Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Don't Wait

As the New Year begins, out of habit, I make resolutions. The older I get the more lax I get at making them. By now if I’ve not disciplined myself enough to conquer the intentions, I’m betting they probably don’t have a chance.
What I want to share with you was not a resolution, but an intention. An intention left undone. Today I carry a handwritten list in my bill fold as a reminder. A reminder to "do it now".
I had good intentions to have Danny over. Danny was Brad’s younger brother. He was fun loving, had a heart of gold and would do anything for you. He had gone through some rough times and was living alone. I had good intentions. I would ask him over for supper,sometime soon. But I got busy.
He's on that list that I now carry in my purse. The list where I had noted to wash the car, take back the coat, buy batteries, look at new fencing, check on tractor tires, call the bank, have my hair colored. Those busy activities were checked off. “Have Danny over for supper” was not. I never got around to it. I never had Danny over. He died a short while after listing my good intention.
I will carry that note with me forever. And with it the regret of not taking the time to check him off my list.

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