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Another Side

Behind Ag's Green Mask Dewey County Record  August 16, 2017 Thought I would shift gears this week, I decided to share my constructive side because I do other things besides fight “sustainability- triple bottom line promoting-continuous improvement” bad guys. For several years I’ve had the opportunity to serve on both the OK GOP executive committee and the Agriculture Enhancement Diversification Board. I did not seek out these positions but somehow ended up on both.  Both boards met this week and truthfully it's something I dread a bit. Actually it's been good, it pulls me out of my rural comfort zone and into an urban setting forcing me to dress up and behave like a lady. The OK GOP executive committee consist of our Governor, Republican chair and vice chairs, national committee chairwoman and chairman, legislators, county and district chairs and vice chairs (I serve the third congressional district-Frank Lucas’ district- as vice chair). This position has forced me to unde…