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Fall Gathering Favorites

...and yet another Fall Favorite,
          a 4-H Favorite!
I was a 4-Her,
my husband was a 4-Her
 and our kids were all very active.  We showed and judged cattle, horses, sheep and hogs, gave demonstrations, sewed aprons, "fringed" headscarves, canned veggies, fruits, jams and jellies, entered biscuits, sugar cookies and bread...even the boys.  Today, 20 years and 10 grand kids later,  I've gone full circle and I'm proudly wearing the title "4-H Leader" again.  I love the program and what it stands for.  This recipe came from my kid's 4-H era.  Dewey County 4-H is known for its stiff competition when it comes to fair exhibits.  The "Pickering" girls from Dewey county shared this yummy fall recipe  20 plus years ago during a teen leadership meeting. We still make it today. Thanks Sheila, Shelly and Felicia wherever you are!

Caramel Apple Krispies
4 cups Rice Krispies
1 cup Grape Nuts cereal
6 oz dried apple slices, chopped fine
1 pkg (14 oz) caram…

They speak Traeger, Yoder, Weber and Cook Shack...