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Cowboy Story Tellers Association of the Western Plains.

Board Members from left to right- Richard Jackson, Robert Klemme, President Ralph Chain (my dad), Secretary Joanna Peard, Martin Dick, Wayne Prewett, Roger Ringer, myself and Tad Hacker. 
This group of "Young and Old Timers" has been responsible for keeping a plethora of great stories alive for future generations to enjoy. The past 20 years the group has gathered at various locations across several states rich in history. They find a host from that area and enjoy a day of story telling, singing, poetry readings and always a great meal.  It has been a group that I've "grown into".  Several years ago they were going to disband because the number of "empty saddles" was increasing.   I couldn't watch this small group of people who had once been numerous and virbrant fade away.  I spoke up and encouraged them to "keep on keeping on".  It worked...they decided to keep the group together- BUT- I came home that day with all of the finances in th…

Saving Their World

Some of My Super Heros