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Mucho Meals on Wheels

This will be my 50th year- plus or minus- helping feed harvest hands. We fix it, deliver it and serve it...from the trunks of cars, backs of suburbans or in the luxury of an old un-air conditioned R.V.

 Assorted fare throughout the years has included Grandma Grace's homemade chicken and noodles, hot rolls, famous pickle slaw for hamburgers, and her assortment of delicious homemade desserts ranging from cinnamon rolls to cream pies; Mom's delicious Norwegian Corn casserole, Swiss Steak and Strawberry Cake, my sister-in-law Dianna's signature Blackberry Kuchen and German Krautburgers and today my daughters, daughter-in-laws, niece and even my brother, Monte's numerous delicacies...and I mean delicacies. They are not content presenting just any ole thing...they take it pretty seriously turning out tons of Pioneer Women, and Rachel Ray recipes. They own Traegers and the latest kitchen appliances. I think the harvest crew actually mourns the end of harvest, just because the food is stupendous!

My cooking, on the other hand, is pretty basic.  I just use what I have in the frig, and for the most part, the guys still rave.  I don't buy special ingredients, but concoct all types of yummy recipes from things on hand.  Yesterday I thawed out two packages of pork chops from a hog we purchased from a local FFA student. 

                                           Preparation for Chili Amarillo...because it wasn't verde

   I put the frozen, salt and peppered, pork chops in my favorite blue enamel pan, covered and cooked on low for about three hours. I then chopped the meat into bite-sized pieces covered it with water, added four cubed potatoes, 1/2 chopped Vidalia onion, 1/2 can (large) of hominy ( I reserved the other 1/2 for a summer salad) and two small cans of green chilies .  I seasoned with green chili powder (purchased at Hatch, New Mexico the green chili capital of the world), red chili powder-also purchased at Hatch, onion and garlic powder, cumin powder, three cloves garlic, 1/8 cup lemon juice, salt, pepper.  I continued to let it cook on low for several more hours.  You could speed up the cooking process, but I like to do it this way as it adds flavor, plus I can go do other things.  Towards the end of cooking time I reserved 1 cup of the liquid- cooled it then added 1/2 cup flour to this mixture stirring until smooth, I then added this back to the pot making a gravy.  Right before serving I grated 1/2 fresh zucchini (they didn't know they were getting their veggies) and turned it on low then made my salad.

The salad consisted of quinoa, a wonderful grain that I keep cooked up and stored in the frig.  We eat it for breakfast added to oatmeal or just plain with butter.  It is high in protein and has a nutty texture.  You must rinse it thoroughly or it leaves a bitter taste.  I added about three cups of quinoa, two cans black-eyed peas, the remaining hominy, diced summer, patty pan and zucchini squash (supplied by my great neighbor with the green thumb), three Roma tomatoes, diced purple onion, 1/2 cup lemon juice, 1/2 cup mayonnaise, Mexican spices ( the same used in the Chili recipe), dried parsley. Chill.  Use whatever spices you like and add veggies you have on hand.

Everyone loved it except for one grandson who hates anything that looks like this...
Chili Amarillo

Summer Quinoa Salad


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