Sunday, October 15, 2017

Identifying Bad Actors

This past Saturday night a few Oklahoma cattlemen gathered to listen to R CALF USA's Bill Bullard speak on Making America's Beef Industry Great Again in the historic OKC stockyards district. We also discussed the misuse of our beef checkoff funds, and the advancement of the destructive Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef agenda which is positioning itself onto American farms and ranches with the implementation of the US Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, both tied to radical extremists and the United Nations.  Hidden within this agenda are the Sustainable Ag Initiative guidelines which demand  UN standards be met by American cattle producers. The USRSB was voted on and advanced by the OCA membership with the nudging of leaders this summer, after my attempt to stop it.

Simultaneously, that Saturday night, in a small southern Oklahoma town our OCA executive director was speaking World Willdlife Fund praises to a group of cattle producers. The WWF is the very group advancing the GRSB.
For years I have shared my concerns, my diagrams illustrating the dark connections to this consortium and our need as an industry to not go down this destructive path. Not once but many many times I have expressed my concerns with our OCA director and his staff and board and our NCBA executive director (who now works for this consortium) and his staff.

On Sunday we stopped by Bob Mills Furniture to look at office furniture.  We were blessed with a bright young salesman. As I shopped Brad explained to him what our family does and how we and other beef producers are being regulated out of business. When I checked out this young man was still full of questions and he continued quizzing me. So I took a piece of paper and crudely sketched a diagram of how our nation's beef producers are being destroyed using the term sustainability via the GRSB and USRSB. He quickly named the GRSB and USRSB "nonsense structures of control" and when I was finished connecting the visual dots he just as quickly within seconds said "that's a cartel".This young man understood this evil structure yet the Global and US Roundtable for Sustainable Beef had been hailed as a great thing by our very own leadership the night before.. 
When a young man who understood little about  the structure of agriculture but quickly picked up what is happening to the American Beef producer in a brief conversation ... his final thoughts being "that's pretty sick".... We have a monumental problem.
Within the USRSB/UN guidelines lurk demands for continual improvement and the reduction of "bad actors".   Bad actors? You're not finding them on our farms you're finding them in the offices that claim to represent us

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