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"I wrote this post in Sept of 2014...just came across it and noticed I hadn't published it guess I became sidetracked. We now have a new administration I'm hoping will stop some of this madness in it's tacks"

I do a lot of Facebook postings, nearly everyday.  I use it predominately   to educate fellow landowners and producers of the dangers of losing their private property rights.  We are losing those rights and most grassroots landowners are unaware of the incremental, strategic, dismantling going on under their noses.  These postings appear to be all over the place and I apologize. but you understand if you're keeping up with the multitude of attacks on producers of " once upon a time "... affordable food... aka land owners, animal owners, water owners/users, air inhalers, methane expellers (cattle- any way that's what the Climate Hub "consultant" revealed in the OETA Horizon clip I shared yesterday), dust stirring, antibiotic administering (to save the food supply---we're suppose to vaccinate kids but not cattle?), cattle branding (to keep track of the food supply) criminals...or so it would seem in the eyes of this administration.  Whether the tool being used is the unattainable "sustainable triple bottom line "HSUS whose MO is not limited to emotion triggering advertisements to garner funds to advance their agenda but also undercover videos and the long arm of government agencies such as EPA, ESA, NRCS, DOJ, HUD, HHS (see their 100  Point Change Agenda below for a complete list)   Advancers...implementers ...consultants... facilitators....navigators are all being used to regulate and enforce this central control agenda which will destroy private property rights. The food supply is only one of the resource areas being destroyed or controlled: health care, education, energy, media, banking, transportation. Those advancing this Marxist style agenda will not be satisfied until they bring home a trophy inscribed  "1st Place"  America Freedom Resource Destroyer.
From the threatened and endangered Lesser Prairie Chicken, Long Eared Bat, Arkansas Shiner and the other several thousand ES listings to the 7 National Climate Hubs recently unveiled these ideas, groups, programs, individuals are all pawns, programs and processes in an elaborately evil designed scheme to destroy America's affordable food supply or control it take your pick by stripping private property rights.

Yes, I am all over the place; producers deal with each area under attack. .

Why does this matter to you? When America's producers can't profitably produce  they go out of business (thousands of pork and poultry producers have already vanished due to overreaching regulations...this happened while America slept or watched Twilight)  when they go out of business food costs rise, when food costs rise you have to stop spending in other areas so you can have enough money to feed your is pretty important especially affordable food.  Food prices have risen dramatically in the last few years due to these overreaching regulations...add a drought, fuel/ equipment/repair costs sky rocketing and America's food producers disappear.  Refresh your memory of how food sources are destroyed with a peek back at the Valley Hope Forgot you can find it on YouTube.  Why am I regurgitating this mantra...this same information?  It matters to is what is incrementally dismantling America's food supply. Those waging war against our freedom aren't carrying fire arms instead they implement agendas, thoughts, ideas;  inject words, twist meanings, change legislation:  Climate Change, Global Warming, Climate Hubs, Sustainability, Triple Bottom Line, Socially Acceptable, Environmentally Acceptable, Best Available Science, Best Management Practices, Modern, Human Capital...all verbiage designed to destroy freedom and America's affordable food supply and freedom.  

I will continue to share four links with you: (1) Coverage on the 92 page senate report revealing the Billionaire's Club Scandal and connection to Sierra Club, World Wildlife Fund, Nature's Conservancy and EPA's overreaching regulations and I will add HSUS because they are tied to these organizations.  Why? Because this report could stop the entire mess, all of the regulations on producers could be terminated, the Climate Hubs stopped; however our Ag media has failed to report on it. It is covered extensively in the mainstream media but controlling forces it appears have halted the coverage within the agriculture realm. Why? Because some of these groups are actively involved in some of our industry organization's decision making.  Certain Ag media has been used to propagandize this global, sustainable, socially acceptable, green agenda and it needs to stop it is detrimental to American producer's ability to produce.  (2) Coverage on the Climate Hubs.  Wilkow's link that I've been sharing does the best job at connecting all of these attacks to the 10 Planks of Communism. These hubs are agenda driven and are designed to create regulations determined through research. This research "with a twist" will ultimately become the norm, set precedence be required practices for farmers and ranchers.  The data and information gathered will be filtered down through the NRCS.  This info is tied to the Farm Bill (Conservation Portion) and they will do everything in their power to nudge us into abiding by the research. (3) I will continue to share a piece by the Noble Foundation that explains the climate hubs.  This piece shows the confusion and questions that accompany these hubs; many unfamiliar terms with opened ended meanings allow for as a friend lawyer said after reading it, "do whatever they want to do". (4) Joan Veon's Youtube video on Public Private Partnerships.  This video reveals why this is all happening.  Partnerships between the federal government-Public- in the form of USDA, ESA, EPA etc. and large corporations -Private- (global companies such as  John Deere, Gates Foundation etc. and  extreme environmental groups with an agenda WWF, Sierra Club etal) have created a way for destructive  agendas to be driven through changes in legislation leaving the American producer adrift in burdensome regulations. 

American producer, landowner, feedlot owner, organization leader you must KNOW this stuff. Our kids and grandkids will not have a future if we refuse to connect these dots...hit this in a unified way and stop the destruction.


 I would say I would report on WOTUS as well but our organizations are unified on that issue and fighting tooth and nail to keep EPA's overreach of water rights at bay. We have until October 21st (I believe that is the deadline) to comment on Waters of the U.S. and would urge each and every citizen to do affects all Americans not only farmers and ranchers.  If you have a low spot in your yard that holds water only once in a while, it will belong to the federal government under WOTUS...this affect you.

AND one more thought...If our ag industry organization leaders would form a loose coalition that will not morph into a "self-licking" ice cream cone which we've seen happen in the past with many well intended coalitions…I have several in mind...and address the 92 page senate report/ EPA/ WWF/Sierra Club scandal together we could put EPA to bed and not have to worry about WOTUS.

Truth always surfaces.  Lies are always unveiled.





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