Friday, July 7, 2017


Well, I guess I was a little pertubed when I wrote this probably five years ago... I'm cleaning blog house and found it. I guess I'll publish it to get it out of my way. No sense sweeping it under the rug :) I might add that today I do love town...and I do love my country home but I still have a distasste for gossips and those who enjoy dismantling other's lives with words.

Communities. Towns. Neighborhoods
Those words always sounded warm and fuzzy and comfy and NICE. When I was a kid growing up in the country I always thought "Town" would cure what ailed you. I wanted to live there. I wanted to be a part of a neighborhood. Walk to the grocery store. Walk home. Pet a dog. Talk to strangers as if they were my best friends. Gaze at street lights out my bedroom window, listen to the neighbor's music; yapping dogs...and ladies. The glitter of "Town" has always lured me...until today. Today I realized that "Town", especially small ones, can be quite cruel.
Devastated is the word that best describes how a young hard working, conscientious business woman, mother of 2 felt, after the destructive actions and words filtered the town, by a prominent man who holds a prominent position, at a small school, in a small town, who lead and swayed a small group of people, to sever business ties with this young entrepreneur who owns a small local shop. The reason for this attack on this person's livelihood: a family decision to move their children to a neighboring school which had a music and band department. Sound absurd? Does "Town" still lure me.
No, "Town" doesn't look that appealing to me anymore, especially those that harbor prominent "bullies" who can take down local businesses on command. I'll stay in the "country" where I know my enemies.

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