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Psst... read my lips

Well I've got my five minute Pro-Ag GMO Fracking Fossil Fuel presentation down, but need work on my 1 minute version. The story goes like this: After Brad's blood plasma injection in Loveland, CO we decided to visit Estes Park. Brad stayed at the room and I shopped a little. Some pretty hair barrettes caught my eye as I walked past a cute shop, so I turned around. I loved the little shop, I loved the little lady's attitude that ran the shop. As I was checking out I made the comment, "I guess since I don't go to the beauty shop I can afford to buy some sweet pricey little hair pieces - $15 a piece is pricey to me- she exclaimed that she shunned hair stylists too, trimmed her own braid from side to side with lop sided results ...just like me we laughed. I made the comment I was a rancher-farmer which she quietly sympathetically in almost a whisper said, "the good people, the wonderful people, not those "corporate farmers", then she unleashed on fracking and chemicals in food and said something about being a "purist" ...just like me. Whoa! That's when I realized we only had our hair in common. But it was closing time and I had already signed my John Henry and she was shuttling me out the door and I left bewildered that I had not corrected the misinformation. I needed the 1 minute presentation.
But then there was the encounter this morning.... We spent the night, I got up early headed to the motel lobby and started working on my presentation for a Colorado group on Sunday. As I sat in the tiny lobby trying to block the conversations of noise of the breakfast crowd, one conversation I could not help but overhear, one between two U.S. liberal citizens and three British tourists. I listened to the Brits explain their distrust of Trump and what they thought should be and the Americans agree and blah blah blah blah blah. After about five minutes I had all I could stand. As I strolled over nonchalantly to get another cup of coffee I stopped at their table and the five minute presentation kicked in. I introduced myself told them my occupation that those in my occupation fed them and the world, I shared the fact that if not for fossil fuels and fracking their trip to the U.S. would not have been possible, I shared that organic cannot feed the world, that Obama's regulations have destroyed our great nation and her food, fiber and fuel providers...btw they offered me a chair... lol... I accepted. I minced NO WORDS during that five minute educational rant and believe I made a few friends --- or maybe they were just afraid of me. The Brits all three shook my hand, one suggested that what I said reminded them of Brexit and how many were viewing Britain, I agreed. The two Americans just kept apologizing for bringing up politics. I thanked them for doing so..


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