Friday, August 11, 2017

A Time for Refinancing and Repairs

Behind Ag's Green Mask August 2017
We read loan contracts before signing, 5% or 18% interest can make or break you. So why would a few OCA members, on behalf of all Oklahoma cattlemen, sign a contract they have not read- the U.N.’s Sustainable Ag Initiative Beef Platform- a foreign designed contract that will destroy the freedom and livelihoods of U.S. beef producers?
The U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (which houses the SAI) must be stopped before it becomes the precedent we all must follow. When a chosen few within the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association advanced a contract with the USRSB nudged by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, it is time to change business partners. The NCBA is now the voice of the four remaining global packers, not the voice of all grassroots cattle producers, yet they utilize ALL grassroots’ producer’s funds in the form of the mandatory national beef checkoff, to make business decisions for ALL of us. These funds are being used against the American cattle producer and moving us towards vertical integration.
The USRSB will hold much stiffer penalties than 18% interest. This global trust which is being funded by foreign entities, the four packers, global environmentalist and NCBA (our dollar) and others is going against U.S. anti-trust laws. It will set American beef producers on a sustainable “continuous improvement” path that destroys our profitability.
Sustainability was designed as an ever moving target, a needle that can’t be threaded; funded by global elites to keep grassroots jumping through hoops eventually destroying all profits.
Centralized control “continuous improvers” include genocide promotors; Pol Pot, Kim Jong Il, Stalin and Hitler, all sought top down control of the masses. Killing their own to gain control, no problem.
America has no room for U.N. decisions and mandatory continuous improvements.The Climate Hubs implemented under the Obama Regime are killing producers, they were designed to destroy. America was built on liberty and free markets, they've worked beautifully for over 200 years. Worked? Yes, like a machine but that machine is being dismantled and replaced with the Climate Hub machine and apathy and ignorance won’t keep our freedom running.

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