Friday, March 11, 2011

Esther Learns To Iron

Hope DHS doesn't come knocking at my door. I confess, I let my 4 year old granddaughter iron and yes, she burned her finger. 
Feeling Empowered and Moving A Little Too Fast

The truth is when I was Esther's age my mom gave me an iron and a sprinkle bottle (a pop bottle  filled with water and topped with a metal  stopper covered with tiny holes big enough to allow water to sprinkle from)  I tried my hand at hankies and pillow cases. I've pretty much hated to iron ever since.  Maybe I've found a solution to my high dry cleaning bill.
After Numerous Warnings...The Inevitable

But What's A Little Burn?              
I Have A Job To Do!

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  1. Debbie (Hendrix) RamirezMarch 11, 2011 at 7:17 PM

    I remember those sprinkler bottles too Andy, Mama would always sprinkle all the clothes, roll them tightly & store them in the fridge overnight (not sure why)in a large plastic bag, then iron the next day. I too stood on a chair & learned to iron, wash dishes & even cook! Back then, it was normal to raise your kids to do their chores, respect their elders, and behave in school. When the government stepped in & started telling us how to raise our kids, the subsequent generations have gotten lazy for the most part. Love your blogs, really brings back lots of memories! Debbie (Hendrix) Ramirez


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