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Behind Ag's Green Mask ....Dewey County Record articles 1-9

I've been writing for our local paper for the past few months, my column-Behind Ag's Green Mask. After returning home from the KNRC Summit I had a sense of urgency to start writing publically. I've been an avid Facebooker and had this blog that no one visited, but had always been to timid to put in print what I was experiencing. The KNRC Summit revealed that I have a host of friends who know exactly what I know and who have been fighting the battle for years. I believe the Lord brought us together. KNRC is now a gathering place for those of us who haven't had a voice,we now know we are not alone in the attack. I made myself sit down, gather my mountains of notes and images and maps together and begin writing. I knew that those that needed to know this stuff were probably not on social media. I'm reviving this blog and will publish all of the articles I've submitted and future ones here. Some of them are too long but I'm working on that. Feel free to share. Time is running out, we must educate others quickly ...

Article 1.

KNRC: Securing Property Rights Locally

I believe it was Will Rogers who once said, “It is important to know just what is and what is not your business.” Now he was probably referring to sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong, but I’m going to use it to make my point of sticking it where it does belong. It’s desperately past time for landowners, property owners, producers, businesses, citizens; elected local, county and city officials, to dig in and “know their business” and their enemy.
Understanding exactly who, what, when, where, why and how behind something known as Public Private Partnerships is first in the education process. Unions between federal government agencies and powerful environmental groups are being used within cities; our local government and within our own ag associations and organizations to shackle us to centralized control, drive us off our properties and ultimately out of business with massive regulations. Within cities grants are tying our hands to the whims of others such as the United Nations and forcing a top down planning upon America. No longer can we leave it up to government officials, our state and national agriculture associations, organizations, foundations or NGO’s (non-government organizations-an alphabet soup of tax exempt 501 C3’s with fluffy feel good names who answer to no one but roll out destructive green-social-environmental-climate change based regulations) to continue to form these destructive unions which ultimately result in destroying our rights. Local, grassroots decision making is the key but first education on the enemy’s tactics must become “every local citizen’s business”. Education will be the only way freedom can be passed down to future generations.
An educating hub for elected officials, the Kansas Natural Resource Coalition (KNRC) may be the first of its kind. A collaboration of county governments; county commissioners and elected officials, who engage federal agencies, the legal parity enjoyed with local government, and that federal procedural mandates require balancing of economic, social, cultural and property interests during the outworking of natural resource policy efforts.
When federal agencies propose rules for their region they first investigate the statutory basis undergirding the proposal, a process known as “Show Us the Law”. Many administrative agencies believe they have the authority to enact law, KNRC does not accept regulations, policies or memoranda as binding until a clear, statutory connection has been established. Because courts do not make law, KNRC does accept court opinions, decisions or definitions being sufficient to justify administrative proposals. They believe the legislative branch of government to be the sole source of lawmaking.
KNRC’s extensive research, clear understanding of administrative procedure, dogged adherence to statutory requirements and tactical application of the coordination process forces accountability to federal agencies who have grown accustomed to bypassing or dismissing entirely the needs of local government.
KNRC’s long-term objectives include training, equipping and exhibit hard-won examples for local governments across the nation. History teaches that centralized top-down, and autocratic governments such as China’s Mao, Russia’s Stalin and Germany’s Hitler devastate countries and over time after much turmoil revert back to local control. Local government only –not industry, not associations, and particularly not NGO’s- can leverage accountability from federal administrative agencies during natural resource rulemakings.
On April 14th KNRC held their annual Land, Environment and Government Conference in Dodge City, Kansas. Attendees from 16 states were able to gain knowledge from attorneys, and private property rights- constitutional experts during the two day conference. A highlight was the presentation by Virginian, Martha Boneta, author of the private property rights “Boneta Bill” which passed in 2014 and is now the law of the land.

Martha's documentary “Farming In Fear”

KNRC’s website

Public Private Partnerships Joan Veon’s Youtube video

Article 2

This week I will continue to feature the KANSAS NATURAL RESOURCE COALITION CONFERENCE. I am sharing an article that was featured in the Western Ag Reporter, Billings MT written by Kerry Hoffschneider published Thursday 21, 2016/ Volume 8 No. 30. I cannot improve on Kerry’s excellent message. Future articles in the Western Ag Reporter will highlight a deeper dive into some of the other various case studies and issues presented as all speaker’s messages were not covered in this article. I might add that KNRC is unique to Kansas, it is imperative landowners either join with them or initiate similar coalitions within their states using their structure as a model.

The Kansas Natural Resources Coalition (KNRC) is trying to make sense of the current, complicated modern agricultural and political system that they believe is operating in an imbalanced fashion and is unfairly targeting farmers and ranchers. On April 13 and 14, the KNRC conference, "Land, Water & Local Government Conference and Panel Discussion," was held in Dodge City, Kansas.
A new website launched by KNRC, , outlines the coalition's lengthy vision and values. High points of it follow; for the complete text, refer to the website.
"The Executive Branch of American civil government possesses only those authorities delegated by Article II of the U.S. Constitution and as codified by federal statutes. The Constitution is the unquestionable law of the republic, and it is the responsibility of the President to execute it and congressional mandates consistent with - and not beyond - Congressional intent.
"The American judicial system has authority only to arbitrate disputes between parties. The constitutional scope of judicial authority is constrained to rendering decisions within the boundaries of Article III and existing statutory law. Courts neither create law nor confer authority beyond the intent of Congress; the breadth and depth of their decisions is delegated and limited and does not extend beyond the case being adjudicated. Any decisions that go beyond the limits of the case at hand or that create law are fiat. (Editor's note: For those of you who, like me, are hazy about the meaning of the word "fiat," you can't properly understand what is being said here without a proper definition, so here it is: "an arbitrary decree or pronouncement, especially by a person or group of persons having the absolute authority to enforce it, as in "The king ruled by fiat." LG)
"The notion of precedent law is fraternal, without premise, substance, or legal foundation; previous rulings serve only as history, reference, and convenience and are NOT law unless concurred by Congressional authorization. In recent history, federal agencies have conferred upon themselves -- through the administrative rulemaking process -- expansive powers and authorities not present in original statutory law. Through the cumbersome, complex, and ineffective public comment/ rulemaking process, federal agencies create for themselves rules, regulations, and policies, imposing them on the public as binding and having the weight of law. Rulemaking processes are often one-sided, incomplete, based upon faulty or non-peer reviewed science, and usually lacking in the fundamental, procedural checks required by the Administrative Procedures Act. Because federal agencies have been left to decide for themselves which comments to address or changes to make during rulemakings, agencies have been able to create a culture of rules that are difficult to challenge and expensive to litigate, often bearing little semblance to the Congressional mandates that produced them.
"KNRC members understand that the federal rulemaking process must incorporate the views of local government and take place within the context of existing statutory law. Our approach is to assess compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Regulations from the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) and provisions from the Federal Land Policy & Management Act (FLPMA) that require federal agencies to account for the County Natural Resource Land Use Plans. The review also includes a data integrity evaluation to ensure science undergirding the rules is accurate, measurable, reproducible, and readily available as required by the Data Quality Act (66 FR 34489).
"KNRC's vision for aligning administrative processes with organic, congressional standards continues to be well received in the region and throughout discreet areas in rural America. As federal environmental initiatives indiscriminately impact agriculture, stifle industry, result in private property encroachment, and meander along mediocrity, KNRC's vision to buttress local government will continue to resonate, propagate, and appropriately result in structural re-balancing." (Editor's note: This vision is both extremely well-thought out and well-written; I would suggest that you re-read it several times and keep it handy for its relevance to other situations of federal overreach. LG)
Shawn Tasset, KNRC president, opened the recent conference with a prayer to Jesus Christ that beckoned for God to preserve our nation. Tasset then welcomed visitors from 13 different states as well as Washington D.C.
J.R. Carlson, KNRC Executive Director, spoke next: "George Washington is dead. Patrick Henry is gone. Ronald Reagan is not with us. So it's up to us. We're it. We have a sound foundation for our country; there are just some cracks that need to be filled... hard toil that needs to be worked out. There's nothing new under the sun. It has always been this way. One guy has always wanted to take another guy's stuff. That seems to be the issue we have today. We are in a power struggle... The power struggle is whether or not the power flows from the bottom up as in the Constitution or whether that power comes from the top down." ... A power struggle - who is to blame and who is accountable - was the central theme throughout all presentations.
The keynote address was given by Tom Van Flein, Chief of Staff for U.S. Representative (R-AZ) Paul Gosar. Van Flein echoed Carlson. "The ramifications that you feel today (in terms of federal government overreach) did not happen overnight. This has been in progress since the late 1960s and has been sold to Americans with 'feel good' slogans... The real agenda is to restrict private land ownership and to eliminate it."
Van Flein talked about no other presidential candidates except Bernie Sanders when he said that he and others are seeing "Socialism in vogue" in Washington D.C. and the nation. He believes that some of this socialist agenda has to do with the public being disconnected with the reality of where their food supply comes from and the land practices it takes to grow that food. He noted that, in terms of the environment, this movement towards a more socialist mindset is particularly "egregious" because of the increased restrictions on property owners to farm, mine, and drill.
Van Flein went on to point out that the federal government currently owns 640 million acres of land (roughly 28% of the land in the U.S., although he noted they don't really know exactly how much land). He said that 70% of the land in Arizona is under federal control and around 85% in Alaska.
The Chief of Staff also talked briefly about the National Monument issue and how this set-aside federal program that began under an act that was initiated under Teddy Roosevelt has morphed into what he and others believe is misuse and overreach by the federal government. Van Flein said that President Obama has been most active on this front and that Obama, "with no public input," has created three new national monuments using 1.8 million acres of land. He believes this is land that Obama just wants "locked up so that people cannot use it for mining and ranching."
Van Flein said that a bill has been brought forward that would bring back the original intent of the act that would require consultation with states and local land managers and the public.
Landowners themselves were featured speakers as well. Among those was Martha Boneta, who gained national attention for the challenges she has been facing over a conservation easement and land trust connected to her family's 60-plus-acre organic farm outside Paris, Virginia, that is very diverse with sheep, goats, cows, chickens, and emus. The farm - which has historically produced farm-fresh eggs, honey, herbs, fiber, and other produce -- has been open to the public for tours and educational opportunities. "They promised our family that we would be able to do what we wanted to do on our farm forever," Boneta said. "I realize (now) there was a coordinated, calculated attempt to get us off our farm."
According to Boneta, her family purchased Liberty Farm in 2006. The property they purchased was a small portion of a 1,250-acre estate owned by Phil Thomas, a fifth-generation land owner and real estate developer. Six years earlier, in 2000, Thomas had sold most of that estate, including Liberty Farm, to a private land trust called the Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC). In 2006, when Martha purchased the farm, the PEC attached a conservation easement contract to the deed, permanently preventing urban development on the land through a co-management arrangement with a state agency called the Virginia Outdoors Foundation. Martha's easement was written to prevent urban development and limits some of what she is allowed to do with her property. The terms were also designed to preserve the agriculture, historical, and environmental value of the land. Boneta said she and her family are following the terms of the easement, but have now faced years of what she calls "harassment" from the county, the PEC, and others.
Boneta said that initially her family was promised they would be able to do what they wanted on the farm forever. They received guidance from the land trust lawyer. They were sent a conservation easement, and the family signed it. Boneta said in actuality the land trust gave themselves the conservation easement and not the family. She said there was a difference in the easement they signed and the one filed by the land trust. Boneta said, "I have been in litigation for the past 10 years."
This litigation has included threats on her family to pay $15,000/day for having a birthday party in the barn and carving pumpkins without a permit. Students were also lined up by local law enforcement and questioned during a farm visit. Boneta said currently they are in circuit court suing the county over violation of the state's right to farm laws.
Each conference recipient received a video "Farming in Fear" put out by the Honest Enterprise, a project of the Charles Koch Institute that features Boneta's story and the well-known farm activist Joel Salatin. A google search will guide those interested to find this documentary and trailer video.
The day concluded with a presentation by Tracy Hunt, Weston County Commissioner. Hunt is a rancher, attorney, and County Commissioner in Westin County, Wyoming. He has served as Weston County Prosecuting Attorney and on the Wyoming Game & Fish Commission. His presentation was titled: "The Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef - A Case Study of Transnational Private Governance."

Hunt said the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB), found publicly at, is a 501(c)3 corporation that he believes has a top-down plan to consolidate banking and government and to vertically integrate the corporate beef supply and distribution chains.
According to the GRSB website, they define sustainable beef as "a socially responsible, environmentally sound, and economically viable product that prioritizes planet, people, animals, and progress."
Hunt said that, while all this sounds positive on the surface, he believes that "it is a vehicle to facilitate collusion against freedom-loving people." He noted there are 200 members -- including BEEF USA, Cargill, Dow, Tyson, Walmart, JBS, McDonald's, Costco, Merck Animal Health, Elanco, Rabobank, WWF (World Wildlife Fund), Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock, and the National Cattlemen's Beef Association (a more complete list of members can be found on the GRSB website).
"The meatpackers have control of about 90% of the kill... They are all colluding to accomplish this goal," Hunt said, noting that "traditional family ranchers" are not members of this coalition that he knows of.
He added that he believes this is ultimately the "chickenization" of the beef industry.
Hunt said that the GRSB mission is " advance continuous improvement in global beef value chain sustainability through leadership, science, and multi-stakeholder engagement and collaboration."
Hunt believes the GRSB is modeled after communism. He shared a chart with the group that compared the GRSB vision with the mission of the Soviet Union Constitution, 1977. Chapter 7, Article 39 states: "Citizens of the USSR enjoy in full the social, economic, political, and personal rights and freedoms proclaimed and guaranteed by the Constitution of the USSR and by Soviet Laws. The socialist system ensures enlargement of the rights and freedoms of citizens and continuous improvement of their living standards as social, economic, and cultural development programs are fulfilled. Enjoyment by citizens of their rights and freedoms must not be to the detriment of the interests of society or the state or infringe the rights of other citizens."
Hunt pointed out where GRSB mission language says "envisions," the Soviet Constitution says, "ensures." And that where the GRSB says, "continuous improvement," the Soviet Constitution also says, "continuous improvement." And that where GRSB says, "socially," the Soviet Constitution says, "social." And that where the GRSB says "economically," the Soviet Constitution says, "economic." And finally he noted that, where GRSB says "environmentally," the Soviet Constitution says, "cultural."
Hunt asked the group, "Where does all this 'continuous improvement' come from?" Hunt said that he believes history's "continuous improvers" were Joseph Stalin, Chairman Mao, ...and the late Don Tyson of Tyson Foods, Inc.
Hunt said the solution to this effort is a well-developed body of anti-trust laws. He advised contacting your universities and telling them what sustainability really means and to start thinking about the U.S. as a local government player in a global economy. He suggested putting the pressure on our universities to support our nation's producers. He also said that those marketing their beef without a packer have an advantage.

Article 3

Peeling the Onion

A follow up on one of the Kansas Natural Resource Coalition Conference Speakers: Attorney Tracey Hunt was recently interviewed by Trent Loos “Loos Tails” in his weekly radio broadcast. During this 40 minute interview, Hunt also a Wyoming County Commissioner goes into detail about the destructive Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef. Those involved in the beef industry will learn vital information to their survival. Poultry and pork producers are now subservient to big packers; beef is headed in this direction if producers don’t stand up against the collusion taking place within our industry. To listen to this interview visit Trent Loos’ Podcasts-PodOmatic or go to the link

The tiers of socialism and communism that are surrounding and smothering America’s freedoms took many decades to create. Peeling away these pungent layers; understanding and exposing the methods and tools being used to destroy the U.S. are tedious, complex- it’s complicated and is taking a while. We must be as strategic and dedicated in protecting our liberties as those so intent on destroying it. So we’ll keep peeling.
For nearly a decade I’ve been studying and trying to make sense of the destructive force destroying our nation. Yes almost a decade has passed since this administration began “fundamentally changing” our world-wow time flies when you’re having fun. I began witnessing early on this subtle destruction being immersed in the business of production agriculture. As a farmer/rancher/ gopher-housewife I was surrounded with the new “green” regulations being brought into our business. These regulations were coming into the sectors of AIR, LAND, WATER and ANIMALS –all “must haves” if you want to produce food. So through social media; a website, a blog and most frequently Facebook I have tried to share what I have been witnessing as I continuously peel the reasoning and motives away.
I have never felt qualified to commit and write a column because the things I was uncovering and witnessing were happening so fast I couldn’t possibly write anything coherent. I was only understanding and digesting it in parts-in snippets. After attending the Kansas Natural Resource Coalition Conference I returned with an urgency to do more- share the facts I have uncovered, stumbled upon and put them in print. I knew I must reach beyond social media because the people needing to hear this message are probably not using it. The KNRC professional circle, those who understood and expounded on the issues this housewife had only been squealing about, was strong. Fellow producers, lawyers, county commissioners and government officials were talking the same language- they understood me. Something not many have been willing to take the time to do over the past few years when I start babbling about the United Nations, social acceptance, environmental justice and sustainability. This column will serve as an educational tool, I will share what I’ve learned with you, facts, other producer’s stories of government overreach and abuse, you can then take that information and decide what path you want to take. Me, I will choose to expose the evil and those advancing it and stand for individual liberty until I can’t.
We must understand the motive of those wanting to destroy our way of life- Control. Control of America’s resources, her land, her businesses her people. Everything that makes America great is succumbing to a “Public Private Partnership (top down federal government agencies/environmentalists/globalists) Attack”. This attack is being waged upon our education system (Common Core); our healthcare system (Affordable Care Act); our banking/financials (exponential debt that at this date had reached $19,228,044,093,705; our energy sector (destruction of fossil fuels- Peabody Coal America’s largest provider of the most affordable form of energy declared bankruptcy this month); Timber and Mining (the expansion and enforcement of the Endangered Species Act destroyed thousands of jobs, businesses and communities; not to mention our Christian heritage and culture through daily doses of anti-Christian/anti-American rhetoric being broadcast by a liberal media who answers only to those advancing the destruction. Ag media is not exempt; it is now controlled a few and readily sells sustainability, social and environmental justice by the bundle.
America’s food suppliers are subtly and surely being destroyed as well. That is America’s backbone. This column will focus mainly on this food supply and how it is incrementally and strategically being destroyed from within. “Those who control the energy can control whole continents, those who control money can control the world and those who control the food supply control the people”, a quote supposedly by Henry Kissinger which sums it up pretty well.
Wars throughout history have taken care of- snuffed out those who wanted to control others. The army with the most military might, wisdom and resources won. These wars were long, messy, bloody, but the victor and enemy were distinguishable there was a good guy and a bad guy and you knew which side you were on. This war is different and complex because the enemy is hard to identify. Those at command central are stealthy and strategic and have been working covertly for years within our nation. They have even taken many of the good guys and turned them against America and the values she holds dear: life, liberty and individual freedoms. Instead many are aggressively helping push top down centralized control.
The ingredient used to manufacture the ammunition of this enemy? Regulations. These rules and mandates, most unconstitutional, being forced upon American producers are based on global warming and climate change and the notion of creating “sustainability”. Until now there have been no big stacks of papers on “sustainability” in the college library, but radical extremists are working to fix that. Skewed and falsified science is being churned out within 7 Climate Hubs strategically placed across the U.S and implemented by the Obama administration in 2014 (Oklahoma has their very own located in El Reno). Their findings based on climate change, social justice, environmental acceptance are turned into “fact” and spread out into society, into our schools, colleges even our land grant universities, into agriculture organizations, into ag and mainstream media. Most devastating to America’s food supply; these findings turned fact end up as regulations and are now being forced upon America’s resource providers.
“Sustainability” houses nebulous terms which destroy freedom such as environmental justice, social acceptance, continuous improvement (Russia’s Constitution speaks highly of continuous improvement…want to get some of that? I don’t. I don’t want to have anything to do with anything that resembles it---at all). These are all tools that allow those wanting control to enter our farms and ranches demand we follow their new rules, stripping us of our private property rights, it is restricting our ability to profit and in many cases being used as a land grab. When we must comply with their created manufactured rules and regulations we lose; compliance and affordability can’t co-exist. If we don’t comply fines are dished out. This method is causing producers, food providers to exit America’s resource providing arena by the hundreds of thousands. This in turn is creating higher food prices and an influx of foreign food products into the U.S.
In this column we will study the Trojan Horse of Sustainability and learn how environmental and social regulations are carrying weapons of destruction within the sectors of air, water, land and animals using the Clean Air Act; the Clean Water Act and WOTUS or Waters of the U.S; perpetual conservation easements; the expansion of the Endangered Species Act ; Heritage Areas; Viewsheds and Watersheds; EPA, BLM, USFWS and other federal agency overreach; how the Humane Society of the United States, ASPCA and other animal rights groups join forces with government agencies to carry out their agenda of abolishing animal protein altogether; and the regulations that will impact America beef producers via the destructive Global RoundTable for Sustainable Beef mentioned above.
We will look at solutions: individuals to contact, groups to join, and sources for help. We won’t forget our past; we’ll study it because we know that those who do are doomed to repeat it. Historic wars have always included antagonist such as the likes of Mao, Stalin and Hitler all wanting CONTROL. They used the same tactics during their reigns, the same methods being ushered in to destroy America from within today. The strata is thick, it’s deep and ever changing. Like peeling an onion, the smell and tears only last a while but when you’ve finished you’re left with something flavorful and delicious granting you like onions. I like choices and onions. And I love freedom.
A telling look at Climate Hubs: Improving Efficiency and Sustainability Oklahoma Horizon 9-14 (a note CHANGING- HELPING farmers and ranchers is code for more regulations)
NFS Grant Enhances Oklahoma Research Infrastructure
Trusted (non-manufactured) Climate Change Facts: C-FACT (a note the documentary “Climate Hustle” which exposes the lies behind global warming released May 2, 2016 can be found here)

United Nation’s Involvement In Advancing Social and Environmental Justice via Sustainability: Behind The Green Mask by Rosa Koire

Article 4
Yum...Elephant a Bite at a Time

There’s a quote, “You can’t eat an elephant whole”, and I love it because it helps me complete tasks that seem unsurmountable. Sometimes the chore or problem seems so big you believe you’ll never complete or see the end. So, one bite at a time is how a person starts and that’s how I’m going to tackle sharing and unraveling the tentacles of the United Nation’s Agenda 21- 2030 plan. I’m pretty sure the past three articles have been overwhelming for readers, to say the least. This week I will share only an image. Cut it out and save it because we will be building from it.
The UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development Plan birthed the term “SUSTAINABILITY” using fear of CLIMATE CHANGE and GLOBAL WARMING. Today this ever moving target based on social and environmental acceptance is the tool being used to destroy America’s businesses, farms, and ranches- America’s food supply.
The Triple Bottom Line is the host that carries the Trojan horse of “sustainability”, it is being used to usher in unbearable regulations within each sector that makes up production agriculture, our food supply: air, land, water and animals.
American food producers recognize Webster’s definition of sustainability: able to last or continue for a long time, the definition that has allowed U.S. food producers to feed the world for centuries. We reject the idea of developing this term beyond Webster’s explanation as it is resulting in further destruction of U.S. food providers. I will reiterate that I am focusing on food production, however, this term is being used to dismantle all American resources including coal and fossil fuels. The method is the same, it is a cookie cutter model used to destroy profitability.
Each week we will begin to “eat a bit of the elephant” by looking deeper within each sector. Next week we will look within the area of land and unravel the methods federal agencies along with extreme environmental groups (remember Public Private Partnerships?) use to stop production. Such programs like the Endangered Species Act and Perpetual Conservation Easements have been advancing and killing production on the land, this has developed into massive land grab opportunities.

Article 5
This Land is Your Land This Land is Our Land...

“Hey, but wait a minute, I thought it was my land” Well, don’t be getting too attached to your stuff especially your land and especially if you’ve signed up for a conservation easement or have inherited one compliments of an uniformed family member who thought they were doing the right thing when they signed the dotted line…an unintended consequence deluxe. As I promised last week we would look at attacks on Land. There are many: the expansion of the ESA Endangered Species Act (which we will look at next week), the listing of the Western and Chisholm Trails as National Heritage Areas and more. But the most threatening, I believe at this particular time, are CE’s because they seem harmless and good. Packaged as enticing “gifts of tax relief and the protection of all things green and lushy” they are in fact being used as a land grab.
Through conservation easements we are “federalizing” our private property rights– allowing government agencies or “non-profits” to make decisions about our land use. We are slowly but surely allowing the federal government to take our private property rights by tolerating perpetual conservation easements and the manner in which this “federalization” is taking place is largely (but not entirely) advancing under the radar. In some cases it is blatant as in Wyoming Stock Grower’s Land Trust in which the USDA/NRCS has enforcement authority which is stated in the contract. These Ag land trust are popping up all across the U.S. and it’s your duty as a landowner to understand the language and what is hidden within them. Education is the key to keeping your land your land, YOUR land.
So why Land Trusts and Conservation Easements? In response to exorbitant costs of government regulations on land use and zoning laws and the rising cost for government agencies to purchase land for “conservation” they have taken advantage of this system. Why should a government agency or Land Trust buy when they can control the land for pennies on the dollar? Let’s look at some facts.
10 Conservation Easement Facts to Consider
Taken from Public Policy Considerations for Private Land Management; Property rights attorney Harriet M. Hagman of Hageman and Brighton, P.C. Cheyenne, WY shares these facts…
1. Total Land base of the United States is around 2.27 billion acres. The federal government owns about 653,299,090 of those acres or 29% of all U.S. land. Of that approximately 605,000,000 acres are managed by Bureau of Land Management, US Forrest Service, National Park Service, NWR (National Wildlife Refuge)
2. Conservation Easements are a legally-binding agreement between a property owner and a “non-profit” organization, typically a land trust or a government agency.
3. The property owner (the “grantor”) retains partial ownership rights over the land, but relinquishes the rights to use the property for development, often limiting all development (minerals, etc.) this has caused devastating problems by restricting revenue.
4. The growth of Land Trusts and Conservation Easements has gone from 53 in 1950 to 1667 in 2005. In 2010 National Land Trust Census showed there were 47 million acres of land controlled by approximately 1700 land trusts. As Land Trusts and CE’s have grown
5. CE’s consolidate power over real property, most of the controlled land is managed by large, national environmental organizations such as The Nature Conservancy TNC, The Trust for Public Lands, Ducks Unlimited, American Farmland Trust, The Conservation Fund so has their influence and association with the government.
6. Perpetuity means forever…CE’s are a contract and how they are interpreted and enforced will be dictated by the language used. Ducks Unlimited language: “The purpose is to ensure that the Protected Property will be retained in perpetuity predominately in its natural and scenic condition for conservation purposes to benefit the public and to prevent any use of the Protected Property that would significantly impair or interfere with the Conservation Values of the Protected Property…”
7. CE’s are usually fully transferrable by the grantee – can be sold to another organization or the federal government and typically “run with the land” and are binding on all subsequent purchasers and heirs. Landowner must agree that the easement be held in perpetuity, meaning that all future landowners of the easement are bound by the terms of the deed.
8. Tax incentive: The “value” of the easement is deducted from the “value” of the property which means the difference between the value of the land just before the easement is granted as compared to the value of the land immediately after the donation. CE’s are intentionally designed to devalue your property
9. There are pre-arranged “flips” or “pre-acquisitions”. The Land Trust does not actually hold on to the easement, they can sell it to federal or state agencies. They are often purchased by Land Trusts at below market value with the landowner “donating” the difference to the “non-profit” Land Trust. The Land Trust then sells the easement to the government at the market value, pocketing the difference. This set up enables the government to obtain private lands when public funds are not available. According to USDA: “voluntary acquisitions provide opportunities for public agencies to influence resource use without incurring the political costs of regulation or the full financial costs of outright land acquisition” …now isn’t that special?
10. Conservation easements are presented in tidy little packages that offer the landowner all kinds of great things. Beware. Wise landowners will check the fine print and hire a good private property rights attorney before signing anything.
I still like Will Roger’s thought “It is a good thing to know just what is, and what is not your business”, if you’re a landowner contemplating a conservation easement ---understanding them is your business.
For more information read Martha Boneta and Jiliane Hixon’s stories below. I have met both women and heard their stories, but accounts such as these are happening all across America.
The Dark Side of Conservation Easements Martha Boneta’s Saga Continues
Tears flow over a weakened conservation easement bill

Article 6
The Enemy’s Constant Agenda: “Now How Do We Get America to Say “Calf Rope?"

You remember the game, a bully twists, pesters or pokes until you yell “calf rope…I give up.” Well we have a passive aggressive bully who is incrementally, systematically and subtly poking and pestering in hopes of getting us to give up and allow destruction of everything that makes our nation great: her resources-all being dismantled before our eyes; her people and their high moral standards by stripping her Judeo Christian foundation from her schools and government; her productive high-standard culture by stripping her people of their dignity and pride by giving them free rides and destroying their great work ethic; her strong finances now burdened with a 19 plus trillion dollar debt, her health care and education systems by removing local control and input, replacing it with overreaching federal control; her cities through enticing grants tied to the U.N. which also result in top down federal control, her affordable energy supply by regulating the most abundant efficient sources such as coal out of business; and last but not least what I focus on in this column-her food supply which has for centuries fed not only her people but countless millions across the globe.
If you’ve been following I am attempting to dissect the elephant and dole it out in tiny digestible portions sharing how “they” (“they” being those advancing communism, socialism and a progressive agenda within the White House by buddying up within Public Private Partnerships) are wrecking our nation. These unions among federal agencies, global elites and radical environmental extremists are destroying private property rights and the financial solvency of America’s businesses. If you are rolling your eyes with the mention of the “isms” within the White House I would refer you to Trevor Loudon’s books; THE ENEMIES WITHIN: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress; and Barack Obama and the Enemies Within. I had the opportunity to hear Mr. Louden give an extensive review and share biographies of the enemies within our congress several years ago.
After reviewing some of the dangers of signing perpetual conservation easements last week, we will next look at the Endangered Species Act and how the expansion of a handful of endangered species specifically heritage breeds such as the eagle and buffalo grew to several thousand destroying private property rights within the sector of LAND.
Before we do let’s take a look back at the conception of the U.N. Agenda 21 Sustainable Development Plan. Following are several links that will give you more than enough information to come to your own conclusion about the motives of these people who strive to destroy America with this radical agenda, but I will share a quick summary: the Biodiversity Treaty and the Rewilding of America Plan is a global push to stifle America’s resource development, financially burdening her, and inventorying and controlling her people and land and limiting her production. It was first proposed by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in 1981. Land use policies required within this treaty were in dozens of UN documents and incorporated into the agendas of NGOs for implementation through various programs and legislation at local, state, and federal levels long before the Treaty was ever presented to the world.
Having succeeded, for the most part in implementing Agenda 21 Sustainability those advancing it are now taking it a step further Transforming our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Their mantra: Man is destroying the planet, earth can’t sustain itself the masses must be controlled nudged into urban areas in a stack and pack utopian type of habitat, the majority of our nation’s land mass must remain uninhabited. This message has been propagated and fueled by climate change, global warming verbiage creating a sense of sustainable social and environmental urgency. All designed to control not save a planet.
So back to the ESA. How could something that started out to be so good turn out to be so evil? The Endangered Species Act of 1973 authorized the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to categorize diminishing species including plants, animals and insects as threatened or endangered, with the goal of conserving and protecting species while avoiding action that may affect federally-designated habitats. Today it is being abused and used as a tool to stop development. From the listing of the Lesser Prairie Chicken, the Big Eared Bat, the Delta Smelt, the reintroduction of the Grey Wolf or the trading of America Burrowing Beetle Credits here within our own state, the destructive force of this federal agenda has only continued to compound. The stories are countless but a few of the ones I find most disturbing our listed in the links below. Next week we will look at more ESA horror stories, until then the ones below should keep you plenty upset.
If the U.S. yells “calf rope- we give up” the world loses. Let’s remember Churchill’s advice, “Never, never, never give up.” It will take time, tenacity and an investment in education to make certain America gains victory over this evil bully.

AG 21
Understanding Agenda 21 Sustainable Development/ Wildlands Project
The Wildlands Project/Biodiversity Treaty
The American Policy Center
Is The Soros Sponsored Agenda 21 a Hidden Plan for World Gov’t, Yes but it’ Not Hidden
Transforming Our World AG 2030
Endangered Species Act
The Valley Hope Forgot Hannity’s 3 Part Series Delta Smelt/San Joaquin Valley destruction
American Burying Beetle
Crying Wolf J.D. King

Article 7

Don't Shoot The Wagon Puller

What do you get when you shoot the wagon puller? No one to pull the wagon-no one to work and provide services and goods. For over 200 years America’s free market economy has been the world’s wagon puller providing an abundant supply of safe foods, fibers, fuels and goods and military security to neighboring countries. A quote from Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, “I will destroy America without firing a shot” is manifesting itself as groups who want the wagon puller banished, whittle away at her exceptionalism, strip her military and over-regulate her resource providers trying desperately to replace her free market system with centralized control. Regulatory overload is wrecking U.S. production, especially the American food producer. According to the Heritage Foundation President Obama and his administration have added 20,642 new regulations since taking office exceeding $100 billion annually. These policies have marginalized or in some cases completely wiped out private sector industry and business.
Lack of “enemy” education is destroying us. No need to storm our castles, we are handing them the keys by participating in socialists style programs that will eventually bring about our own demise- Khrushchev’s dream. Our own agriculture associations and organizations have partnered with the enemy using our very own funds to help advance the utopian idea of “sustainability”, for example the decisions made to play with fire by buddying up with the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef which we will look closer at when we address the areas of regulatory attacks under the heading of animals
To recap: The sole reason for this column is to share how this enemy is destroying America’s food producers through massive regulations within LAND, AIR, WATER and ANIMALS. These plans of attacks on America’s heartland didn’t happen overnight covert strategizing has been occurring for decades; it’s complex and will take dedicated effort to understand, so we will continue to “eat this elephant one bite at a time” by looking at each sector. Within the sector of LAND we’ve looked at perpetual conservation easements and how they are being used as a land grab. Last week we touched briefly on the Endangered Species Act and how it is being used to halt or stifle production. But before moving forward with more stories I want to share an outline that will help simplify. We will look at the TEAM PLAYERS aka Public Private Partnerships, and the enemy’s RULE BOOKS, and their METHODS and TOOLS being used to stop production. The outline below can be clipped and used along with the LAND, WATER, AIR, ANIMALS image provided earlier.
First we must have an understanding of Public Private Partnerships and how we as grassroots are losing our voice. Partnerships between federal agencies and wealthy environmental groups (NGO’s) are changing legislation that restrict grassroots’ ability to produce. To fully understand how these unions work visit Joan Veon’s YouTube two-part series

USDA- U.S. Dept. of Ag
BLM- Bureau of Land Management
USFWS-U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
EPA-Environmental Protection Agency
U.S. Army Corp of Engineers
U.S. Forest Service Agency

World Wildlife Fund
Environmental Defense Fund
Sierra Club
Ducks Unlimited

These are not complete lists there are perhaps other agencies being used and many, many more NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) who use their 501 C3 status to advance their agendas

A. Alinksy’s Rules for Radicals
1. Divide and Conquer (Author Saul Alinsky dedicated his book to Lucifer)
B. Cloward and Piven Strategy
1. Overwhelm/Collapse System
C. Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto 10 Planks
1. Abolition of Private Property
2. Heavy Progressive Income Tax
3. Abolition of all Rights of Inheritance
4. Confiscation of Property
5. Central Bank
6. Government Control of Communication/ Transportation
7. Government Ownership of Factories/ Agriculture
8. Government Control of Labor
9. Corporate Farms- Regional Planning
10. Government Control of Education

A. Public Private Partnerships (see image)
B. Climate Hubs (manufactured skewed science to fit global warming/climate change agenda, dispensed as “fact” to academia-land grant universities, federally funded USDA programs resulting in massive unattainable regulations upon grassroots) Of the 7 implemented in U.S. Oklahoma is home to the Grazingland Institute located in El Reno
C. Promise Zones (implemented same time as Climate Hubs-see resource links for further information)
D. Fear, Intimidation, Bribes Producers being stalked, hunted down, fined and Imprisoned; or lured into taking “free” grant monies w/fed strings attached-grassroots level (Bottom Up)
E. Delphied Meeting/Consensus Building Controlled outcomes within organization-association meetings, participation by members however outcome of meetings previously decided, member appears to have input (Inside Out)
F. Media Feed misinformation to uniformed-Agriculture and Mainstream disseminate false information based on skewed research; Massive “new” USDA programs announced weekly (all with top down federal control strings attached)
G. Academia (disseminating fear/lies of global warming/climate change/sustainability using the skewed Climate Hub bogus science-research which requires social and environmental acceptance by grassroots producer
H. Verbiage Mantra Emotion “Continuous Improvement”, “Best Practices”, “Sustainable-social/environmental acceptance,”
I. Regionalization First step in globalization of the U.S.: Endangered Species Listings overlap Biodiversity Corridor, 7 Climate Hubs, Voting, etc.…all in process of being regionalized.

METHODS (Squeeze out of business)
A. Top Down
1. Board Seat Position within major industries/organizations influencing decision making
B. Bottom Up
1. Grant/Special Free Monies Owner participation in programs with federal strings attached
2. Threats Fear, intimidation, false media coverage, massive fines, imprisonment- even murder (Bundy’s, Hammonds, death of Nevada rancher, LaVoy Finicum); Hage’s, Dollarhites, Sackets, Hadricks, Hudson Farms-the list is endless)
C. Inside Out
1. Infiltration- organizations, associations, foundations. All major ag groups/media have been infiltrated by those advancing the narrative of “sustainability-social and environmental acceptance” using terms such as “continuous improvement (Russia’s Constitution), “best practices”

Forces are gathering to stop this invasion of over-regulation and attacks on our freedoms. If we are to prove Khrushchev wrong we must understand the enemy’s game plan. The following individuals and groups are defending the wagon puller… Dr. Angus McIntosh grazing rights expert who worked for the Forest Service Agency several decades until realizing he was deceiving property owners he left the agency got his PhD and now helps landowners across the U.S understand their rights; Kris Anne Hall constitutional attorney also travels the U.S. educating property owners and citizens on their constitutional rights...
Property rights attorneys Karen Budd-Falen, Harriet Hageman and Tracy Hunt; The Cavalry Group/ Mindy Patterson-a major defender within the pet, rodeo, circus, hunting sectors, C-FACT (a source for accurate information on climate change)
Kansas Natural Resource Coalition KNRC

10 Planks of Communism
Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals
Cloward and Piven Strategy
Climate Hubs and Promise Zones Wilkow-

Article 8
Mama Said

Behind Ag’s Green Mask
Andrea Hutchison
Mama Said…
Family and friends have heard me regurgitate this message for years. There have been many eye-rolls, lots of squirming and tons of subtle exits when I began my spiels on what appeared to me to be a calculated destruction of our economy and food supply. Because I do lot of ranting (and some public speaking) on this subject I’ve been told that to be effective a one hour, a 30 minute, a five minute and a five second presentation for different audiences would be good to have on hand. My mom traveled to OKC with me last week and once again (had a captive audience) I was rehashing the destructive term “sustainability”. Thanks mom for coming up with my five second speech. “So you’re saying sustainability will break us and all they want is control.” “Yes!” Now, why didn’t I think of that?
Last week’s outline became Lost in Space (my fault) so trying it again. I believe if you will use the images from last week and this outline and keep in mind my mom’s summary of sustainability, the journey we take through the attacks within LAND, WATER, AIR and ANIMALS, everything that’s required to produce food, will make more sense.

These covert, incremental, subtle attacks to bring down the U.S. have been a long time in the making. There are certain RULE BOOKS, METHODS and TOOLS being used to gain control and bring our nation crumbling from within. Here is how I believe they are doing it:

A. Alinksy’s Rules for Radicals
1. Divide and Conquer (Author Saul Alinsky dedicated his book to Lucifer, now if that’s not a reason fellow Christians to fight this battle I’m not sure what is)

B. Cloward and Piven Strategy
A. Overwhelm/Collapse System

C. Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto 10 Planks
1. Abolition of Private Property
2. Heavy Progressive Income Tax
3. Abolition of all Rights of Inheritance
4. Confiscation of Property
5. Central Bank
6. Government Control of Communication/ Transportation
7. Government Ownership of Factories/ Agriculture
8. Government Control of Labor
9. Corporate Farms- Regional Planning
10. Government Control of Education
A. Public Private Partnerships (see last week’s image)
B. Climate Hubs (manufactured skewed science to fit global warming/climate change agenda, dispensed as “fact” to academia-land grant universities, federally funded USDA programs resulting in massive unattainable regulations upon grassroots) Of the 7 implemented in U.S. Oklahoma is home to the Grazingland Institute located in El Reno
C. Promise Zones (implemented same time as Climate Hubs)
D. Fear, Intimidation, Bribes Producers being stalked, hunted down, fined and Imprisoned; or lured into taking “free” grant monies w/fed strings attached-grassroots level (Bottom Up)
E. Delphied Meetings/Consensus Building Controlled outcomes within organization-association meetings. Appearance of participation by members however outcome of meetings previously decided (Inside Out)
F. Media Feed misinformation to uniformed-Agriculture and Mainstream disseminate false information based on skewed research; Massive “new” USDA programs announced weekly (all with top down federal control strings attached)
G. Academia (disseminating fear/lies of global warming/climate change/sustainability using the skewed Climate Hub bogus science-research which requires social and environmental acceptance by grassroots producer
H. Verbiage Mantra Emotion “Continuous Improvement”, “Best Practices”, “Sustainable-social/environmental acceptance,”
I. Regionalization First step in globalization of the U.S.: Endangered Species Listings overlap Biodiversity Corridor, 7 Climate Hubs, Voting, etc.…all in process of being regionalized.

METHODS (squeeze us out of business)
A. Top Down
1. Board Seat Position within major industries/organizations influencing decision making

B. Bottom Up
1. Grant/Special Free Monies Owner participation in programs with federal strings attached
2. Threats Fear, intimidation, false media coverage, massive fines, imprisonment- even murder (Bundy’s, Hammonds, death of Nevada rancher, LaVoy Finicum); Hage’s, Dollarhites, Sackets, Hadricks, Hudson Farms-the list is endless)

C. Inside Out
1. Infiltration- organizations, associations, foundations. All major Ag groups/media have been infiltrated by those advancing the narrative of “sustainability-social and environmental acceptance” using terms such as “continuous improvement (Russia’s Constitution), “best practices”
Next week extensive resources will be provided so that you may do your own “dot connecting” and make certain what I’m telling you is accurate. Also we will continue with attacks within the LAND sector.

Article 9

Assault upon Landowners

Finally we ARE going to finish talking about LAND attacks.
Remember the RULE BOOKS, METHODS and TOOLS radicals and elites are using to control LAND, WATER, AIR and ANIMAL use? Remember PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTERNSHIPS (Joan Veon Youtube video) are one of the TOOLS and are bad news as they are partnerships between federal agencies (PUBLIC) such as the USDA, BLM, DOI, USFWS and many others; and radical- green- environmental- animal rights- tax exempt 501 C 3 status groups (PRIVATE) looking to manipulate and change federal policy which results in overreaching burdensome federal regulations America’s grassroots farmers, ranchers, businesses cannot financially comply with? If you missed this in the earlier articles you can visit where they are archived.
Conservation Easements, we’ve looked extensively into these in the May 19th article. I might add, that federal agencies have been trained for several years now on how to handle landowners when they question these programs. I received an email several years back from an individual whose friend worked within one of the USDA arms pushing for conservation easements, he was told that “they did not want the landowner to understand what was in the documents they were being asked to sign”. This may have been an isolated case, but just remember that if you believe you want to get tangled up in one.
Grazing Rights, In the case of the Bundy’s, Hammond’s, Hage’s and Finicum’s (LeVoy Finicum was the Nevada rancher murdered by the FBI standing up for property-grazing rights in January), these landowners have every right to stand up for what rightfully belongs to them and the grazing rights DO BELONG TO THE LANDOWNER; something you will not hear or read within the mainstream media. On the contrary, the media is painting a negative picture of these ranchers who stood firm for their rights and are feeding it to the public, a public who now believes these ranchers are militants. Angus McIntosh prepared his dissertation on this very issue and covered each and every right that still belongs to the land owner. Remember Angus was the Forest Service Agency employee who had been telling landowners they did not own their grazing rights for years, then began to question what he was doing, questioned his boss who told him, “be quiet and get their signature”…he quit the FSA and went back to college. He now helps ranchers across the Midwest keep their rights.
Endangered Species Act, the expansion of the endangered species act is taking away landowners ability to develop on their own land. This expansion includes plants, animals and insects and early on only consisted of Heritage breeds such as the buffalo and eagle, which indeed needed to be protected. But today thousands of endangered species are on that list. The ESA is another land grab TOOL as it destroys profitability and the landowner’s ability to make decisions conducive to their property. Instead the federal agency has the right to determine what development can occur on the land. Examples: The Valley Hope Forgot (destruction of a community within the bread basket of the world, San Joaquin Valley); The American Burying Beetle which is halting production here in Oklahoma, complete with a credit exchange much like carbon credits…another story for another time.
EAJA, a fee shifting provision abused by green groups and federal agencies. Friend, Karen Budd Falen is the expert on this issue, she uncovered the abuse and recovered thousands of dollars.
WOTUS Waters of the U.S., this EPA tool is being used as a land grab, it will allow the federal government to take control of ALL waters within the U.S. yours, mine, ours….all of us. It has now been contained, but kind of like the Terminator, EPA “will be back”-- like a bad rash
BLM Bureau of Land Management, has become a rogue agency which is now militarized and uses threats and intimidations upon landowners even to the extent of ranchers losing their lives as in the case of LeVoy Finicum. They have been harassing the Hage’s family for over 24 years and just recently defeated this family in a grazing permit case.
National Heritage Areas, listing of Chisholm and Western Trails and many others across the U.S.
Viewsheds-Watersheds, both tools being used to control or even stop production upon land.

For more information, limited links (limited space) are provided below, if you begin searching you will find numerous articles covering each incident. Remember this is only a sampling of what is taking place, there are so many stories of federal government abuse and overreach that it would be impossible to list them all.
Hage Family: Las Vegas Review Journal, Nevada ranching family loses federal lands court case, January 18, 2016
Finicum, Bundy Families: Trent Loos, Rural Route Radio podcast June 17, 2016 (this is a must listen, Trent gets the true story from LeVoy Finicum’s daughter)
Endangered Species Act: Forbes, The Radical Abuse of the ESA Threatens US Economy, Feb 18, 2013
EAJA Equal Access to Justice Act: Budd-Falen Law Offices LLC, EAJA/Attorney Fee Payments, Karen Budd Falen
National Heritage Areas (listing of Chisholm and Western Trails; Pinon Canyon-VIEWSHEDS are a tool used within these programs to limit, control or shut down development on private property): Pueblo Pulp, Preservation vs Property Rights: The debate to make SE Colorado a National Heritage Area, July 20, 2014; Facebook-Chisholm Trail Park Service Comments
As always the Kansas Natural Resource Coalition – is the best source for ALL questions regarding private property rights (make sure you Google coalition NOT council)
Next week more on LAND and an introduction into attacks within the ANIMAL industy.


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