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Nothing New Under the Sun Including Sustainable Development

 I wrote the piece below last summer after listening to KrisAnne Hall speak at the CICA Convention.  As the Global and U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef advances upon our farms and ranches (thanks to the National Cattlemen's Beef Association and Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association opening the policy doors last January then again at the OCA convention when members who did not understand the full concept of what they were voting upon allowed  U.N. regulations into Oklahoma) we can't ignore these advances.  Education is our means of protecting our private property rights, our family's heritage, our farms and ranches. One size fits all does not apply to us, we understand that, however those advancing the sustainable development scheme to control us "top down"- dictator like- continue to advance that concept. It is an agenda that will destroy America's farming and ranching families because the mark of acceptance, according to those in control, will always continue to move and with that movement added costs will be incurred..  
This article sheds more light on the evil behind those pushing for "Sustainable Development" ...advocates of control have been around a long time in some form or fashion. 

By the way, I did throw myself in front of the USRSB bus at the 2017 OCA convention. I got ran over. A  well orchestrated strong "voice vote" overthrew my resolution (see below). A handful of folks at that meeting decided top down centralized control upon your ranches and farms would be best. The USRSB advanced and in May a national meeting was held in Norman- OCA sponsored that meeting.  On Sunday, July 1, 2018 the "comment" deadline for cattle producers across the country to voice their concerns about the U.N. guided terms expired. 

                                                                  Kris Anne Hall           
The Grand Remonstrance of 1641. Heard of it? Neither had I until this week when attorney- prosecutor, Russian linguist, mother, veteran, pastor’s wife, constitutional educator, KrisAnne Hall, shared this very important piece of history at the Colorado Independent CattlegrowersAssociation convention.  Sustainable development had been exploited to control masses nearly 400 years ago. King Charles tried it. He died trying, his subjects saw to it.
KrisAnne took questions and I asked how we could stop the U.N. infested Global Roundtable and U.S. Roundtables for Sustainable Beef from entering our farms forcing control upon us.  “Do you think the use of sustainable development to control the masses is new?”, she asked.  Then she shared the solution: “You just say NO!”
She rattled off familiar sounding issues from 1641...and 2017.  I researched.  King Charles was controlling his subjects by bringing in foreign law to deny people their guaranteed rights through a corruption of the courts, kept them in oppressed conditions not admitting them to be bailed, vexed them with “informations” in inferior courts, enlarged the forests while converting arable land (farmable) into pasture, worked on depopulation, drove millions out of his subject’s purses…and much more.
It all sounded too familiar, foreign law aka the UN, Forest Service Agency and all other federal agencies, imprisoned ranchers, corrupt courts…the whole nine yards.  The solution?  Well, those subjects stood up when they got fed up.
This document is an invaluable lesson illustrating a people’s determination to halt the overturning and undermining of their Liberty. Americans we MUST make the same efforts to stop the weapon of sustainable development which is subtly undermining our freedoms today in the 21st century.
The Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association meets this week to discuss policy during their annual convention. One item on the agenda; the advancement of the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef. Lord willing, I will be there to throw myself in front of that tyrannical control policy train.  If passed a socialist communist top down control will be placed upon our U.S. food producing ranchers and the U.N. is smack dab it the middle of it. Oklahomans who own a bovine I invite you to join me.

                Resolution to stop GRSB/USRSB policy upon Oklahoma Cattle Producers

Whereas America’s farmers, less than 2% of the U.S. population, have for centuries chosen to continually improve their farms and ranches as they see fit, sustaining the world with a safe, abundant, healthy food supply;
Whereas if a nation cannot produce its own food supply destruction is evident
Whereas Sustainable Development is a term that houses a method of control created by those advancing globalism which uses the climate change narrative and  false science  based on skewed data to create policy forcing regulations upon U.S. food producers in the areas of air, land, water and animals all components of food production;
Whereas beef production was deemed unsustainable by foreign entities during the 1992 U.N. Global Conference on Sustainability in Rio de  Janeiro  spawning the 21st century global centralized control attempt to infiltrate the U.S. with foreign regulations;  
Whereas Sustainable Development requirements, thus far, have shut down America’s Bread Basket of the World, the San Joaquin Valley, and thousands of food producers daily since centralized control efforts began taking root in the U.S. in 2008; under the Obama administration
Whereas the term Sustainable Development was unknown to the majority of U.S. cattlemen prior to World Wildlife Federation’s VP of Market Transformation, Jason Clay’s presentation urging their “sustainability” during the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s 2010 summer conference;
Whereas many U.S. cattlemen are unaware of the fact Sustainable Development holds the power to destroy their liberty and profitability through the ever moving target of “continuous improvement” ;
Whereas the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association utilizing all U.S. cattlemen’s funds partnered with the World Wildlife Fund whose efforts are to control and minimize beef production;
Whereas the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef whose vision and mission fit the Soviet Union Constitution of 1977 Chapter 7 Article 39 was created by the World Wildlife Fund, JBS, SA, Tyson, McDonalds, Walmart and other multinational protein packers and environmental groups expanding today into a large centralized control consortium being used to drive regulations upon U.S. food producers and vertically integrate the beef industry by capturing the supply chain away from independent cattle producers;
Whereas JBS SA, the world’s largest protein exporter and one of the initial founders of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef has been involved in two multinational meat scandals, the largest ever; Operation Weak Flesh dealing with exportation of tainted beef and Operation Car Wash dealing with extortion and bribery.
Whereas the World Wildlife Fund supports Meatless Mondays according to SODEXO; packer monopolies have been created due to Anti-Trust laws being ignored; Country of Origin Labeling created an avenue for GRSB members to export foreign tainted beef into the U.S.  flooding the market destroying the livelihoods of 1,000’s of U.S. independent cattle producer; it is clear  those who make up the GRSB do not have the best interest of the U.S. independent cattle producer in mind;
Whereas the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association the largest and oldest contractor of beef checkoff funds joined the GRSB (Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef) utilizing the funds of all U.S. cattle producers to do so;
Whereas the GRSB (Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef) supports the Sustainable Ag Initiative which sets forth guidelines the U.S. producer must comply under United Nation’s standards;
Whereas as the packers who assisted in the creation of the GRSB (Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef) guidelines do not comply with their created sustainable  regulations, but force U.S. beef producers to do so;
Whereas according to the U.S. constitution foreign law cannot be brought into the U.S.
Whereas in 2017 the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef is being injected at the local and state level to usurp the U.S. constitution carrying destructive foreign policy and outside regulations upon U.S. food producer’s destroying their freedom and liberty to produce their product as they see fit while the packers who initiated the agenda escape scrutiny;
Throughout history individuals seeking top down centralized control:  King Charles I prior to the Great Remonstrance of 1641 was one of the first to attempt to drive “sustainable development” upon the masses; King George who chose to “erect a multitude of new offices and send hither swarms of officers to harass his people and eat out their substance” and Polpot, Lenin, Mao, Mussolini, Hitler and other dictators, were stopped by a remnant willing to take a stand against tyranny;
Therefore Oklahoma independent livestock growers reject any further involvement with any entity, program or individual advancing in any form top down, continuous improvement dictated by outside forces, and, with the protection of liberty as our goal, we reject Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association’s involvement in the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef knowing producer’s involvement will strip our free market economy.

 So cattle producer's decisions on how you raise your animals is being decided by a handful of folks- some I'm certain who couldn't run a steer through a chute- are currently deciding that for you.  The importance of becoming educated on what these people are doing and your involvement in stopping their agenda must be a priority if we are to remain on the land and allowed to produce as we see fit.  The Oklahoma Independent Stockgrowers Association  was formed  in October, 2017 with monthly meetings being held across the state Cattlemen and women have had the opportunity to hear great speakers share the truth about what is actually taking place, the methods of infiltration and the destruction caused by centralized control/vertical integration attempts upon our farms. Today we have tremendous interest and a growing number of members. Out of necessity OISA was formed and we are here to offer education. R-CALF USA is our national organization and the source for truth and transparency and works solely to protect the producer.   Other independent groups across the U.S. have formed as well in Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Kansas, Colorado, and others.   It is very important to stay connected with R-CALF USA and these other state organizations as they are made up of folks like you and I- they understand the environment we are in and the direction we are being taken by the packers and radical environmental groups who have infiltrated our once trusted organizations.  

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Nothing New Under the Sun Including Sustainable Development

  I wrote the piece below last summer after listening to KrisAnne Hall speak at the CICA Convention.  As the Global and U.S. Roundtable fo...