Thursday, November 18, 2010

Random Thoughts

Do You Know?

What color your face can turn when your dad tells the hospital receptionist that she resembles one of the homliest national public female figures you know then tries to get you to agree with him---which you don't...reassuring the poor lady you see no resemblance?

How wonderful it is to visit with your adult children one on one, all alone, all day long and reconnect?

How great it feels to have your whole family, all 19, arrive at church at the same time?

How important your small town is to the survival of America?

What a challenge it is to stay girly in a guys world?

The gratitude you owe your dad for insisting you attend church every Sunday (a.m and p.m.-no questions asked)?

What it feels like to let your 3 year old granddaughter paint your nails with hot pink Hello Kitty nail polish (which should be sold in the professional spa section because it won't come off) forget you're wearing it, then realize how tacky it looks while fine dining with friends?

What a blessing daughter-in-laws are?

How good it feels to have a family picture taken and everyone shows up, all 19 of them?

What a blessing son-in-laws are?

How much fun your mother can be?

The satisfaction of pulling a loaf of homemade bread from the oven and covering a slice with your own homemade jam?

How important the 2% of our U.S. farmers and ranchers are to the survival of 100% of America and the world?

How much fun your pastor can be?

How good "catching up" feels-on bookwork, housework, church work, yard work etc.?

The fatigue a farmer and rancher feels at sunset..and sunrise?

That farmers and ranchers (and a certain husband I know) are made of "tough stuff, don't sleep much, can get kicked repeatedly by cows,calves and bulls, yet get back in the pen, fix your heater-faucet and leaky roof, abort their dreams and goals for the good of their families and still appear cheery?

What a blessing sons and daughters are...all 4 of them?

What A Super Duper Blessing Grandchildren are...all 9 of them(thanks to the super kids and their super spouses)?

The importance of rural fire departments?

That microphones can literally suck the brains right out of your head?

How strong the bond between a brother and sister can be?

The importance of listening. Listening to stories of the past; our grandparent's, our nation's, our world's, our creator's, for strength and solidity of strong families and nations.

That finding the "perfect handbag" is futile and costly?

The value of the hidden collective wisdom that can be found at your local nursing home, if you would only take the time to seek it?

That laughter is good medicine and if this made you smile read again every four hours as needed :)

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