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A 2010 memory...

Headed For Removal... and there you have it...the enemy is in the house

Another unpublished blog uncovered...2012

I started this blog several months ago, but got frustrated and put it aside.I felt like I was wasting my time complaining once again, so I just gave it up.Plus things that were happening were moving to fast to write about.But I have since made the decision to communicate my concerns. A big thanks to Trent Loos for speaking up and saying what's on the minds of many grassroots producers. It's a hot issue and producers are upset--- American families should be just as concerned. Add drought conditions to over 55% of the U.S. land mass to the ever increasing bizarre regulations being pushed and implemented with the help of some of "our very own" we will soon see producer's ability to provide affordable animal protein to a growing population as a thing of the past.
April 2012
In a discussion about attacks on our animal agriculture industry, my wise, reflective daughter once again shared some very insightful thoughts that went …

Looking Back

I don't like looking back but recently did some reflecting and reread my old blog posts from 2009, it started with the recent fires as we had encountered much the same in 2009 fire on our ranch. That led me to re-reading my posts and realizing just how much life has changed since Obama and the Dems, George Soros and his murky, monolithic, acronymic dressed army poised with positve titles but which in all reality release radical regulatory green destruction; Maurice Strong, HSUS/ASPCA, Jason Clay and the World Wildlife Fund,Sierra Club and other global green extremists and radical animal activists have infiltrated and changed our lives, our farms our ranches, our country. Over-regulation has caused America's ag production exports to dwindle. Remember we were the Bread Basket of the World not too long ago and we provided the world fruits and vegetables in abundance? Well, regulations packaged within the U.N. Agenda 21/30 Sustainable Development Plan has destroyed that.
I came…


Well, I guess I was a little pertubed when I wrote this probably five years ago... I'm cleaning blog house and found it. I guess I'll publish it to get it out of my way. No sense sweeping it under the rug :) I might add that today I do love town...and I do love my country home but I still have a distasste for gossips and those who enjoy dismantling other's lives with words.

Communities. Towns. Neighborhoods
Those words always sounded warm and fuzzy and comfy and NICE. When I was a kid growing up in the country I always thought "Town" would cure what ailed you. I wanted to live there. I wanted to be a part of a neighborhood. Walk to the grocery store. Walk home. Pet a dog. Talk to strangers as if they were my best friends. Gaze at street lights out my bedroom window, listen to the neighbor's music; yapping dogs...and ladies. The glitter of "Town" has always lured me...until today. Today I realized that "Town", especially small ones…