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Sustainable Development Destruction of 1641

The Grand Remonstrance of 1641. Heard of it? Neither had I until this week when attorney- prosecutor, Russian linguist, mother, veteran, pastor’s wife, constitutional educator, KrisAnne Hall, shared this very important piece of history at the Colorado Independent Cattlegrowers Association convention. Sustainable development had been exploited to control masses nearly 400 years ago. King Charles tried it. He died trying, his subjects saw to it.
KrisAnne took questions and I asked how we could stop the U.N. infested Global Roundtable and U.S. Roundtables for Sustainable Beef from entering our farms forcing control upon us. “Do you think the use of sustainable development to control the masses is new?”, she asked. Then she shared the solution: “You just say NO!”
She rattled off familiar sounding issues from 1641...and 2017. I researched. King Charles was controlling his subjects by bringing in foreign law to deny people their guaranteed rights through a corruption of the courts, k…