Sunday, April 10, 2016

"Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing"

I started blogging and facebooking many years ago.  I put my blog on the shelf but tonight decided to pull it out again.  I found this in one of my drafts written in 2013...

Each morning I study my Bible and get quiet with the Lord before the activities of the day hit.  I've done this for the past 20 years or so and try never to miss these perfect peace times with Him. 
If you've followed my Facebook posts, my  blogs, my emails (if you're not on FB) I have been relentless on getting people to wake up to what's centralized control and the loss of individual freedoms and private property. This morning, once again, I poured out my problems and they seemed more, they seemed overwhelming...what do I do with all of the information I have swimming around in my head? what do I share what do I keep private?...please help me focus, help me communicate my message.  His answer before I finished my request: "keep the main thing the main thing".  So with His nudgings I will do my best.  
How did I know this global takeover was coming? I didn't. but I listened, I observed, I learned; that and the fact that I live daily in the middle of it...ground zero gave me a big global picture early on.  It's been a work in progress, an incremental realization that we are being destroyed from within. I've found out what I know aligns with Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto and his 10 planks.  Nearly everyday a curtain is drawn to show another arm, another wizard tied to and controlling this destructive global agenda.
I served two terms as Oklahoma Cattle Woman president this gave me the opportunity to attend national meetings and meet fellow ranch women.  Before this time I was just a normal ranch wife who had been cooking, cleaning, raising kids, helping raise and groom show animals, volunteering with 4-H, FFA and any community activity I couldn't say no to and the normal day to day ranch work when needed- baling, swathing and office work.
When I took the position as OCA president I was reluctant, it took me way out of my comfort zone, but it turned out to be the door that opened many friendships which in turn has allowed me unlock puzzles and see the big picture of what's happening to our food supply and other resources...the attacks on our nation.
 At national meetings I listened to friends and fellow ranch women who like me were witnessing attacks first hand at ground zero. For nearly 10 years, probably more like 12 I listened to other women quietly share their stories, their concerns their experiences and similar problems, women whose voices were never heard because they were afraid of the repercussions of being labeled "silly" or "nuts".  I soon realized that there were some things we were allowed to discuss and other issues were off limits.  I remember at one national industry meeting  drones were brought up and some of the ranch women shared similar concerns as they had actually seen these drones flying over their feedlots.  The facilitator of that meeting an industry staffer  quickly swept the question under the table..."we shouldn't be talking of such things"  was the resonating unspoken message...but those of us who were actual ranchers did talk about those things and many other concerns numerous times through the years and our stories and similarities of attacks have aligned. 
Privately sharing horror stories which ranged from outrageous undeserving fines issued to upstanding ranchers through the targeting of an out of control EPA to the protection needed for school children because of fear of attacks by a endangered listed grey wolves threatening the lives of rancher's children waiting for the school bus to the extent cages were needed to protect them while waiting on the bus.  Over the years we've shared a ton of information, personal experiences and shared our fears of what might happen to our rights as grassroots farmers, producers, land and animal owners---food producers in the future.
In 2008 we women were discussing watersheds and the fact that government programs with the help of extremists were being used to take control of our water.  We've been discussing windtowers and chemtrails, and animal rights extremist's undercover videos, we've discussed how a certain well known agriculture journalist  was the first to post these destructive videos  before they were verified as a credible source, we've shared our delight in Tom Moran calling out USDA's and Vilsack's wife's extreme activists ties and  recently we've discussed the destruction and havoc Public Private Partnerships are having on our ability to provide food.  We've  discussed "useful/necessary idiots; government, organization, individual industry facilitators, implementers and navigators of these destructive agendas and their role in advancing this evil.  The stories have been endless the source-real ranchers with real life issues.

As farmers and ranchers we deal daily in each resource/ business sector that has been under attack since Obama took the helm.  I take care of our ranch's health care, so I could see where the Affordable Health Care Act was headed- single payer. We have trucks that haul cattle; feed cattle in feedlots (I refuse to call these locations CAFOs, confined animal feeding operations...a term given to that segment of our food industry by the EPA, coddled and nurtured by the "so called agriculture friendly Jekyll  Hyde" USDA  which allows the long arm of the green, animal extremists/government excessive control.  Each one of these food producing locations can now be easily identified by any terrorist group or extremist with a global agenda; we deal with water issues and most recently endangered species listings such as the Arkansas Shiner and Lesser Prairie other words my world revolves around strangling regulations and the evidence of their business destroying nature.
Most importantly we have cattle and this is where I witnessed the most profound incremental global control and corrupt subtle implementation of bizarre rules and regulations. and the method used by these globalists to cause self infliction in most cases.  When the blind lead the blind and refuse to understand disaster isn't far off.  When a small select group of staff and leaders (many whose hobby is the beef industry, not a form of substantial income) start making illogical ill informed decisions and turn their back on the expert's advice (and no I am not one of the experts but I am good friends with many of them and I'm not afraid to  learn from them) the end for an association or group isn't far off.
When prestige, egos, greed and arrogance turn their back on legitimate concerns ignoring individuals who pay the check off dollar who live in the midst of the ground war and leave those individuals wearing a  "the sky is falling and I'm nuts" aluminum foil hat...we have a problem.  When the wagon hauler is ignored and told to be careful what they say,  avoided like a shark in a school of fish at industry meetings we have a problem.  When the establishment refuses to address the concerns of those who know what's happening daily we have a problem. When the funder is funding the funded's job security, career advancement, opulent lifestyle and worse and above all the enemy without a voice or only the voices of a few being considered we have a problem.  When at the expense of grassroots (literally taking check off funds to layer and advance destructive agendas such as "sustainability"and handing animal activists endowments to our state's land grant univeristies, advancing terms such as "best management practices" which opens a chasm for regulations to enter and a host of other self destructive verbiage, when these actions take center stage to liberty and freedom we have a problem.
 When I witness those who knew early on what was transpiring,  close the doors and make executive decisions on my and fellow beef producer's behalf, refusing to discuss openly the problems and unintended consequences soon to be encountered which will destroy our livelihoods and using the "make the most of a crisis" opportunity to create business  deals by this "created crisis" we have a problem, a very big centralized control problem.

 ---yes accepting the OCW president's job opened my eyes and I've witnessed and experienced first hand incremental centralized control.

There is a way that seemeth right to a man but in the end leads to death...Proverbs 14:12

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