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OCA Resolution to Reject the Global and U.S. Roundtables for Sustainable Beef

Update on OCA Convention resolution...

Wow, I threw myself in front of the tyrannical control policy train at the OCA convention and got ran over! It was quite an experience. I wrote about it in a Facebook post when I got home (below) followed by my rough draft which was just a brain dump to get my resolution on paper and the final which Dr.Carolyn McClarty helped me tweek...thank you Carolyn! ...

Just to clear some things up. I belong to both the OCA and RCALF. We were members of NCBA when I thought they were taking us in the right direction but after attempts to get them to back away from the GRSB nor partner with the World Wildlife Fund, and also to inform my fellow producers that the Global Animal Partnership an added premium 5 step animal welfare program was HSUS backed -for several years with no luck- I shook the dust off and visited RCALF. I was afraid to let any of these leaders know I was attending the R CALF meetings as NCBA had painted a very negative picture throughout the…

A Time for Refinancing and Repairs

Behind Ag's Green Mask August 2017
We read loan contracts before signing, 5% or 18% interest can make or break you. So why would a few OCA members, on behalf of all Oklahoma cattlemen, sign a contract they have not read- the U.N.’s Sustainable Ag Initiative Beef Platform- a foreign designed contract that will destroy the freedom and livelihoods of U.S. beef producers?
The U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (which houses the SAI) must be stopped before it becomes the precedent we all must follow. When a chosen few within the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association advanced a contract with the USRSB nudged by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, it is time to change business partners. The NCBA is now the voice of the four remaining global packers, not the voice of all grassroots cattle producers, yet they utilize ALL grassroots’ producer’s funds in the form of the mandatory national beef checkoff, to make business decisions for AL…

What’s really behind Colorado’s green mask?

Behind Ag’s Green Mask July 24, 2017

Wow. That’s all I can say about our recent Colorado trip. We got up close and personal to this state’s lucrative destructive new agriculture venture. It seems everyone and their dog, I mean this literally- about the dog- it appears to participate you must own a pit bull or Heinz 57 and house them in your motel room or car.
We pulled into Trinidad, checked room prices and decided to save $120 by-passing the Holiday Inn opting for an older 60’s style, which appeared from the outside to pass inspection: an elderly well-dressed lady with a…dog, sitting on a bench, We drove to our corner room passing #7- dog on leash; #8- two yapping dogs not on leashes; #9 pit bull on leash with yapping part wiener dog not on leash; #10- Brad unlocks it and I step in. “Bad decision” is all I’ll share. We go to sleep to loud rap music and wake to loud rap music. Next morning I go outside take a seat on the bench and begin writing. I try to concentrate while I liste…

It Ain’t Grandma or Goldilocks

....a great image by Jo Nova showing the climate change complexity of sustainable development which is designed to destroy America's resource providers.
Behind Ag’s Green Mask, July 31, 2017

It’s one thing to decide to sleep with the enemy, it’s another when deception is used to lure others to do the same.
The Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association business meeting revealed the true intent of a few individuals- to lead all Oklahoma cattle producers (those who produce all 5 million head in Oklahoma) straight into the enemy’s bed: the “U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef centralized control vertical integration of our beef industry bed”. Corruption looms deep within the U.S. and Global Roundtables for Sustainable Beef.
It is fact that those who designed the GRSB and the USRSB which is the arm that will bring U.N. policy upon the U.S. cattle producer (which by the way is unconstitutional) within the Sustainable Ag Initiative guidelines do not have America’s food producer’s protection a…