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This is a repost from Thanksgiving 2010. My Grandmother Hazel was an amazing women and we all miss her. Pictures are so important to me, I'm always gathering everyone up for "one more" photo shoot, something that drives my family nuts.  I'm so glad they agreed to gather for this one. 

Five Generations
My mom, my daughters and granddaughters and my Grandma Hazel. My 97 year old grandmother was able to spend all Thanksgiving day with us. For over 50 years she operated our local grocery store and was voted Seiling, Oklahoma's Business Woman of The Year. She's still witty, sharp and feisty

Well...now I AM confused. I've been sick for a few days. I hit a brick wall after Thanksgiving dinner, limply slithered into my recliner Friday and have been sitting here contemplating my social media skills. While surfing blog and websites I've concluded that I'm in need of a facelift. My blog needs it, my facebook page needs it, my website needs it, and I'm pretty sure my mug could use one too after sitting in front of the computer for hours, but I'm just not sure where to start. Do I keep GoDaddy? Do I switch to Wordpress? Our guys were "BRANDING" yesterday, I learned I need one too-maybe I should have got in line. Do I tweek my own design or hire another done? Maybe the latter because some of the conversations between the elite SMers were in the 400 or 500 level. I've been complacently comfortable residing at "introduction to___"level. If you're one of my "10's of readers" just bear with me until I get all of this figured out. My SM skills at this point: not pretty, but functionable- Telling A Positive Animal Ag/Beef Story To Anyone Who'll Listen.


  1. You just stay right there and think about what you are about to do.

    Take a look at craigslist or the drudgereport before you invest in a new outlet for your thoughts (particularly one that may cost money). Those sites seem to get by just fine hosting billions of visitors using a bare-bones presentation. Content is important, format is just window dressing.

    I thought ranch folk preferred to keep things simple.


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