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A Word to “Manufactured Crisis” Creators...

We can’t possibly feed nine billion people by 2050 or is it 2030 or 2020? Can we get our facts on this crisis straight?  I've listened as these numbers have changed for the past few years.  I got excited myself …OMG we can’t feed all of these people…the earth can’t sustain … we must do something…who will step in to fix this looming crisis?

 No need to fear, "The Mighty Global Roundtable on “SUSTAINABLE” Beef  along with third party auditors are a few more opportunists...and they have their tool kits near".

But where's the fire? Where are the long lines of concerned consumers demanding sustainable products?  Where's the crisis?  Oh that's right, it's not for 20-40 more years, but in the meantime  producer's ability to produce must be destroyed?  "And that's the plan to feed the 9 billion?"  That makes absolutely no sense at all.  But it might to those who want control.

Let’s take a closer look at the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef.  Besides Elanco, Cargill, Merck, McDonalds, Wal Mart and several other ag and food related industries we also have;

 1.  Nature Conservancy, that wonderful little environmental organization that just can't wait to get their foot in your pasture to HELP you take care of your land, water and animals and protect and control the growing number of endangered species (plants, insects, and animals) that might possibly live there.
2.  Other environmental police are the powerful World Wildlife Fund and friends, Rain Forest Alliance, need I say more.  Besides their heavy ties to Agenda 21 take a look at WWF's involvement in Religion. If this doesn't make you shudder I don't know what will...And you wonder how the idea of "Mother Earth is Sacred" is reaching into all facets of our society?  There lies the answer and my extreme concern over certain segments of our industry doing business with this group.

3.There are still more boogie-men; the U.N. and their multitude of NGO minions and Mr. Jason Clay,    I listened to him intently several years ago at the 2010 Beef Industry Summer Convention hanging on his every word.  Today I still appreciate some of what he has to say, just like Jude Capper he has wonderful statistics and mounds of facts,  but I would like to remind him that he, the WWF and Rain Forest Alliance aren't God.  They can worry about the environment, show us their facts and figures and share ideas about what we need to do..."but in the end God's in control, you're not". He'll take care of His earth the way He sees fit.  Farmers and ranchers have worked beside Him since the beginning of time, but He always calls the shots whether we like the outcome or not. Thinking "Mother Earth" is in your hands is a pretty silly idea when you come right down to it.  
Granted I'm sure He's not happy about what's going on on our earth either, but I have a hunch His problem is with the moral decay and Subversion of our culture not whether we destroy the planet...He's going to do that anyway... without our help.
 So as far as you stepping in to rescue the world, that term didn't work, I believe you changed it to climate change, "whoops" until the public caught on.  Yes, shifting to sustainability was a clever move, but I think the public is catching on to that one as well. 
We'll all be watching for another term soon, one that will continue to cause confusion and panic and create a crisis; one that can be used to swoop in and solve it and protect the world from "rancher, farmer, feedlot owner, animal protein food supplier destruction".   

  4. JBS you have a wonderful feedlot, I appreciate the tours you provide. I love your pristine feeding practices, but I must admit that I left scratching my head and wondering how economical they were for the average producer or feedlot owner. I'm fairly certain to the majority of producers it was like visiting the Hearst Castle and daydreaming about installing that Neptune pool when you get home...something you can only dream about doing. You're a great place to visit but American producers can't duplicate what you do and stay in business, and if this is the model of Sustainability Global Greenies are looking to saddle us with, our budgets won't cut it.

Intermission:  Before I move on I just want to interject here. The use of propaganda for control has always been key in global takeover attempts.  FYI agriculture media publication/outlets helping perpetuate and promulgate the SUSTAINABLE  "manufactured crisis".  There is a growing group of informed readers who are done with lies and liberal media.  They're searching for truth. They will stand for American values and against global collaboration with the enemy.  

Back to the crisis. If there is truly a crisis and it's projected that we can't feed 9 billion people in the next 20-60 years-take your pick- my questions are this: 
1.     Why would we want to  make it less profitable for producers to operate? Why would we restrict their ability to produce by playing into lies such as the Triple Bottom Line?  This term was defined by John Elkington, author of Cannibals with Forks...a true beef promoter I'm sure...during the U.N.'s Bruntland's report. This term defines, according to the U.N., the acceptable  "unattainable" model of being socially”and “environmentally” SUSTAINABLE .
2.   Acceptable to who?  Could it be to those who have taken control of the term? To the boogie-men who have honed and polished it and put it in the hands of some of our very own experts to dispense around the globe?  This term, that has no concrete definition and allows radical environmentalist the creative ability to use any way they want to manipulate a certain outcome, an outcome that destroys us and gives the opportunity for profitability and jobs to only a few within our industry, namely third party auditors and those in a leadership or employment capacity. Those who control the music easily get a seat at the table.  The rest of us, the producers and feeders, are watching.  We hate the music and the view.  All we see is a destructive economic abyss that is unfolding on our ranches and feedlots. It's not profitable.
3. And look back in history a short while back to the 1950’s and again in the 1970's, didn't we hear the same predictions and problems being discussed? The earth is going to freeze, we won't be able to feed the world. What happened then? Natures cycles continue just as they have since creation.  Production agriculturalists arose to the occasion and developed better technology and farming practices. Profitability, tenacity and ingenuity saved the day, not more U.N.-guided regulations or collaborative decisions with extreme global environmentalist.

And now questions for producers:
1.Why are we letting this term and a handful of global companies and extremists control us? Why are we allowing outside forces to dump manure in our barns and feedlots and demand we remove it? When one load of SUSTAINABLE gets unloaded we work hard to shovel it out only to find another heaping load.  This is the way sustainable was designed.  We can't define it. We can't continue to keep cleaning it up, we can't afford to hire others to clean it up. Get the picture? It's not profitable. This term is destroying our funds, our livelihoods our heritage and America? We must destroy it.
2.When are we going to demand that our industry organizations stop aiding the enemy by continuing to mingle our funds with the enemy's helping them advance a destructive “SUSTAINABILITY” foundation for global elites and extreme environmentalists to use against us and for control?

  Change isn't happening at the top, oh it is but it's change you're not going to like.  After voicing my concern to leadership for over two years about activists infiltration into our industry, and remaining patient and hopeful that something would be done and being told that a good outcome was going to be presented, I was not only disappointed but down right mad this summer when I witnessed further collaboration with these insidious groups.  If you want change it's going to come from you the producer at the grassroots level, I'm afraid that those we depend on mapping our future may have forgotten we were even on the trip.  I'm afraid they've packed their bags and are leaving without us.  If you want to get in and go along you're going to have to get involved and speak up.  
 I really wonder if the grassroots producer is part of the equation anymore.  

If there is truly a concern about feeding 9 billion people in the near future those individuals in our industry who don't actually produce anything need to get out of the way, take the words, terms, ideas and destructive regulations they've swallowed from global extremists- standards that look good on paper, but not so much in the real world of bottom line production agriculture- and find something else to do, find another opportunistic avenue to follow besides aligning and collaborating with those who want to aid in incrementally destroying food suppliers ability to supply food. Let the one bottom line- PROFITABILITY- do the job of feeding those 9 billion.  

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