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Oklahoma American Agri Women Making a Comeback!

 Oklahoma women from all across the state met recently to reignite the Oklahoma Chapter of the American Agri-Women.  AAW national president, Karen Yost, flew in from Billings, Montana to share ideas and guidance with our energetic group.
The AAW is a national coalition of farm and ranch women's organizations and individuals and was formed in 1974.  This group of active women are extremely involved in agriculture policy and hold positions on ag research, biotechnology, crop protection, rural economic development, homeland security and taxation along with many, many other areas of impact to the agriculture community. 
A steering committee was appointed during the two day event to begin a  membership drive and making plans for our next meeting where officers will be elected.
Jane Adams, former state and national American Agri-Women president, 1974  taking a trip down memory lane with daughter Kimberlee  

Robert Semands, GEL Govern Edmond Locally  spoke to our group about the dangers of the United Nations Agenda 21 Sustainable Development entering our communities, ranches and farms threatening our private property rights. Awareness and recognition of how this evil creeps into society is important for all American citizens to know.

Jenni White President of ROPE Restore Oklahoma Public Education explained how this same evil is infiltrating our schools through the implementation of the federally mandated Common Core.
Ready to Defend Agriculture and America!
Ron Hayes Radio Oklahoma Network visits with Karen Yost, American Agri-Women President, at the "Meet and Greet"


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