Behind Ag's Green Mask 2017 articles

January 5, 2017
Harvesting trash or treasure?

January 12, 2017
A Voice Silenced; a Message Magnified
January 26th marks the one year anniversary of the murder of fellow rancher, LaVoy Finicum by FBI agents.
Brad and I made the long trip to Utah to attend LaVoy’s funeral as did thousands who shared this deep inexplicable bond. This profound connection to a total stranger stretched across the U.S.; we stood next to a fellow Oklahoman during the funeral procession. LaVoy was one of us, a rancher concerned about freedom. He understood completely the destructive nature of federal government overreach.
Some “true” facts free of manufactured liberal media spin, straight from the Finicum family website:
“LaVoy was not a member of a militia and did not serve in the U.S. military. He was an Arizona rancher, husband and father who loved liberty and understood his civic duty to uphold the rule of law, the U.S. Constitution. During the 2016 Oregon occupation he acquired the position of speaker due to his gift and ability to communicate clearly the grossly misunderstood Constitutional principles that have been abandoned, forgotten or simply not taught to the American people.
His ability to powerfully teach such principles in an easily understood fashion came from years of personal study and it was this skill, the family believes, the ability to reach into the hearts of those he shared his property rights empowerment information with which lead to his assassination. He empowered others to appropriately use their agency to act rather than be acted upon by an overreaching government.”
Honoring LaVoy, friends and family have organized THE MEETING WITH LAVOY FINICUM THAT NEVER HAPPENED, Sat, January 28, 2017, John Day Fair Grounds, John Day, Oregon.
Topics include; The Importance of Constitutional Sheriffs, Property Rights, Political Prisoner Trial Details, State Sovereignty and more. The family will also share facts about the wrongful death lawsuit and the trial which ended with a powerful “not guilty” verdict.
Many great speakers include notable constitutional attorney, state prosecutor KrisAnne Hall host of The KrisAnne Hall Show and Trent Loos Nebraska farmer host of radio program, Loos Tales, and weekly columnist for The High Plains Journal.
For more info visit
To be continued…

February 2, 2017
A Voice Silenced: A Message Magnified (continuted)
Back to LaVoy Finicum’s memorial January 28th. Ice, no electricity and a trip to the inauguration disrupted my internet and train of thought but I want to continue this story…
Rancher LaVoy Finicum’s life ended in an ambush by FBI and Oregon State Police last January. Extensive investigation revealed three members of the FBI team lied and covered up the fact they had fired their weapons. Casings were removed from the scene, liberal media controlled this cover up.
Let’s look back at why LaVoy and others were occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. Western ranchers for years had been systematically targeted and harassed by federal agents over grazing allotments, property rights were continually threatened. Tactics such as abusing the Endangered Species Act caused many ranchers to give up the battle and sell out to those who had an economic interest and a control agenda. The Malheur occupants understood their constitutional rights and the law. LaVoy frequently and eloquently shared his knowledge on the constitution and the need to uphold it.
Father and son Steven and Dwight Hammonds serve prison sentences for setting a back fire on BLM land. Had the Hammonds not back burned to stop the BLM initiated fire many more acres would have burned, however, it is these ranchers who now serve five year prison sentences. Fellow ranchers at the refuge were peacefully protesting these abuses. Liberal media once again spun a different story.
Why does this story matter? Because Levoy was anyone of us; a father, a Christian, a hard working church going liberty loving American rancher. He was active in his church’s mission work, loved mentoring children -over 50 foster boys. He loved, teaching his kids to ride horses, brand cows and most of all follow Christ. His 12 children remember him as a guy who loved playing board games late into the night, and for never missing their basketball games.
He understood the U.S. Constitution must be upheld, was willing to die while defending it and our freedoms. This story matters and the message, “freedom isn’t free” must continue to be magnified.

February 9, 2017
I could write about how irked I am at the NCBA, OCA, TCFA and other “trusted” beef groups for further advancing the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef and the new U.S Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef which advances the bold faced lie of “sustainability”. I could write about the irksome declaration by a policy chairperson at the NCBA convention in Nashville this past week, “We’ve worked hard to produce high quality beef in this country, and we hang our hat on that”…really, policy chairperson? Did you forget that NCBA recently upheld the repeal of the Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) which takes away consumer’s ability to distinguish our great beef that you hang your hat on, from Argentina’s or Brazil’s or other third world country’s beef that’s entering the U.S. because NCBA helped repeal COOL? I could write about that stuff but I won’t.
I’m going to write about Brad’s hip replacement. For five decades he’s rode too many wild animals, drove too many semis too many miles; repaired too many flats on too many trailers, cars and pickups in weather ranging from 15 to 100 degrees. He dug too many corner posts, lifted too many heavy bales, barrels and baby calves and drove too many miles on too many balers, swathers, rakes and tractors…all with a smile all while raising U.S. Beef.
On Thursday, Dr. Tkach replaced that worn out hip at McBride Orthopedic Hospital, a facility owned by the doctors that work there. As a healthcare consumer, I’m sold on this marketing arrangement. I have never experienced such a friendly staff…ALL staff… from doctors, nurses, food and housekeeping, the service and care we received was remarkable.
I can see the sparkle returning in his eyes “He’ll Be Back” (Arnold Schwarzenegger voice) probably wearing out the other hip as he continues to work hard raising more U.S. Beef. But there’s consolation knowing that when he does there exist a place with great service to have it repaired. About U.S. beef replacements, we get rid of that bad bone when Country of Origin Labeling is reinstated.

February 16,2017
A Nation's Food Supply Destroyed What I Hope You've Learned
It’s been nearly a year since I started sharing Behind Ag’s Green Mask attempting to connect the dots of burdening regulations which are destroying America’s ranchers and farmers, America’s food suppliers, to the United Nation’s Agenda 21 Sustainable Development Plan.
Here is what I hope you’ve learned: Sustainability is the arch nemesis, a predetermined and designed term that holds ever moving non attainable social and environmental regulations that demand the time, attention and finances of American ranchers and businesses. It will always escape definition and keep those who continue to try to appease its instigators squandering their time and funds-beef checkoff dollars and tax dollars. I hope when you now see the words; stakeholder, social, environmental (or now cleverly disguised people planet profit) continuous improvement, common, facilitator, you know without a doubt that Agenda 21 Sustainable Development is in play within that organization, foundation or association.
There are NO consumers demanding “sustainable” beef, something instigators of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef and the new U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef want to keep hidden. Only an agenda of control. In the beef industry that results vertical integration of our industry just like pork and chicken. The World Wildlife Fund is behind the GRSB as are the four major meat packers JBS, Tyson, Cargill and National. That means mandatory third party audits on your farms to determine your “sustainability”.
Public Private Partnerships are used to advance it. The Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef is a perfect example: Binding, financially burdensome business destroying policy is made when Public (government entities, USDA in this case) partner with Private (organizations, associations, foundations) using the funds of big business (sponsors) to drive the radical extremist’s goals of control.
Agriculture and liberal media is used to spread the climate change “fake news” (I will call this what it is: lies). Obama’s 7 Climate Hubs churn out skewed science based on climate change (It was reported this week National Ocean A has been cooking their books tampering with data to create results that favor global warming). The cow is one of the culprits of global warming according to the “experts” researching her carbon emissions, another lie.

February 23,2017
A Year in Review and What I Hope You’ve Learned continued…
So we’ve learned that we have a designed term, “sustainability” being used to dismantle America’s food production system… among other things, but this column has been dedicated to shining a spotlight on the actions of greenies and an elite global consortium that strives to control our nation and world through fear, intimidation and regulations. The target, America’s farmers and ranchers.
This control agenda was designed around fear of earth’s destruction by its inhabitants which are responsible for global warming/climate change. This fear message has been used for decades. In the 70’s-fear of a freezing planet… well the same control radicals pushing the same control agenda are now using the earth can’t sustain itself and use fear of global warming, climate change. The scary thing today? Tax dollars now fund research based on the lie of global warming and the lie now makes its way as “scientific fact” into academia, associations, organizations, foundations, government programs, policy and wind up on our farms in the form of regulation targeting our air, land, water and animals.
So how do you churn out climate lies? You cook the books just as NOAA and NASA have done starting in 2008 when Obama took office and began transforming our country into a socialist nation. According to C- FACT a trusted resource on climate change facts whistleblower, Dr. John Bates from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, went on record this month sharing that NOAA knowingly released “unverified” global temperature date in violation of rules on scientific integrity specifically intended to influence policy on Obama’s global climate change agenda. Read the full story, Whistleblower links NOAA study to climate treaty agendas at
So you “cook” climate data to destroy a prosperous nation that has fed the world for centuries, destroy it’s ability to produce goods and force food importation... tried to find a U.S. raised tomato lately? Cantaloupe? Cucumber? Beef now that COOL was repealed? The dismantling continues, the key to stopping the destruction is stop playing their game, stop appeasing the enemy, and shed a bright light on the truth behind the lie “sustainability”.

March 2, 2017
Designed Destuction

Designed Destruction
Giving “sustainability” a break. After spending a week with my daughter, a Texas special education teacher, I think we better focus on a couple of terms creeping into our school system and society. First an update. For the past week I’ve been here in San Antonio playing Mary Poppins…or maybe it was Nurse Ratched, helping my youngest daughter hold the fort down (a household of six) while hubby’s away for a while serving overseas. We’ve battled a tornado, traffic, the flu, lost homework and more flu.
Leaving my secluded safe house and entering populated pandemonium to the tune 1.4 million has been a bit unnerving. This Bible believing, Christian reared baby booming grandma’s eyes have been opened in many ways but the most chilling has been hearing the firsthand accounts and results of “equity training”. Equity or diversification and inclusion, in my opinion, is a direct push to create more dissention within the school system by allowing the student to satisfy a “fill in the blank whatever the heck I feel like, want to do, don’t bother me, touch me I’ll sue you” attitude and allow it to prevail and run rampant. The second eye opener is my deeper study into the culture of relativism which is seeping into our society.
Relativism is the doctrine that knowledge, truth, and morality exist in relation to culture, society, or historical context, and are not absolute, i.e. no absolute truth. When equity diversity inclusion or EDI training is mandated into the school system but no one’s home teaching right from wrong the results are disastrous.
The Bible says, “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.” But what happens when no one’s training the home troops and relativism slips in and equity takes over? I’ll tell you what happens, your county’s culture crumbles into chaos. When truth is told to go sit in the corner while young unguided undeveloped emotions decide what’s right and what’s wrong and the decisions made upon those emotions are legally upheld our nation’s destruction isn’t far off.

March 9,2017

Back to Sustainability, but first a recap of what I learned from two teachers this past week. Daughter, Lenne, a special ed teacher in San Antonio and friend Janet Thompson, Columbia, Missouri teacher both shared their deep concerns of the Equity, Diversification and Inclusion program and the fact schools are now required to train for EDI. Putting this in perspective the culture the student is accustomed to takes precedence, if a child isn’t disciplined at home then discipline can’t be forced upon them in the classroom. Chaos and unstable racial situations are being created within these larger schools. Just like Sustainability this is all by design and America cannot continue down this path.

Back to green sustainable Ag attacks. Brad and I have been working with UN Agenda 21/30 Sustainable Development expert Robert Semands on a presentation combining our ag and urban knowledge as I have been asked to present specifically on how agriculture and America’s food producers are being affected by AG21 to the Mississippi Women in Agriculture at their annual conference.

In the past when I present, audiences have varied from those who know very little about animal activist’s attacks and federal regulation overreach upon U.S. food producers to those who understand completely how the UN is connected. I am always adjusting to fit the audience. For this presentation I pulled Oklahoma AG 21 expert in to combine our urban and ag knowledge.

Robert, a geophysicist has researched extensively the urban side of sustainable development infiltration, you may remember him speaking to our community several years ago at the Seiling Senior Citizens. By combining urban and ag facts he has unraveled the money flow of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef and the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef to illegal trust activity and collusion. Many of our state and national cattlemen’s groups are advancing both the GRSB and USRSB. March 10th Robert and I will be sharing this information in our first live presentation via social media to the MWA. There will be more to come.

March 16, 2017
But then there are ranchers

Global green attacks we can fight, natures’ elements we cannot. Fire takes with it life and hope and leaves odds that seem unsurmountable. But then there are ranchers.
I can’t speak to the experiences ranchers encountered this week but I can empathize. In 2009 we lost property, grass and animals in the Cheyenne Valley fire which destroyed thousands of acres and today we still feel the effects.
Our fire occurred during the summer, during a drought and over 300 of our cattle had to be moved and grazing found elsewhere. Miles of fence had to be replaced and to this day some areas are still in need of repair.
Did we throw our hands in the air, give up and quit? No, we prayed, asked the Lord for strength and guidance and knew that He would answer those prayers.
Today I watched an interview with one of the owners of the historic Gardiner Angus Ranch, Ashland, Kansas, which was destroyed in this week’s fires. They lost much more; pastures, over 500 head and a home but not their determination nor their will to survive. Greg Gardiner recounted tearfully his horrific experience, his gratefulness and his family’s determination to carry on. I wiped a tear away as I listened. The memories of that hot windy July day eight years ago came flooding back.
"Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning." We did weep during that hot scorched season, but today nine years later we experience joy. Our herd has doubled, when forced to find a new home for the displaced cattle we searched Eastern Oklahoma and found that new home plus lifelong friends with the owners. Rains came and brought grass back to our home ranch which we restocked. The cedars which drained much needed moisture from the harsh Cheyenne Valley soil were destroyed.
Our hair is grayer, our debt continues to ebb and flow, but our faith does not. We are wiser, more understanding of the plight of others and our reliance on the Lord strengthened. But then, we are ranchers.

March 30,2017
Birds of a feather
Eagles don’t travel with buzzards nor Americanist with Globalist. We’re headed in opposite directions one towards American exceptionalism, one towards global centralized control of peoples, resources, funds and food. We can’t and won’t travel together.
The UN’s Agenda 21 Sustainable Development plan reveals America’s past presidents initiated and advanced sustainable development; George H.W. Bush 1992 Rio Earth Summit; Clinton’s 1993 EO 12852 President’s Council on Sustainable Development (all executive branches became pushers of AG 21) and Obama’s 2011 EO 13575 President’s Rural Council which drove AG21 deep into American agriculture.
Sustainability demands U.S. producers fit an unattainable ever moving target full of social- environmental regulations. As an American who values my livelihood I can’t allow a destructive process that wears me and my business right out of business by striving to attain a phantom ever moving target that no consumer ever asks of my product, “is your hamburger, steak, ribeye sustainably grown?” is illogical.
But logic doesn’t define AG21, centralized global control does. Strategic implementation burrowed decades; federal agencies utilized, damaging policy created, funds blended by colossal corporations, radical environmentalist tax and beef checkoff dollars all driving the UN/WWF control agenda deep into American Ag destroying the world’s food providers.
Positive moves by Trump to strip funds from federal agencies is encouraging, but funds with destructive strings attached continue to flow from sustainable grants into the hands of uninformed or maybe just greedy producers who swallow the globalist’s lies.
Panda Leaks, The Dark Side of the World Wildlife Fund shares how infiltration into trusted associations, organizations, foundations, even historic ranches is possible. I didn’t buy Jason Clay’s WWF message during the 2010 National Cattlemen’s Beef Association convention; “American cattle producer, you’re doing it all wrong.” Moral of the story: SUSTAINABILE infiltration IS RAMPANT within U.S. agriculture.
Education will destroy the sustainable control mechanism. Representatives from 14 states converge in Dodge City, KS for the 3rd annual Kansas Natural Resource Coalition Conference. An organic national group with a true grassroots voice is emerging as other states are following this model. Logical eagles are congregating and the Oklahoma Natural Resource Coalition will soon take flight.

April 13, 2017
All the Pretty Ponies...or Stalking Horses

Stalking Horse- a false pretext concealing someone's real intentions; a screen made in the shape of a horse behind which a hunter can stay concealed when stalking prey.
I recently heard this phrase and guess where my thoughts immediately went? Bingo, the U.N. Agenda 21 Sustainable Development, Global and U.S. Roundtables for Sustainable Beef and the World Wildlife Fund etal extreme environmental groups. They're quietly ushering top down centralized control, into the fabric of America all designed to destroy providers profitability behind the horse of “sustainability”.
I'm amazed when I continue to witness good people not looking behind the horse but advancing the enemy's agenda. My good friend Janet Thompson whose family suffered tremendous loss because of this agenda summarizes it in her blog:
Beef Industry leaders are pleased that “we” have developed our own definition of “sustainability.” They proudly reassure others that “we” are driving this train. But they forget that “we” didn’t lay the tracks. The faster we go, the sooner we’ll be at the destination pre-determined by our enemies.
It is amusing that “our” sustainability definition is essentially the same as the United Nation’s.
All private property owners inherently know that we have to take care of our land and livestock in order to be profitable. And we invest in our families and communities, too. So TBL (environment, society and economics) seems acceptable within a definition of sustainability. How could any agriculturalist have a problem with that?
The problem lies in differing world views. The morality of our enemies cannot coexist with our own morality. They are mutually exclusive.
Wildlife, the environment, biodiversity, ecosystems and other non-specific concepts are elevated to have an intrinsic value of their own completely separate from humans, who are considered to be apart from nature.
“Everything agricultural is in permanent breach of the superior values set by government agencies of everything environmental.”
Paul penned, “and no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness.
Double check your ride.

April 20, 2017
Let's Deal in Facts
And maybe if you repeat it often enough a lie can be transformed into truth. Another wreck at the 270 – 51 Canton Y occurred this weekend. “This stretch of highway is so much better than it was”. ODOT has arrogantly and consistently repeated this mantra throughout the deadly 270 repairs. I’m certain that’s hard to accept by those who have experienced and dealt in facts and irreplaceability with lives lost and drivers maimed.
So what’s new? Anyone else notice the ease with which agency heads, a former president and his administration, government officials, governors, judges, city officials, legislators, media (ag and mainstream), and others in positions of power allow misinformation to roll off their tongues Ignoring the havoc, death and destruction created. Lying has become second nature for many and it’s pretty frightening to witness.
This brings me back to hidden facts within the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef policy which will be voted on by members during the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association summer convention. The USRSB is being presented as a good thing. One problem; it houses the United Nation’s Charter guidelines for beef production and sticks our U.S. Constitution on the shelf. Several cattlemen’s associations across the country plus the Noble Foundation and around 40 other entities support it. I’m not sure any cattle producer fully understands it.
If you own cattle here’s your homework, decide whether anti-trust laws are being violated and whether the USRSB is a global beef trust which will restrict many U.S. producers from the market if they don’t comply with sustainable” guidelines. Is it vertical integration of the cattle industry? While you’re at it check to see if a monopoly was created and if conflicts of interest are taking place within the industry, are beef check off monies being used to advance the careers of some? Cattle producer it’s your homework because it’s your money.
ODOT will probably continue its false mantra and the USRSB will roll its policy out, lies will continue to become truths. UNLESS we stand. We are called to be brave, be salt, be light. Salt seasons, sunlight disinfects and courage upholds truth.

April 27,2017
Range Rights and Resource Symposium
This week I’ll share another opportunity (the first was the Kansas Natural Resource Coalition Conference last month which featured some of these same speakers) to find solutions to the problems I’ve been discussing for the past year. Whether you're a rancher, farmer, logger, miner or hunter, or just a property owner the Range Rights and Resource Symposium May 19-20, in Omaha, Neb., at Bellevue University Auditorium is the event you need to attend. Sponsored by National Federal Lands Conference and Protect the Harvest, and supported by RANGE magazine this gathering offers information and networking opportunities with 20 plus experts, you can learn what's working and helping others, while garnering relevant education and knowledge vital to your future success.
Here is a partial list of the topics and speakers:
Master of Ceremonies: Trent Loos, host of "Rural Route," a one-hour radio show five days a week devoted to ag issues and people.
"Life, Liberty & Property," Bill Norton
"Private Solutions for the Environment," Megan Hansen/Strata
"Mineral & Timber Resource Economics," Bruce Vincent
"Grazing & Wild Horses," David Duquette
"Predators, Wildlife & Their Impact," Mike Bodechuk
"Farming in Fear," Martha Boneta
"The Case for Environmental Change," John Duarte
"Bringing Voice & Environmental Control to Local Government," Jim Carlson
"Property Rights/Split Estates," Angus McIntosh
"Legal Tools, including Litigation, Coordination, & Other Options," Todd Macfarlane
"EAJA & Other Threats to Ag, Ranching, & Resource Development," Attorney Karen Budd-Falen
"Constitutional Case for Property Rights," Attorney KrisAnne Hall
I can’t over emphasize the importance of taking these opportunities to gather the truth. I have listened to and personally know some of these speakers and guarantee that they support choices, freedom and our U.S. constitution- not the U.N. Charter which is lurking behind many of the programs being pushed by our “trusted” organizations, example: I just picked up an invitation to the next convention of one such organization and the speakers pale in comparison…if you want meat and the truth you’re going to have to search for it because milk and a global agenda are what most of our mainstream ag media and organizations are peddling.

May 4, 2017
Running to Win
Green Mask take a seat…this week we’re Running to Win
Emotions and spirits were “running” high 6:30 Sunday morning at the OKC Memorial Marathon as racers prepared to embark on their course of choice, a 5K, ½ or full marathon. It was a sight to behold.
Windy, cold, wet conditions made it tough so reading the encouraging signs placed along the course eased the journey: “Exercise? Oh, I thought you said, extra fries”. “That’s ok nobody looks good in spandex”, “Smile if you’ve peed a little” and “If it was easy it’d be called “Your Mama”…referencing a tough incline christened Gorilla Hill. Music and comradery within the OKC community neighborhoods helped as well. Friendly faces offered PowerAde, water and high fives. We were greeted from lawn chairs, from banana costumed chorus lines, a gorilla and a rapping Tigger even danced the streets spreading encouragement among the 25,701 runners.
After completing the ½ marathon I walked back with an older gentleman I’d run beside intermittently during the race. Donning our finisher’s medals, we exchanged thoughts. We loved the way running made us feel and how it-cleared our thought, appreciated the awesome prayer time it allows, shared a common goal only to finish and weren’t concerned about our times. I shared I started running 18 years ago, he at age 66… 27 years ago... yes he was 83! I told him I seldom win and he replied with a twinkle in his eye and a big grin, “Hang in there, today I win all of them, I don’t have any competition.” We parted ways but not before I also learned he had had a brain tumor, part of his colon and a portion of his lung removed. I parted inspired.
On the way home I thought about how running foot races was like running life’s race and how important simple actions such as sharing laughter, comradery, encouragement and a helping hand while we’re on this tough course. And then I remembered the sign with the greatest message of all, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith”. I pray I run life’s race on the right course, I sure don’t want to miss receiving the ultimate finisher’s medal.

May 11, 2017
American Agriculture Freedom Plan
I belong to a lot of organizations, not because I’m bored but because several years ago I realized my beef industry had no intention of listening to my concerns about their involvement in the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef and the USRSB , in fact they were advancing the enemy’s agenda which would ultimately destroy cattle producer’s freedom. I needed a new plan. I shook the dust off and took my message elsewhere. Along the way I was pulled into the political arena and now serve as Oklahoma’s third district vice chair, a position that has opened my eyes even wider to deception and crooked behaviors. But it’s also opened them to the fact that good people continue to show up and make positive impacts.
“Divide and conquer, we’ve watched them infiltrate but we are not going to play that game,” Oklahoma GOP Chair, Pam Pollard stated at Saturday’s convention. It was a relief to hear a political leader profess what’s actually going on. Infiltration of the enemy. It isn’t hard to identify the infiltrators any longer, they hover like buzzards at our meetings and scurry like cockroaches when light is shed on them. Dedicated to dividing and conquering, advancing centralized control and destroying liberty is their goal.
The same scenario can be found within every agriculture association, foundation and organization. The enemy has infiltrated. These individuals can readily be identified because their core values do not align with the U.S. constitution, rather the U.N. Charter. Want proof, read the Sustainable Ag Initiative, U.N. guidelines are imbedded within this document which U.S. Ag producers will be forced to follow.
Our once good, solid organizations have been infiltrated and now work to carry out the enemy’s agenda of destroying private property rights. It appears we’re getting a handle on Obama care, and we’re working to bring education decisions back to the parents but continued extensive education and action is a must when it comes to protecting America’s food producers/ AGRICULTURE from global takeover because “sustainability” –their tool of destruction has spread like a cancer throughout the agriculture sector.
The American Agriculture Freedom Plan is simple: educate, show up, speak up.

May 18, 2017
Imports and Infiltrations
Part 1
The first in a two part series, maybe three, we’re diving deep into enemy infiltration…
Cattle producers never ever forget the enemy has infiltrated your business. When NCBA speaks WWF speaks. When NCBA praised China’s decision to open markets to U.S. beef, WWF gave the praise. When the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association unveiled the partnership between the extreme environmental group beholden to U.N. policy- the World Wildlife Fund and our beef industry- WWF’s voice became YOUR voice. The U.N. Charter, not the U.S. Constitution ruled. WWF began demanding U.S. producers strive for “SUSTAINABLE” excellence all found within the Sustainable Ag Initiative handbook producers will be forced to follow if the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef policy is implemented.
“Sustainability”, code for American producer destruction using environmental and social overregulation upon air, land, water and animals all components used to create centuries of GREAT AMERICAN AGRICULTURE PRODUCTS, destroys American producer’s ability to make a profit. It keeps us running and fetching; jumping through social and environmental regulatory hoops. We are losing, foreign global food markets are winning. Example: destroy the San Joaquin Valley because of an endangered species, shut down production and destroy the bread basket of the world. U.N. Globalists win. Mission accomplished; America’s ability to feed herself destroyed.
Don’t forget USDA’s APHIS was infiltrated by the radical animal activist group, HSUS. Obama’s secretary of Agriculture, Vilsack hired former HSUS attorney, Sarah Connant. The Obama administration policies are not going away overnight, they are driven deep into our organizations, associations, foundations, education curriculum and policies because non-government organizations or NGO’s such as WWF and HSUS have been blended in Public, Private Partnerships with government agencies rolling out destructive policy. When USDA APHIS recently announced public animal disease traceability meetings remember this is the same USDA that removed Country of Origin Labeling denying American consumers information on the origin of their beef purchases.
Hold those thoughts until next week and we’ll look at who makes up the Global and U.S. Roundtables for Sustainable Beef: the four major protein packers and WWF.

May 25, 2017
China Allows U.S. beef,a look at imports and infiltrations
Or Death by a Thousand Cuts
Part Two

Summarizing: China markets have opened for beef, exciting news? You decide. Why are some not so excited? It’s wrapped in third party audits and the fact we are being forced into the Global and U.S. Roundtables for “Sustainable” Beef. Remember “SUSTAINABILITY” spells destruction for the U.S. producer. GRSB and USRSB policy will bring regulations onto American farms incrementally stripping choice and freedom, creating a vertical integration of control model for beef production, move over chicken and pork, beef is next.
You can also call it a fascist farming model, instruction for when, what, where, how to plant and raise our product will come from the top, not from freedom of choice. This model was used during the Holodomor, the Soviet Ukrainian manmade famine that starved 10 million of its citizens, the same model China used to starve its own. American producers don’t want this model but we are getting it in the form of destructive policy creeping in creating destructive regulations. It will be tied to the China market as we will see.
Let’s look at the GRSB and USRSB players and see if we want to be on their team. First, it’s considered highly illegal because it resembles a global beef trust. The U.S. created antitrust laws during the early 1900’s when Standard Oil tried to monopolize the fossil fuel industry, antitrust laws broke them apart. Today we witness the same thing happening within the beef industry, a handful of powerful meat giants now control the entire market. It is this elite and powerful group that controls the GRSB and USRSB. JBS SA is the most powerful and has holdings in Greely, Colorado. This global giant has recently been caught in nasty Brazilian scandals. Google them along with “Operation Carwash” and “Operation Weak Flesh” then keep in mind they, along with the World Wildlife Fund, are the founding members of the destructive GRSB, and don’t forget our National Cattlemen’s Beef Association allowed the World Wildlife Fund into our industry, even made them a partner.
Well, it will be a three part because I’ve ran out of space…350 words. Hold those thoughts until next week.

June 1,2017
Imports, infiltration and a China market...part 3

FACT Reminiscing:
COOL- Country of Origin Labeling-for U.S. beef removed with green light from Obama’s USDA, applauded by “trusted” American Ag organizations…eye roll. Foreign meats now mingled with and no differentiation between U.S. beef-including Brazilian tainted beef.
JBS global meat giant corruption scandal Operation Carwash and Weakflesh intensifying. This Leading world meat processor along with radical extremist group The World Wildlife Fund (2011 infiltrated the NCBA, the largest and oldest contractor of beef producer’s checkoff funds), Cargill, Wal Mart, McDonalds and Intervet-Schering Plough Animal Health instigated the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef and the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef.
Nutshell: GRSB birthed the USRSB which birthed the regulation machine responsible for driving U.S. beef producers into compliance and eventually out of business. Beef industry leaders took us to a table that dismantled our reputation as great beef producers, allowed a global corrupt playing field to develop and are continuing.
Remember a handful of Oklahoma beef producers at the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association Winter Policy meeting voted for all of us to become members of the USRSB, comply with U.N. sustainable policies set forth within the Sustainable Ag Initiative.
Third party audits upon U.S. beef producers will emerge from this regulatory enforcement upon U.S. producers. As foreign meat mingles with ours, we are being forced to verify our “sustainability” while foreign meats slide past. Only those U.S. producers aligning with U.N. sustainable standards will be allowed to market their cattle productively. Remember all four of the largest meat packers belong to the GRSB-it’s a “trust”.
We are funding an entity that is demanding control of how we raise our animals and control of world animal protein production from pasture to plate. This corrupt price structuring, collusion and extortion takes the U.S. producer one step further from freedom and choice and towards fascist style vertical integration.
According to Bloomberg Brazilian prosecutors have uncovered “metastatic corruption” consisting of bribery reaching top Brazilian politicians and banks. Read more with a simple Google search…it’s fit for prime time.
Know this, corruption isn’t contained in Brazil JBS has holdings in Colorado…a state “common to STAINABILITY.
Hold that thought,,, and we haven’t even connected China!

June 8, 2017
Paris Climate Agreement...get lost climate bullies
Detailing how trillions of U.S. funds were tossed into a climate change abyss, how America had been funding her own demise through involuntary forced regulations upon her own producers while other countries were given a pass, President Trump exited the Paris Climate Accord. Protecting our sovereignty, revitalizing our economy by putting America back to work free of extremist’s radical regulations, influenced his decision. I heard it likened to Obama Care- penalize and destroy the greatest healthcare system in the world. I equate it to the Global Roundtable and U.S. Roundtables for Sustainable Beef scam; penalize and destroy the world’s greatest food production machine, force American beef producers to follow UN unattainable sustainable regulations- fine and penalize noncompliance, and make them foot the bill in the process. Brilliant-if you’re a foreign country. When beef industry leaders took American producer’s dollars and met at the GRSB table they allowed those at that table to put a “bad” label on the U.S. producer. The GRSB/ USRSB is the beef industry’s Paris Climate Accord
My attempt to explain concerns about U.S. beef imports into China ends today with a brief celebration, but a warning of vigilance for all American beef producers. Recap: U.S. Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) was removed, U.S. beef can’t be differentiated from foreign countries like South America (home to corrupt beef magnate JBS a powerful GRSB player), yet China will take U.S. beef? But what is U.S. beef? Something wrong with this picture? Warning: The USRSB continues as our state cattlemen’s/beef organizations try to implement this policy, and I smell a rat, third party auditors and those who built businesses upon this scam are pushing its continuation, it may be hard to rout it out.
Will China require third party mandatory audits for our U.S. raised beef? Their stipulations were released this week, it appears audits are on the horizon. So we must prove our U.S. raised beef… I’m having a sibling rivalry moment here…but what about them? What about JBS and the other three packers who designed, participated and advanced the GRSB, do they need proof that their beef IS NOT U.S. raised?
This week GRSB/USRSB members were squealing about the pullout; Cargill, Tyson, Smithfield aka JBS. Could that be because these wise guys built their house upon the sand and into their infrastructure to take control and make huge profits?
Nobody likes a bully. Trump is making them go home, but they’re still hanging around the playground with their cronies and the third party auditors who had concessions still want to sell their wares.
Stay vigilant, informed, if you own cattle this affects you.

Hooray China wants our beeef or Red Dawn?

Well, I wasn’t too far off in predicting China’s U.S. beef import stipulations. Find them on USDA’s website. A side note-as China’s interest in our protein industries permeates our U.S. farms a simultaneous story unfolds within Oklahoma’s education system, their interest spreads into our universities and schools as well. Discussing this next week.
An FYI-our family has third party audited (allowing outside certifiers to qualify our beef guaranteeing certain purchaser’s standards are met, in other words opening our PRIVATE PROPERTY up-animals, land for scrutiny) for years. Jumping through hoops to gain a better market is difficult, time consuming and many times unprofitable, but was our choice; fee market capitalism at work.
All of that is about to change. I believe complexity to capture China profits will reduce America’s beef producers profitability further. Inputs will remain high, producers will struggle while watching the “Rat Packers” market falsely labeled U.S. beef from Brazil to China. Remember the removal of COOL? To connect the communist style structure being erected in the U.S. keep several thoughts in mind.
1. The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association with our checkoff dollars sold U.S. beef producers out by partnering with extremists World Wildlife Fund who is covertly expanding their power and influence to control animal protein production. When NCBA represents us in D.C. it is WWF who has our president’s ear. WWF initiated the global sustainable regulation manufacturing beef trust machine known as the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef along with JBS and other multinational protein corporations/affiliates/packers. The majority of U.S. beef producer’s voices are not reflected in this consortium.
2. Keep the “USDA approved JBS Brazil tainted beef entering U.S. mingled with American beef injected into U.S food systems -schools and Wal Mart” story in mind as you read your rules from China. The Let’s Make a China Dream Deal game is unfair. The corrupt big guys designed the illegal U.S. sovereign destroying rules and now we’re forced to follow them. The rules stink.
3. Global centralized control is alive and well. Our leaders must hear from TRUE American beef producers, not corrupt global corporate power consortium whisperers. Working hard to protect the American ranchers is R- CALFUSA, let’s keep America’s sovereignty and her beef producers thriving and join

Red Dawn Continued
Red Dawn Continued
Connecting dots from two weeks ago. Recently disturbing news was released from the Oklahoma Council for Public Affairs, a 22 year old public policy research organization focused primarily on state issues devoted to researching, in this case a deep investigation, infiltration from outside influence by those who do not share America’s constitutional values of limited government, individual liberty and free-market economy. I want to focus on the top down centralized control takeover similarites within our education system and America’s food production system. Linda Murphy, former Governor Keating’s education advisor shared this OCPA article entitled, “China Plants Flag in Norman” by Mike Brake which addresses a Confucius Institute being set up at OU, with satellites at 46 public schools across the state. I recommend everyone do a Google search.
I've noticed a common thread that runs throughout these dubious unveilings...when Linda, friend, author, well known educator shares important findings on social media within the education sector, I recognize similar maneuvers mirrored within the protein- beef world as well. She understands the social engineering and use of corporate funding to control K- 12.
Within U.S. food production, we've watched companies backed by Chinese government buy up America's farms and farmland...and Smithfield one of America's largest pork processors in 2013. We've watched this endeavor by foreign buyers work to circumvent our American farmer and rancher. “China Is Making a Major Play for American Farms and Farmland, Tove Danovich Feb, 2016, is an excellent article showing how Public Private Partnerships are aiding in this endeavor and how our politicians are helping create this avenue to destroy America's food producers.
So read up on China’s efforts to sneak their culture and values into our school systems and work their way into controlling our food production system. I think we better keep a tight rein on what is being pumped into our student's minds and on our sovereign food production system and that means remaining vigilant in both areas.
So when I see China’s market open to American beef, and THEIR stipulations being placed on us, the U.S. beef producer, I question.

Something’s Screwy Louie
I just can’t shake my “communist China conspiracy concerns”.
Being nudged into Ag leadership roles over the years I attended scores of meetings, ambiguously watching, absorbing. Then researching…extensively. And later questioning…a lot. I’ve witnessed creepy stuff unfold having this ring side seat. It’s from this seat that I began connecting the U.S. agriculture producer destruction dots.
Something very frightening occurred and went unnoticed in 2015. The U.S. brought Plum Island inland. Where? The heartland of America, Manhattan, Kansas. Let me tell you a bit about Plum Island Animal Disease Center National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility. For over 50 years it has been located off shore. Why? I believe our previous leaders thought researching highly infectious, communicable diseases might best be performed on an island. This facility focuses on biosafety level 3 (BSL-3) agriculture research, dangerous livestock diseases such as African swine fever and foot and mouth diseases and BSL-4 research on deadly pathogens such as the Hendra and Nipah viruses which are zoonotic pathogens that can be transmitted from animals to humans and which no treatment is available.
Prior to Obama’s terms in office producers were urged to attend biosecurity outbreak response sessions. They were quite frightening. More-less if a diseased animal, example; foot and mouth disease, was found on your ranch, kiss your livelihood good bye. Remember this effort to educate “preceded” Obama. Fast forward to Obama’s terms. It appears biosecurity concerns were thrown out the window. Remember his USDA repealed Country of Origin Labeling allowing not only tainted beef into the U.S. but Brazilian beef AND trepidations of FMD outbreaks.
Now go back and add this info to the facts I’ve shared the past several weeks, see what you come up with. Before you do, add this most recent fact. In May, China’s largest vaccine company Jinyu Bio-technology moved where? Manhattan, Kansas.
I think we have a monstrous bio security threat to add to America’s other threats upon our education system, sovereignty and food supply. I believe communism is gaining a foothold in our country and it’s going unnoticed. Do some research, I’m concerned, but that’s just me.

Sustainable Development Destruction of 1641
The Grand Remonstrance of 1641. Heard of it? Neither had I until this week when attorney- prosecutor, Russian linguist, mother, veteran, pastor’s wife, constitutional educator, KrisAnne Hall, shared this very important piece of history at the Colorado Independent Cattlegrowers Association convention. Sustainable development had been exploited to control masses nearly 400 years ago. King Charles tried it. He died trying, his subjects saw to it.
KrisAnne took questions and I asked how we could stop the U.N. infested Global Roundtable and U.S. Roundtables for Sustainable Beef from entering our farms forcing control upon us. “Do you think the use of sustainable development to control the masses is new?”, she asked. Then she shared the solution: “You just say NO!”
She rattled off familiar sounding issues from 1641...and 2017. I researched. King charles was controlling his subjects by bringing in foreign law to deny people their guaranteed rights through a corruption of the courts, kept them in oppressed conditions not admitting them to be bailed, vexed them with “informations” in inferior courts, enlarged the forests while converting arable land (farmable) into pasture, worked on depopulation, drove millions out of his subject’s purses…and much more.
It all sounded too familiar, foreign law aka the UN, Forest Service Agency and all other federal agencies, imprisoned ranchers, corrupt courts…the whole nine yards. The solution? Well, those subjects stood up when they got fed up.
This document is an invaluable lesson illustrating a people’s determination to halt the overturning and undermining of their Liberty. Americans we MUST make the same efforts to stop the weapon of sustainable development which is subtly undermining our freedoms today in the 21st century.
The Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association meets this week to discuss policy during their annual convention. One item on the agenda; the advancement of the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef. Lord willing, I will be there to throw myself in front of that tyrannical control policy train. If passed a socialist communist top down control will be placed upon our U.S. food producing ranchers and the U.N. is smack dab it the middle of it. Oklahomans who own a bovine I invite you to join me.

Update on OCA Convention resolution...
Wow, I threw myself in front of the tyrannical control policy train at the OCA convention and got ran over! It was quite an experience. I wrote about it in a Facebook post when I got home (below) followed by my rough draft which was just a brain dump to get my resolution on paper and the final which Dr.Carolyn McClarty helped me tweek...thank you Carolyn! ...

Just to clear some things up. I belong to both the OCA and RCALF. We were members of NCBA when I thought they were taking us in the right direction but after attempts to get them to back away from the GRSB nor partner with the World Wildlife Fund, and also to inform my fellow producers that the Global Animal Partnership an added premium 5 step animal welfare program was HSUS backed -for several years with no luck- I shook the dust off and visited RCALF. I was afraid to let any of these leaders know I was attending the R CALF meetings as NCBA had painted a very negative picture throughout the years -and after witnessing this weekend that practice continues in full force. When I did attend I found great like minded cattle producers under attack. They were fighting issues we were fighting, they understood the facts. The useful education we received was overwhelming. I came home understanding that there was much more to the TPP, that global courts would have authority with no appeals , we learned how allowing Brazil's foreign meat into the US since the repeal of COOL which NCBA supported, put American producers in jeopardy and destroyed the livelihoods of many. And we learned extensive information ... to add to my research ...on the GRSB. I found people that understood what I had been trying to educate my fellow producers on. Tracy Hunt's research is much more detailed than mine. These slides came from either an RCALF meeting or one of the independent Cattlemen's groups. Tracy Hunt is a cattlemen and an attorney and lays out the facts. I believe cattlemen need to do their own homework and not take any organization's word on anything. Also it was the Noble Foundation representative who made mention of "continuous improvement" in his comments before the vote on my resolution to reject the GRSB and USRSB yesterday. And I believe another comment in favor of advancing it used JBS SA as a reason we should support it. Hum I'm thinking that person might need to do some more studying. I suggest each and every Oklahoma cattle producer read the fine print on what they deem "sustainable continuous improvement". My dad Ralph Chain has a good summary in Oklahoma Farm and Ranch magazine this month on this very subject entitled "I Need Help" (you can pick them up in most restaurants quick stops etc around the state) or download a copy. No, Noble Foundation if sustainability has to follow the guidelines you shared in your newsletter several years back when you received funding from??? to research our sustainability practices coming top down from efforts to continuously improve- to those standards- there will be no more cowboys.

I’m sharing my rough brain dump (1st) followed by the final resolution Dr. Carolyn McLarty helped me tweek. Hopefully this helps in connecting the dots to why I am so adamant about unwinding from this destructive consortium. There is room for ALL American cattle producers...not a select few. Those advancing this are making money, keeping their jobs all the while knowing it will strip freedoms from the American producer. The Noble Foundation took the grant money when Obama rolled out the Climate Hubs, they want to keep researching us into skin off their backs.
Whereas America’s farmers, less than 2% of the U.S. population, have for centuries chosen to continually improve their farms and ranches as they see fit, sustaining the world with a safe, abundant, healthy food supply;
Whereas if a nation cannot produce its own food supply destruction is evident
Whereas Sustainable Development is a term that houses a method of control created by those advancing globalism which uses the climate change narrative and false science based on skewed data to create policy forcing regulations upon U.S. food producers in the areas of air, land, water and animals all components of food production;
Whereas beef production was deemed unsustainable by foreign entities during the 1992 U.N. Global Conference on Sustainability in Rio De Janeiro spawning the 21st century global centralized control attempt to infiltrate the U.S. with foreign regulations;
Whereas Sustainable Development requirements, thus far, have shut down America’s Bread Basket of the World, the San Joaquin Valley, and thousands of food producers daily since centralized control efforts began taking root in the U.S. in 2008;
Whereas the term Sustainable Development was unknown to the majority of U.S. cattlemen prior to World Wildlife Federation’s VP of Market Transformation, Jason Clay’s presentation urging their “sustainability” during the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s 2010 summer conference;
Whereas many U.S. cattlemen are unaware of the fact Sustainable Development holds the power to destroy their liberty and profitability through the ever moving target of “continuous improvement” ;
Whereas the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association utilizing all U.S. cattlemen’s funds partnered with the World Wildlife Fund whose efforts are to control and minimize beef production;
Whereas the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef whose vision and mission fit the Soviet Union Constitution of 1977 Chapter 7 Article 39 was created by the World Wildlife Fund, JBS, SA, Tyson, McDonalds, Walmart and other multinational protein packers and environmental groups expanding today into a large centralized control consortium being used to drive regulations upon U.S. food producers and vertically integrate the beef industry by capturing the supply chain away from independent cattle producers;
Whereas JBS SA, the world’s largest protein exporter and one of the initial founders of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef has been involved in two multinational meat scandals, the largest ever; Operation Weak Flesh dealing with exportation of tainted beef and Operation Car Wash dealing with extortion and bribery.
Whereas the World Wildlife Fund supports Meatless Mondays according to SODEXO; packer monopolies have been created due to Anti-Trust laws being ignored; Repeal of Country of Origin Labeling created an avenue for GRSB members to export foreign tainted beef into the U.S. flooding the market destroying the livelihoods of 1,000’s of U.S. independent cattle producer; it is clear those who make up the GRSB do not have the best interest of the U.S. independent cattle producer in mind;
Whereas the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association the largest and oldest contractor of beef checkoff funds joined the GRSB (Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef) utilizing the funds of all U.S. cattle producers to do so;
Whereas the GRSB (Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef) supports the Sustainable Ag Initiative which sets forth guidelines the U.S. producer must comply under United Nation’s standards;
Whereas as the packers who assisted in the creation of the GRSB (Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef) guidelines do not comply with their created sustainable regulations, but force U.S. beef producers to do so;
Whereas according to the U.S. constitution foreign law cannot be brought into the U.S.
Whereas in 2017 the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef is being injected at the local and state level to usurp the U.S. constitution carrying destructive foreign policy and outside regulations upon U.S. food producer’s destroying their freedom and liberty to produce their product as they see fit while the packers who initiated the agenda escape scrutiny;
Throughout history individuals seeking top down centralized control: King Charles I prior to the Great Remonstrance of 1641 was one of the first to attempt to drive “sustainable development” upon the masses; King George who chose to “erect a multitude of new offices and send hither swarms of officers to harass his people and eat out their substance” and Polpot, Lenin, Mao, Mussolini, Hitler and other dictators, were stopped by a remnant willing to take a stand against tyranny;
Therefore Oklahoma independent livestock growers reject any further involvement with any entity, program or individual advancing in any form top down, continuous improvement dictated by outside forces, and, with the protection of liberty as our goal, we reject Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association’s involvement in the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef knowing producer’s involvement will strip our free market economy.

Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association Resolution Rejecting the Global and U.S. Roundtables for Sustainable Beef
WHEREAS America’s farmers, though less than 2% of the U.S. population, have for centuries chosen to continually improve their farms, ranches and animals as they see fit, and by so doing have constantly supplied the world with safe, abundant, and healthy food;
WHEREAS During the 1992 U.N. Global Conference on “Sustainability” in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, beef production was deemed “unstainable” by foreign entities; this began the 21st century global centralized plan to infiltrate the U.S. with foreign regulations;
WHEREAS “Sustainable Development” is a term that defines a method of control created by globalists who use the “climate change” narrative and false science based on skewed data to create policy that forces regulations upon U.S. food producers in the areas of land, air, water, and animals- all components of food production;
WHEREAS “Sustainable Development” requirements, thus far, have shut down America’s Bread Basket of the World, the San Joaquin Valley, California; and thousands of other food producers daily since centralized control efforts began taking root in the U.S. in 2008;
WHEREAS The term “Sustainable Development” was unknown to the majority of U.S. Cattlemen prior to the World Wildlife Fund’s VP of Market Transformation, Jason Clay’s presentation urging their “sustainability” during the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s 2010 Summer Conference;
WHEREAS Many U.S. cattlemen are unaware of the fact that “Sustainable Development” holds the power to destroy their liberty and profitability through the every-moving target of “continuous improvement” and the misuse of beef checkoff funds;
WHEREAS In the name of “Sustainable Development”, the World Wildlife Fund, JBS SA, Tyson, McDonalds, Cargill, Walmart and other multinational protein packers and environmental groups have expanded into a large centralized control consortium called the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB)
WHEREAS The GRSB is a plan of the United Nations to control the cattle industry and to destroy the independent beef producers in the United States of America while using producers Beef Check-off funds to finance and advance the GRSB agenda;
WHEREAS Some of the packers who assisted in the creation of the GRSB guidelines are corrupt, ignore existing laws themselves, do not comply with their created sustainable regulations, but intend to force independent U.S. Beef Producers to do so; clearly not having the best interest of the American independent cattle producer in mind;
WHEREAS The GRSB is being used to drive regulations upon U.S. Beef Producers and is also leading to vertical integration of the beef industry as anti-trust laws are usurped which allows the formation of a monopoly with only 3 or 4 packers remaining to control the market; the same packers who serve on the GRSB board;
WHEREAS, Astonishingly, The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, the largest and oldest contractor of Beef Checkoff funds (utilizing the funds of all U.S. Cattle Producers), partnered with the World Wildlife Fund and joined the GRSB;
WHEREAS The GRSB (Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef) has branched into the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, which this year began pushing U.S. Beef Producers to comply with United Nation’s standards found with the Sustainable Ag Initiative Beef Platform Guidelines;
WHEREAS The U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef was formed to inject regulations at the state level allowing U.S. Cattlemen and women to vote the global regulations into policy, thus “rubber stamping” the GRSB control agenda;
WHEREAS Oklahoma Cattlemen reserve the right to their liberty and property as defined in the U.S. Constitution and according to the U.S. Constitution, foreign law cannot be brought into the U.S.;
WHEREAS If a nation cannot control and produce its own food supply, its destruction is imminent; therefore be it
RESOLVED The Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association will not consent to be manipulated by the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef nor the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef; and
RESOLVED The Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association hereby rejects any further involvement with any entity, program, or individual advancing any form of “Sustainable Development” or “continuous improvement” which is a path to centralized global control of the Beef Industry.

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