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Back In The Saddle...Almost

I’m back…for a while, barring I don’t slip on another tutu or fall over another tombstone.  

The morning after Easter 5:45 a.m. to be exact, I slipped on a princess tutu and tore my rotator cuff.  In June I had surgery and spent the summer going to physical therapy three times a week 60 miles away.   In August my Grandmother Hazel passed away.  She had lived a long, happy, successful, life.   She was 96 years old and it was hard to say goodbye to one of my best friends. 

My shoulder was on the mend,  but at Grandma’s graveside service I fell over a tombstone.  During the service I’d been watching near misses and worried about someone tripping over the one on my end of the tent.  I didn’t realize there was another on the other end.  Remember I have 10 grandkids, 7 of them under the age of 7.  I had my hands full of water bottles, mine and theirs. As I hurried out of the tent to speak to some relatives I fell head, neck and face first over the tombstone my rear and high heels in the air and my mouth full of dirt and grass.  Needless to say, I hurt my shoulder again, among other things, including my ego.    My “audience” watched in awe as I staggered to my feet, grass in my hair, spitting dirt out of my mouth.  All eyes were on me, then suddenly all heads turned away in unison like they’d not witnessed a thing.  I guess they were embarrassed…for me.  I was in too much pain to be embarrassed.  This is the first time I have been able to sit on the couch, watch television, do my nails, eat bon bons and be waited on.  I felt like a princess.   That was short lived.  Last week I graduated from physical therapy and returned to the barn only to leave with a limp after being kicked by an unhappy show heifer.  Returning to my running program is looking like a distant dream. 

Although I’ve been slack on posting, I’ve never lagged on my Facebook conversations.  Our animal ag and pet industries continue to be attacked on a daily basis and at this moment in time I have been compelled to share the facts of these attacks with women's groups across the country. Extreme activists are undermining us in all directions and will not be satisfied until their goal of abolishing animal agriculture and animal ownership is reached.  This sounds like a crazy absurd statement.  I wish it were.  I wish that I was able to devote all my days to writing and sharing my recipes and daily happenings but our business depends on owning and raising animals and when an entity, group or individual sets out to destroy your business you must stand up and defend that business.  That is what I’ve been focused on for nearly a year when our ranch realized extremists were making their way onto America's ranches under a deceptive guise.  For more information about the onerous programs and groups that are destroying our animal ag and pet industries visit  Animal Ag Armed

I will try to return to sharing more in-depth daily activities on our ranch.  For those of you who are revisiting this site please go to My Kitchen Is an Ecosystem  I ‘ve added new recipes and ideas for saving on your food bill by reducing, reusing and recycling in the kitchen, something I’ve done for years. and something that all of us are going to need to do during these difficult economic times.  


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