Friday, August 11, 2017

It Ain’t Grandma or Goldilocks

....a great image by Jo Nova showing the climate change complexity of sustainable development which is designed to destroy America's resource providers.
Behind Ag’s Green Mask, July 31, 2017

It’s one thing to decide to sleep with the enemy, it’s another when deception is used to lure others to do the same.
The Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association business meeting revealed the true intent of a few individuals- to lead all Oklahoma cattle producers (those who produce all 5 million head in Oklahoma) straight into the enemy’s bed: the “U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef centralized control vertical integration of our beef industry bed”. Corruption looms deep within the U.S. and Global Roundtables for Sustainable Beef.
It is fact that those who designed the GRSB and the USRSB which is the arm that will bring U.N. policy upon the U.S. cattle producer (which by the way is unconstitutional) within the Sustainable Ag Initiative guidelines do not have America’s food producer’s protection and freedom on their mind. Rather control. My previous articles share facts concerning the radical environmental front group, the World Wildlife Fund’s infiltration into our beef industry; Obama’s USDA’s continued corruption and collusion with the packers, NGO’s and foreign entities and corruption charges (the largest in history) against JBS SA, the world’s largest meat exporter. These are your players in the GRSB and USRSB.
OCA and the Noble Foundation (who received 20 million from the National Science Foundation in 2014 to research the cattle industry into oblivion in the name of climate change and sustainability) worked diligently gathering their minions to form a delphied (the desired outcome of the vote had been decided before hand) board meeting, something I’ve become accustomed to witnessing over the years. They made certain my resolution (find it at did not pass. Under the watchful eye of national and state staff, (the beef checkoff funded National Cattlemen’s Beef Association leaders from D.C. were supervising and if looks could kill let’s just say I’d be 9 feet under) a vote against succeeded. Also in the mix were third party auditors who want the scam to continue (this is another huge misuse of checkoff funds, conflict of interest story), non-producers and a few sheeple with loud voices who secured the vote.
On October 28, 2017 the Oklahoma Independent Stock Grower’s Association will launch a much needed voice, representing all Oklahoma cattle producers tending the 5 million head, those who want out of this corrupt bed.

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