Friday, June 17, 2016

Be Patient

Bear with me as I shorten and move my newspaper articles to this blog. I will be honest- I hate to blog. I can never remember my password, when I write the stinking thing is so slow that I forgot what I was posting, I'm just not good at it and I DO NOT HAVE THE TIME TO MESS WITH IT. But here I am again giving it one more shot. I like FB but my thoughts get lost there so I must start blogging again. As I reread my past posts it's clear that once upon a time I did like to do it, I just think being an activist took center stage. I miss sharing recipes, funny stories, projects etc. Time has flown, I do know that. Anyway, I'm sharing my Dewey County Record articles here under Behind Ag's Green Mask, feel free to share this info far and wide. I am having trouble linking so that's going to be messed up for awhile and the image I keep referring to's coming if I can figure it out. Have fun trying to gather my thoughts...

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