Friday, September 10, 2010

A Tale of Two Messages

I'm beginning to stay perpetually confused. It started...oh I'd say about 6 months ago. It revolves around Social Media. Last year I was gung ho. I was told to share my ranch/agriculture story via social media in an attempt to educate consumers about where their food comes from, so I started a blog. A little later I was urged to create a personal website (our ranch had one but a more personal one would be better), so created chainranchlady. My blog didn't want to follow me to my website, so I just let it stay there and started writing stories in it. All the while my website continued to grow.
A few months later an increasing, almost frantic, concern that animal activists were destroying our livelihood I started a Facebook page to get that message out. Before long that too was growing. On top of that I threw in Twittering and Tweeting...also an attempt to warn the public about animal activists threats.
Where does the confusion come audiences are all different. I feel like Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde...I'm not sure.
I'm "hacked" when I read and post animal activists and government agendas against agriculture on Facebook. Then it's really, really hard to turn around "slap on a happy face" and tell a positive ag story to the rest of the world.
I'm compelled to tell both of these stories. I must. I have no family's livelihood depends on it.
I'll sort it's just taking a while. Ag Chat Training has helped, I'm mapping a plan, trying to focus, working on being congenial to the masses---but I was just wondering...does anyone own "The Three Faces of Eve?"

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