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Red Dirt Feed

The past few weeks we've all been busy getting ready to host the third annual Oklahoma Red Dirt Red Angus Sale  gathering, sorting, tagging AND grilling and baking.  My brother and his wife prepared food for the "big feed" (over 200) at noon on sale day.  Their grilled sirloin roast, homemade cole slaw and potato salad, a large pot of Anasazi beans and fruit cobbler was all delicious.  I offered menial pre-sale food contributions at various times throughout the week, but nothing like the awesome banquet they turned out.

 Unlike most of the cooks around the ranch who follow recipes to a T, I rarely purchase specific items for specific recipes.
But remember "My Kitchen Is An Ecosystem"  so...
One evening the menu included Chicken Fried Steak, a big pot of buttered rice and brown gravy, fried okra, baked sweet potatoes with coarse salt and freshly preserved Tangy Dilled Green Tomato Slices.  For dessert, an original Bread Pudding with Hot Buttered Brandied Orange …