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Headed For Removal... and there you have it...the enemy is in the house

Another unpublished blog uncovered...2012

I started this blog several months ago, but got frustrated and put it aside. I felt like I was wasting my time complaining once again, so I just gave it up. Plus things that were happening were moving to fast to write about. But I have since made the decision to communicate my concerns. A big thanks to Trent Loos for speaking up and saying what's on the minds of many grassroots producers. It's a hot issue and producers are upset--- American families should be just as concerned. Add drought conditions to over 55% of the U.S. land mass to the ever increasing bizarre regulations being pushed and implemented with the help of some of "our very own" we will soon see producer's ability to provide affordable animal protein to a growing population as a thing of the past.

April 2012
In a discussion about attacks on our animal agriculture industry, my wise, reflective daughter once again shared some very insightful thoughts that went like this...
She was sequestered. We were on our way to the city, two hours away---I had her undivided attention. I expressed vocally, for the umpteenth time- over a 5 year period, my routine concerns. What I Was Saying: “Producer's livelihoods are being destroyed", animal activists have connections with this administration”,“government is over-reaching”, “the EPA is destroying us”, “ and that Agenda 21 and ICLEI thing-it starting to make sense, etc. etc. etc.”
What I’m Sure She Was Hearing: “Whaw whaw whaw whaw whaw whaw.”

But then I ventured deeper. I started sharing concerns about dots that were connecting, disturbing things that I had been witnessing for over a year. I shared my concern that the enemy was becoming harder to distinguish, and expressed my fear that it had infiltrated.
My thoughts poured and her listening piqued. I had questions... lots of them.
"Why are some ag publications promoting animal ag in one article and in the same issue subtly giving animal rights activists a platform to speak from?" I shared my concern that certain ag journalists and publications seemed to be creating added concern in the minds of consumers by repeatedly posting the negative about our industry through the postings of unverified undercover abuse videos, and highlighting repeated food safety issues. Wasn't this a tactic used by trueanimal activists?
I questioned why some of our own animal ag leaders were collaborating and securing jobs with a large conglomerate ranch owned by a large communications company? I expressed my concern about information from a very legitimate source that this conglomerate had been told to buy up feedlots in a neighboring state. And why was this large ranch siding with animal extremists through the Global Animal Partnership program?

We talked about trust and the fact that it’s been shattered. I tell her that I question the motives of folks I thought were animal ag-friends, and we rehash a peculiar incident concerning the involvement of a third party auditing firm and animal activists on our ranch earlier in the year and the bizarre silence from those whose duty it is to inform producers and protect our industry watched as extremist attempted to dismantle it.
From conspiracy thoughts, I shift to venting. I vent about the arrogance of some ignoring the fact that grassroots farmers and ranchers might be considered experts in their field, "Shouldn't those providing a large portion of the funds and who possess lifelong skills and knowledge of the industry be tapped for advice?"
Instead, dunce hats have been handed out to most with the unspoken suggestion that we sit quietly in the corner with a checkbook in hand. And in the rare instance when real producers--- not veterinarians, not academia, not animal scientists, not financial analysts, not industry execs, not ag media, not professional poll takers or career spokespeople--- have been asked for their input on matters that would decide their future many times that feedback, which could fill a book, has been relegated to a dusty shelf stamped "discard".

And what's the cost to animal ag producers when communication is one sided and fuzzy intentions are carelessly implemented by ill informed decision-making leaders? What is the cost to animal protein suppliers when those who know what's best for producers ignore those producer's concerns and suggestions and instead make decisions to form alliances and uphold agendas with the enemy...those who want to destroy animal ag? We loose producers! Devastating unintended consequences are created when heavy financial yokes are hung on the necks of thousands of fellow animal ag producers in the forms of debilitating regulations created and brought about by our "very own animal activists and her friends" "An animal protein supplier is lost forever, along with their contribution to their communites and society” I moan.
"And just when did all of this "sitting on our hands while we watch extremists take over our animal ag industries" pass acceptance? Where's the "Yellow Tail" outrage?" I moan.

After bloviating for nearly an hour, I asked my daughter her thoughts. “What do you think is going on?” “Do you think it’s all connected or am I just crazy?” Just like her dad does when I jump him for an instant answer, or quick reply to my "breakneck speed" thoughts, I endure a long moment of silence. She breaks that silence with these words and quietly says, “Mom, they did it to the Indians, the government thought they knew what was best, they wanted the land, and they took it.” They removed them from their homes and put them on reservations, it took time, but they got it done.” She gave me a quick piercing glance, our eyes locked and our eye brows raised. The rest of the trip was spent in contemplative silence.

Global Beef Stakeholders Initiative (notice who our industry stakeholders are at the table with- World Wildlife Fund? Read their thoughts on Agenda 21 below)

Next Steps

Agenda 21 and ICLEI
agenda 21 youbue

So what is going on? Are animal ag producers in the midst of a movement to remove us from our land?

Do our ag friends who dabble in collaborating with the enemy and promoting that collaboration realize what they’re doing? For the sake of animal ag's survival questions must be asked.

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