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Out of Step

This morning two verses wrestled their way out of my cluttered confused thoughts: "Our God is not a God of confusion" and "The steps of a Godly man are ordered by the Lord".
Confusion pretty much sums up our country's state of affairs. It's seeping into my daily life at a rapid pace, as it is every American.
This week it seemed enhanced...bold...CONFUSION. For instance our beef industry's checkoff dollar is overseen by Government Controlled USDA. For many years this collection of a 1.00 a head on each animal sold has been utilized wisely for promoting our product. As with any large organization there have been disagreements in the past, discrepancies have been corrected quietly and this strong organization always moved forward. The past year or so our industry has witnessed confusion and anger with distrust spilling over into our once "mostly harmonious", healthy organization. Monstrous government rules and regulations (the USDA's oversite manual is seven or eight inches thick) and a "certain few" are now causing not only confusion but deterioration of this once "mostly harmonious" body. A body which over the years has increased beef demand, secured export markets and created a safer product for consumers. Today all of that is being threatened by Governmental Confusion.

Yesterday I attended a seminar laying out the new health care reform stipulations employers must follow to implement the new program. Confusing doesn't describe what is coming. After a 40 page power-point the presenter was still unable to convey exactly what lie ahead as new regulations were being added every ten days. It will be impossible to follow these Government Imposed regulations

These examples hit me personally. I'm sure most American's have been impacted at some level by Government Confusion in the last 18 months. Like never before.

I'm just wondering if the confusion that is reigning across our nation has anything to do with our president's Muslim leanings. The Bible says that a Godly man's steps are ordered by the Lord. In his book Audacity of Hope our president says he will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.
That is just one of his numerous references to Muslim sympathizing. There have been many more since taking office.

This administration is dismantling our nation. They are systematically attacking its core structure. They are destroying businesses, organizations and homes. They are taking over public lands and creating monuments in place of cattle grazing, they are creating regulations too numerous and to complicated for anyone to absorb. They are killing jobs. They are creating a socialists nation.

Christians, we better stand up and find a Godly leader to lead America. A leader whose steps are ordered by the Lord. A leader who's faith reflects our founding father's faith. A leader who's God Is Not a God of Confusion.


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