noon the majority of his cousins arrived; the one that dismantles everything within her tiny arms length, the nine year old contemplative "wise old man", the one who talks as fast as he thinks...and moves, the one that mourns his leaving each time he visits, the one who is a collector of "many things" and the new one that watches and observes all the rest. Today two were missing... the "Idea Master" and his sister, "Tiny Dancer".
We ate noodle soup and bubble bread and shivered as a bear attacked "Ole Yellar", we wound the family cuckcoo clock as we waited patiently for the appearance of the tiny bird who lives there. Water color master pieces were created, knees were scraped, heads were bumped and kisses were given.
Today was a wonderful day...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tradin Six Shooters For Key Boards

I apologize for not blogging. I've been sidetracked. If you've been reading my blog and website for the past nine months you're probably recognizing that I do have a method behind my madness...well, sort of. I'm on a help save my country and to help save our animal agriculture industry.
This past month has been arm to arm combat...not with a gun but a keyboard. Not with bullets, but "social media" and some things called Facebook and Twitter. The choice of ammo --my "become a fan of page" ExPOSE HSUS.
If you're familiar with HSUS you know they are not who they claim to be, but instead a slick organization with a mission to eliminate meat, dairy and eggs from the American diet while simultaneously driving farmers and ranchers out of business. Raising funds to do this deceitfully.
A large group of us have waged war against them with Social Media tactics...and we're making progress.
A little over a month ago Yellow Tail Wine producers donated $100,000.00 to HSUS. Within hours news spread across the world via Facebook and Twitter. Ag producers across the country poured their Yellow Tail out and boycotted the company. That company responded by vowing not to fund HSUS ever again.
A few days later news was out that Pilot Travel Centers were a source of funding for HSUS. Again the Agriculture Web Community got their keyboards out and within a short time Pilot Travel Centers also vowed to cut HSUS's donations.
Then news of Mary Kaye Corporation being an HSUS supporter surfaced. You guessed it...another Animal Ag Attack. This story ended with the Mary Kaye Corporation finding out that the support had been done unintentionally. They too terminated any ties with HSUS.
In each case the Agriculture Community quickly commended the companies for terminating their ties with HSUS just as quickly as they had attacked.
Social Media is a phenomenal tool. A tool to save our industry. If you're not using it please don't be intimidated by it. You can do it. If I can, you can. It just takes a little time and perseverance. It's going to take all of us telling our stories, getting our positive messages out, correcting misinformation and being actively engaged before animal ag can declare victory.

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