Saturday, June 4, 2011

Back From Sabbatical!

Sorry for the Two Month Absence.
 My Excuse for  Paltry Postings?
A Whirlwind Ride on a Human Hamster Wheel!

Stock Shows

 Wheat and Canola Harvest



Tornado Escapes


Two D.C. Visits
The first trip was with a group called "The Ranchers", we spoke with congressmen, senators and representatives urging them to keep our Ag Industry at the top of their agendas. The next trip was to attend the Animal Agriculture Alliance Summit where those attending gathered a ton of knowledge from many great speakers on how to secure Ag's future

Soccer Games
Family Gatherings

My Dad's Induction Into The Hall of Great Westerners
(which was much like preparing for a wedding!)

I Just Haven't Had Time!

I will try to do better.


Nothing New Under the Sun Including Sustainable Development

  I wrote the piece below last summer after listening to KrisAnne Hall speak at the CICA Convention.  As the Global and U.S. Roundtable fo...