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Behind Ag's Green Mask Column 10-16

Article 10

Hanging in the Balance

My dad has always ended his prayers, “life is short and death is certain, to fear God and keep His commandments is the whole duty of man”. This column was hard to even want to write. It was hard to focus on the worries of this world; sustainable development, the triple bottom line, centralized control, things I thought were so important just last week. It just hasn’t seemed very significant in light of losing so many of our community’s good citizens. Spiritual not physical thoughts became my focus, I began wondering if I had been making the best decisions when it comes to using my time. Could I have slowed down, done more for these friends, visited face to face instead of face booking, served them better while they were still here with us? Balancing and prioritizing the time God has given us is hard to do.
I’ve often questioned myself whether I’m on the right path, am I supposed to be fighting this worldly battle? I’ve missed a lot of family times with those I love, it’s been hard to pick showing up at the battlefield over showing up at the ball field. I’ve picked the battlefield many times and it hurts. The only condolence I have (and I truly believe it was divine guidance) is that one day several years ago God gave me the green light to continue what I was doing. This is a good time to share that story:
Returning home from another beef industry meeting where I routinely received raised eyebrow glances when I attempted to share my communist/socialist dot connecting, people just thought I was nuts as I drug my big poster board around showing connections from one radical group to another radical group to our ag groups to the United Nations to global elites. I cannot explain this drive, it was just something I couldn’t stop doing, I was witnessing the dismantling of our U.S. food supply first hand and I had to share it with as many people as I could, ridicule and all. I wanted others to see the connections as clearly as I was seeing them, but on many occasions I would call home crying to Brad that people just wouldn’t listen.
One morning after a grueling meeting the day before, I just gave up, I prayed, “Lord please take this stuff or guide me, show me what I’m supposed to do with all of it, I’m tired, I just want to go back to my normal life.” Most mornings I try to get up early, read my Bible and pray, on that morning after that prayer, I opened my Bible to a story I didn’t even know existed; 2 Chronicles 32, the story of the good King of Judah, Hezekiah and the obnoxious threatening Assyrian King Sennachurib. I focused that day only on the first few verses that jumped in my lap: 1. Gather counsel, officers, and advisers (I joined every women’s ag group that I could think of and started networking and getting counsel) 2. Shut the water off (I started a campaign to educate agriculture members on how their dollars were being used against them funding programs that were implementing the triple bottom line of sustainability which was destroying us from within). This is how that scripture spoke to me. I would eventually outline the entire chapter but for many weeks those were the only two things I focused on, gather experts and shut the water off. The next few years He would open door after door putting people in my path who understood the battle, many becoming great friends. He has never stopped guiding me, I just have to listen to Him.
Now I am not sure what you think about divine providence and God’s hand guiding your steps, but I’m convinced. Also I know, without a doubt, He has been the reason America is the greatest nation on earth. I know that America would not hold this title if people had chosen not to take a stand for good and against evil. I pray we can celebrate her independence for another 240 years, but it will take courage, commitment and God’s favor.
In my housewife life I try to follow the Proverb 31:10 woman as an example. Now she’s a hard act to follow, she had her hand in everything- doing it all and finished it! I get exhausted when I read it, but I believe it’s in the Bible for a reason, to set an example for women to follow. My dad’s prayer is right on, we are not promised another minute or day, we do not know how long we have here on this earth. We are like grass, here for a little while then withered and gone; but while we are here, green and alive, we need to do the jobs God has called us to do; in some cases just like the Proverbs 31:10 woman who possessed the ability to balance many of them. I’m convinced that one of those jobs includes defending good and fighting evil. Had those who have gone before us not stood UP and stood FIRM, dictators would now rule the world. I also believe I must continually do good to my fellow man and never forget about them. I’m giving this balancing act to God, He knows I can’t do it alone. And besides, He gives great advice...if I will just listen.

Article 11

Sunlight, a great disinfectant; Warning it may cause nausea

You can’t mix sparks and gas or milk and vinegar. You can’t mix the ever moving target of SUSTAINABILITY and all it encompasses-social justice and environmental equity- with FREEDOM. We cannot allow the 7 Obama-induced Climate Hubs to continue churning out so called “science” based on global warming and climate change, then pump those scientific lies into our universities and feed them as fact to our students; nor can we yoke this production strangling term to America’s food producers through farm programs and expect to keep our freedoms or our country’s food supply. The lying must stop, it stops through education and exposing those who are involved in manufacturing the lies.
The ride so far has been a bumpy one and brought us only in view of attacks upon LAND. These attacks are happening at many levels: (1) Through a plethora of USDA Programs with federal stipulations attached aka as a Federal Nexus – if you take the money you’re tied to the climate change/global warming lie because the programs are now based on SUSTAINABILITY. This stranglehold with the feds- the Federal Nexus- is being accomplished through the lure of grand premiums, and so called free money- remember nothing is free- I think of these programs as the farmer’s “Obama phone. Just a side note, if you are farmer or rancher you have probably taken some form of government payment in the past, today the stakes are different, SUSTAINABILITY requires you to follow the social and environmental stipulations injected into these programs based on the clever set up of the 7 CLIMATE HUBS. Always read the fine print when signing up for one of these new USDA programs. (2) Expansion of Endangered Species Act thousands of new listings of plants, animals and insects have created a development nightmare on public and private lands. These creatures and grasses are now given priority over food development and common sense, there even exists a lucrative credit exchange- like carbon (within Oklahoma-the Burying Beetle). (3) National Heritage Areas listings, another stifling mechanism for development. Colorado friend, Kimmi Lewis ranch widow, cancer survivor, mother of 6 (remember last week’s story of God’s guidance? Well, Kimmi is one of those friends He put in my path) just won her legislative seat this past week! She is also an expert on NHA’s as she has battled for years to keep her ranch from being listed. A NHA listing (remember the Chisholm and Western Trails listings fall under the NHA) usher in financially destructive regulations upon landowners (4) Conservation Easements remember the hidden agenda (control) behind these easements which were covered in attorney, Harriet Hagemen’s presentation in an earlier article, and also the story of Martha Boneta’s fight which resulted in the passage of the Boneta Bill? (5) Landowner’s Grazing Rights are being trampled, property owners harassed even murdered at the hands of rogue federal agencies such as the BLM, a story skewed by the liberal mainstream media intent on withholding the truth in the case of murdered rancher, LaVoy Finicum. Remember Angus McIntosh, the Forest Service Agent turned land rights expert and the truth he is bringing to light on this subject? And last but not least (6) EPA’s box of never ending tricks within all four sectors brought to you by” watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat” Gina McCarthy. We’re moving on. We could languish within LAND attacks for months as story after story of more U.S. farm family’s battles come to light, but to keep from high-centering we’re traveling on to ANIMAL ATTACKS. Just keep in mind the big picture: these players aka “tools” are positioned to advance a communist/socialist movement which is ushering us towards the centralized control of America’s resources.
Let’s recap: LAND, WATER, AIR and ANIMALS are all required to produce food; America’s food producers are being targeted within each area resulting in the destruction of America’s food supply. A great example is The Valley Hope Forgot, the destruction of the bread basket of the world- the San Joaquin Valley. Those wanting control are using verbiage- a word- SUSTAINABILITY to usher in the destruction. Wrapped within this ever moving target are unattainable social and environmental regulations designed to bring financial ruin upon the American farmer/ rancher this is being done within these four sectors.

We are living in a world where very few know where their food comes from. Several decades ago most Americans had a relative who raised food animals, not so today, most believe the grocery store manufacturers it. This leaves the door wide open for extremists to usher in agendas by preying upon public emotions and feeding them…excuse my language- BS. Those wanting to control and destroy America’s food producers/ protein providers work in conjunction with those wanting to destroy America altogether. When you follow the money trail the same players show up at the “land, water, air and animal table”, I might interject here that the same players are showing up at the “education- energy- health care- financials-U.S. cities centralized control tables” as well. When the curtain is pulled the wizard is the same-and that’s a story for another day.
There we made it over that hump. Next week we will look at the Humane Society of the U.S., the World Wildlife Fund connections to your very own beef industry and how they strive to control what protein YOU consume and whether it’s being raised SUSTAINABLY. This will all tie back to the 7 Climate Hubs. Do you realize one of our very own upstanding past state legislators now advances this control agenda within the Climate Hubs? There are more bumps ahead, you may experience curdling or an explosion so pack an extinguisher, Dramamine and a barf bag.

Article 11*** REDO (this redo is a note to self...bear with my crude approach of putting what's in my head on paper)

Note: Missed last week’s column as we were attending the GOP convention in Cleveland where I represented Oklahoma as an alternate delegate. One of the highlights of this trip was having the opportunity to share my concerns about “sustainability” and also a new act Obama (with help from our congress) signed into law this month; the Global Food Security Act, with Trump’s pick for Inspector General, Joseph Schmitz. From the outside this act looks like a great humanitarian effort, but once unpackaged it’s plain to see that it is just another power tool of control. Will fill you in on that discussion next week.

Continued from two weeks ago…

Sunlight, a great disinfectant; Warning exposure may cause nausea

Let’s recap: LAND, WATER, AIR and ANIMALS are all required to produce food; America’s food producers are being targeted within each area resulting in the destruction of America’s food supply. A great example can be found in the documentary, The Valley Hope Forgot, the destruction of the San Joaquin Valley, the bread basket of the world. Those wanting control are using verbiage (a word) SUSTAINABILITY to usher in the destruction. Wrapped within this ever moving target are unattainable social and environmental regulations designed to bring financial ruin upon the American farmer/ rancher, this is being done within the four sectors of the LAND, WATER, AIR and ANIMALS. It has been a bumpy ride looking at the attacks within LAND and now we are moving on…
The number one problem; we are living in a world where very few understand where their food comes from. Problem number two- people cannot not distinguish between food animals and their pet. Problem number three- media and radical extremists have control of the narrative and are able to feed an unknowing/ uneducated public all the lies they deem necessary to complete their control agenda.
Several decades ago most Americans either raised their food or knew a relative who did, not so today, most believe the grocery store manufacturers it. This leaves the door wide open for extremists to usher in “control and destroy” agendas by preying upon public emotion and dispensing excuse my language- BS. Those wanting to control and destroy America’s food producers/ protein providers work in conjunction with those wanting to destroy America altogether. When you follow the money trail the same players show up at the “land, water, air and animal table”, I might interject here that the same evil players are showing up at the “education” “energy” “health care” “financials” “U.S. cities centralized control tables”-in other words the U.N. Agenda 21/ 2030 table- as well. When the curtain is pulled back the wizard is the same-that will be a story for another day.
As we advance through ANIMAL ATTACKS we will be looking at the deception of HSUS-the Humane Society of the U.S., and how WWF- World Wildlife Fund and other powerful radical extremists groups have infiltrated our very own beef and agriculture industry groups striving to control what protein YOU consume and whether it’s being raised SUSTAINABLY. This will all tie back to the 7 Climate Hubs. We will be looking into the fact that individuals using our tax dollars and beef producer’s check off dollar decided early on to not fight but “cash in” on the lie of SUSTAINABILTY …do you realize one of our very own upstanding past state legislators now advances this control agenda within the Climate Hubs? No you can’t mix sparks and gas; vinegar and milk or sustainability and freedom. The ride will continue to be bumpy as more light is shone upon the deception behind agriculture’s green- sustainable agenda, you may experience curdling or an explosion so pack an extinguisher and maybe a barf bag- the facts we’ll be shedding light on will make most Americans sick to their stomachs.

NOTE...I realize the repetition and reiterating but this massive amount of information in bite sized chunks one week at a time I believe bears repeating and refreshing....

Article 12
Some More Sunlight

If you are just now joining us, I am connecting the dots on how this administration, using public private partnerships between radical extremists, animal activists and federal government agencies are unraveling our nation’s ability to produce food. It is taking a while to unravel. We’ve made it to ANIMALS. We’ve covered the covert attacks within the LAND sector: conservation easements, the hundreds of new USDA programs with regulatory strings attached, EPA, BLM, DOI, USFW and other federal agency abuses of private property and grazing rights and the expansion of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) to limit and destroy food production by burying producers in unattainable, unaffordable regulations. We’ve touched on the WATER issues mainly Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) which is the EPA’s attempt to take over all waters within the U.S. and we’ve covered a bit on AIR- the Clean Air Act and how they are over regulating in that area as well. LAND, WATER, AIR and now ANIMALS, all components of producing food and all open doors to regulate America out of her food supply by destroying the U.S. producer’s ability to stay in business. And we have not begun to connect the dots of how the attacks within Banking, Health Care and Energy all affect the farmer/rancher/ food producer as well.
The things I have witnessed have occurred over a period of about 10 years. I first began to notice something was not right while serving on the Cattlemen’s Beef Board which is the board that controls the mandatory USDA beef check off dollar. Serving as president of the Oklahoma Cattlewomen’s Association (OCW) two terms allowed the opportunity to serve on the CBB board. My eyes would be opened wide. Also I was an American National Cattlewomen’s Association (ANCW) member and would meet wonderful fellow cattlewomen from across the country who would share many stories of federal abuses.
During this ANIMAL segment I will focus on the beef sector as that is where I first witnessed the infiltration of those ultimately wanting to destroy production agriculture. I would watch Jason Clay from the World Wildlife Fund and several of his cronies inject the SUSTAINABILITY narrative into our beef industry via public speaking opportunities at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association meetings- all with a sense of urgency to become socially and environmentally acceptable to the masses, because the masses were all terribly concerned about “Sustainability” …sarcasm… the masses were concerned about the price of their food. Remember the overlapping three circles I shared in an image in the first few articles: social acceptance, environmental justice and economic viability-the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) in the center the sweet spot the ever moving target of “SUSTAINBILTIY”, the target that was designed to never be hit? That’s what these folks were selling to the unassuming beef producer. And our leaders let these radical extremists in to sell it. We will find out what I believe to be the “why” later.
I will point out that those wanting to destroy production agriculture have used “soft targets” to change policy upon our food animal sector. The pet industry, walking horse industry, carriage horse industry, hunting, rodeos and circuses all have been under attack by the Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) and the ASPCA which are tied to the World Wildlife Fund. HSUS has been under investigation within our state and nationally this past year. They have used these avenues to bring in regulations that will ultimately make producing food animals impossible. That is their ultimate goal.
I’m going to stop here, but will leave you with some areas we will being looking at as we cover the ANIMAL segment of attacks; the Global Animal Partnership Program (GAP) which is tied to HSUS, WWF and Whole Foods and the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB) also tied to the World Wildlife Fund. I will share how the WWF used the Freedom to Operate Committee to unveil their partnership with the NCBA, how WWF uses religion as an avenue to change production processes. It will be complex and eye opening to see the connections and how these folks have worked their way into every beef producer’s life affecting the way they will ultimately raise their animals. Remember I’m focusing on the beef sector, this fungus has already attacked the poultry and pork industries with regulations that eliminated many grassroots swine and chicken producers over the years and changed the production processes and practices of many large producers forcing them to shut down their food production businesses because of new regulations, mainly in California.
A little more disinfecting, leaving the door open so the sun can shine in…until next week.

Article 13
Globalism vs Americanism the threat to National Security:
How radical extremists control America’s food supply

We are looking at the ANIMAL SECTOR of our food supply system (air, land, water and animals are all needed to create food) and unraveling how global elites are working to destroy America’s exceptionalism- her resources, her finances, her food supply (Americanism) and how those wanting global control (Globalism) are working to destroy her ability to remain great, remain exceptional, remain feeding her people and the world.
Global trade is good. Globalism is not, it is a threat to our national security. Quite capably less than 2 percent of America’s food and fiber producers for centuries have produced abundantly without interference transferring those goods across the world. That capability is being destroyed intentionally from within, many of our own agriculture groups and associations have tried to obey the globalist’s rules to fit the false model of “sustainability” (unattainable social and environmental regulations) based on misinformation using the mantra of climate change. America produced “The Bread Basket of the World; the San Joaquin Valley”, if you have yet to watch the YouTube video “The Valley Hope Forgot”, which shares an example of its destruction, I would urge you to do so now.
The Global Animal Partnership (GAP) 5 Step animal welfare program is one of the tools being used to gain control. Animal welfare, sounds great, as producers we are all about the welfare of our animals, we would not be in business if we chose to neglect them. However, this 5 step program is being utilized to ultimately CONTROL how we care for our private property- our animals. By nudging us towards a system that requires we produce our animals or raise our private property, the way they see fit, they gain control. Ultimately they want to destroy the capability to produce animal protein-abolish it all together.
There are several players in this grand scheme; the Humane Society of the U. S (HSUS), the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and several others with a number of acronym aliases. These groups work alongside those advancing the grander plan of Globalism to advance CONTROL. Watch to see how these groups are using public private partnerships to advance this control.
Remember the METHODS, TACTICS, and TOOLS being used to gain control? I shared this image early on, it can still be found along with numerous resources on my blog, Remember the top down, bottom up, inside out METHOD? Top Down “they” position themselves on board seats within corporate businesses; Inside Out “they” infiltrate trusted organizations, foundations and associations and Bottom Up “they” lure producers from their own ranches and farms into programs that either entangle them federally by offering “free money” or “premiums” to produce by “their” rules (we will look closer at just who “they” are in the future). This METHOD produces a precedence. If their rules become the norm- procedures everyone must follow by changing policy and regulations, they win and we lose---OUR NATION. It is within the Bottom Up METHOD that the GAP program comes in to play. Lucrative premiums are the beef producer’s carrot-if the producer will play by their rules they get the carrot. I will soon share how “they” entered our ranch offering a carrot.
Globalism vs Americanism. I might add that during the GOP convention Trump addressed this great threat to our nation. He understands the dangers America is facing by losing her exceptionalism, he understands business, our devastating debt (nearing 20 trillion) and what it takes to create jobs. He will work to stop Globalism and Make America Great Again by restoring Americanism. This is why the “establishment” does not work well with him; they have already played into the globalism game for instance by advancing the TPP (Transpacific Partnership) a frightening “global” trade agreement. The American Farm Bureau and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, two great ag organizations have been infiltrated; AFB has advanced a climate change agenda by partnering with groups such as the Asia Society and the Longview Foundation on a global farm game; the NCBA by partnering with the World Wildlife Fund and pushing the American beef producer into the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef- a nest of self-serving packers, associations and radical environmentalists advancing the notion of sustainability. This union is a perfect global example of a Public Private Partnership; the USDA (public) using our own funds via the beef checkoff dollar and the union of the others mentioned (private) forming a partnership to change policy and regulations upon the American producer. Like Brad says, “we have a product the world wants why allow someone else to regulate it and market it?” INSIDIOUS
We CANNOT allow globalism to win this battle upon our resources…especially our food supply. We MUST understand their METHODS, TOOLS and TACTICS. We must identify and educate the “useful-necessary” idiots, a term supposedly coined by Lenin used to describe the people he manipulated to accomplish his agenda of control. Many of our trusted agriculture organizations and media are wearing Lenin’s title proudly, perhaps unaware that they are on the wrong team.
We are headed down the wrong path, we must STOP 180 and return to Americanism; the Globalism path ends with a loss of choices, decision making, private property rights and freedom

Article 14

The Global Animal Partnership Program; Facts to Consider
We are going to delve deeper into GAP, the Global Animal Partnership 5-Step animal welfare program, a program which offers lucrative premiums for food animal producer participation. Remember “they” (I mentioned last week that we will be taking a close look at who the “theys” are later on) want control of all American resources; energy, banking, healthcare, education and our food supply. We have looked at what it takes to produce food: air, land, water and animals. We know that each one of these areas is being over-regulated in efforts to destroy profitability thus putting American producers of goods (I am focusing on our food producers-beef specifically) out of business. “They” want our private property rights, choices and freedoms stripped. We know “they” use the TOOL of PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS and the METHOD of TOP DOWN, BOTTOM UP, INSIDE to infiltrate organizations, foundations and associations. The GAP program is a TOOL being used to incrementally strip our ability to produce animal protein- the meat we eat. We will look at who is behind this animal welfare program, why they are behind it, when it began and where it is being peddled.
First some HSUS history. This is taken from an article entitled HSUS is Against All Animal Farmers—Big and Small by watchdog group,, who exposes HSUS for its real motives:
HSUS has a revamped (they have tried many times over the years to appear non-threatening) campaign pretending that it is an advocate for small farmers. This is nothing more than the “divide and conquer” strategy that dates back to Roman times. HSUS is a vegan organization that has a PETA-like agenda. And just like PETA, it does not support any agriculture that uses animals.
Consider these facts:
Fact: HSUS’s Food Policy Director Matt Prescott, a former PETA activist, created a national campaign comparing farms to Nazi concentration camps. He has also written, “There’s never an excuse to kill and eat an animal.”
Fact: HSUS’s past farm-animal vice president Miyun Park told an animal rights conference, “We don’t want any of these animals to be raised and killed [for food]….And so because of that, a number of organizations including the Humane Society of the United States, we work on promoting veganism.”
Fact: HSUS’s current farm-animal vice president Paul Shapiro has said, “Eating meat causes animal cruelty” and “The meat industry equals systematic murder.”
Fact: After Wayne Pacelle, a strict vegan, became president of HSUS, he declared a new food policy making all HSUS events vegan—no meat or dairy or eggs, no matter how they are produced.
Fact: Wayne Pacelle has written that eating meat is “speciesist”—meaning animals are discriminated against, similar to racism or sexism.
Fact: HSUS has been secretly investing money in start-ups such as “Beyond Meat” and “Beyond Eggs”—businesses that hope to replace meat and egg products entirely.
Fact: Wayne Pacelle has said that PETA has “visionary and professional leadership. There’s no doubt they’re creative and courageous.” He also said, “PETA has really done so much in a short time to…promote animal rights.”
Fact: John “J.P.” Goodwin, an HSUS director of animal cruelty, has said, “My goal is the abolition of all animal agriculture.” Goodwin is a former spokesperson for the terrorist Animal Liberation Front.

The bottom line: "HSUS is run by strict vegans who are only using smaller, organic farmers as a prop. These vegans are smart enough to know that 99% of the public eats animal products. So they provide lip service to small farmers for political and public-relations reasons to cloak their agenda."
Miyun Park is a former Vice President for Farm Animal Welfare at HSUS and former president of the vegan activist group Compassion Over Killing. She is now the Executive Director of Global Animal Partnership. In 1998, The Washington Post reported that Park was then a production coordinator for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and that she had previously worked at PETA. She has been quoted saying she wants NO animals slaughtered. She also co-authored the book Gristle with MOBY which was an attempt to destroy the meat industry with misinformation about how beef, pork and chicken are raised and slaughtered.
Reading from their web page you would believe the GAP program to be an honest attempt to better animal welfare; they want what we want, the best care possible for food animals. The first few steps that must be followed if a producers decides to sign on the dotted line to participate to play their game seem pretty normal, but the requests get weirder as they progress. A producer also gives access to ‘Third Party Auditors” (individuals from the outside) to enter their premises to make certain they are playing correctly.
So what could possibly go wrong by signing up to participate in this program? We’ll add some more facts next week to answer that question.

Article 15
Starve the Swarms
“He has erected a multitude of new Offices and sent hither swarms of new Officers to harass our people, and eat out our substance. “
Recognize this? It’s one of the “he hases” listed in our Declaration of Independence that point out the king’s tyrannical agenda- the reason our forefathers left England. The above sentence is synonymous with “sustainability”. We now know that “sustainability” has only been code for “a swarm of new Offices and Officers sent hither to destroy producers with social and environmental regulations”.
Does America know that nearly half a million of her food producers have recently called it quits? Do they know that USDA opened her borders to foreign meat markets this past month specifically Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Africa and began mingling their product with her best...OUR beef! Bingo, we can identify one of the substance eating Offices- the USDA.
More of those Offices and Officers can be found within Public Private Partnerships. Public being government organizations such as USDA, BLM, DOI, HUD plus a host of others; Private being the plethora of radical 501 C-3 Non-Government Organization or NGO’s which consist of environmental /animal activists groups like the Sierra Club, Humane Society of the U.S., The Nature Conservancy, Center for Biological Diversity and the World Wildlife Fund to name a few. These unions latch onto and infiltrate groups and organizations and begin systematically and incrementally changing policy.
Trusted farm and ranch organizations, foundations and associations along with ag media have been infiltrated by the likes of the Asia Society, Longview Foundation, Keystone Initiative, WWF, TNC, Sierra Club and many, many others all advancing a global warming/climate change, sustainability agenda. Do we see a pattern here? Swarms of substance eating Offices and Officers?
How will America continue to feed herself and the world? It’s up to the “common producer” the farmer/rancher who has fed America for centuries to stand up and say “NO!” NO, we will no longer allow our membership dues nor our check-off dollar to be used to advance our demise. NO, we will not subscribe to your magazines or newspapers or sign up for any government program that conspires to “eat out our substance.”
Self-destruction must be replaced with constitutional knowledge and some unified fortitude/gumption to stop it. In other words “shut the water off” Here’s a short list of groups and media that promote Americanism not Globalism: The Kansas Natural Resource Coalition, Coalition for a Prosperous America, The Cavalry Group, R-Calf (a true producer driven organization) The Western Ag Reporter, Livestock Market Digest newspapers and The Range Magazines and The Range Magazine. I will share more as space allows. Until next week…

Article 16

“Failing to understand the ideology behind SUSTAINABILITY, is like trying to put a puzzle together without the lid---there is no big picture. They may like the piece they are holding a lot but it is useless if they don’t understand where it fits.”
Amy Fox shared this thought with me Saturday on the phone. Amy lives in Kansas City, understands the urban battle the United Nation’s Agenda 21/2030 Sustainable Development plan wages against America. I have not met her personally, but we bonded several years ago on Facebook because we spoke the same language: Sustainability. Her life is spent educating on hidden power plans within grants, smart meters, HUD, zoning and a host of other programs designed to control the urban masses.
She called to pick my brain on rural issues as she had been invited to speak at a Farm Bureau meeting in Missouri. I told her that was the best news I’d heard in long time, we are beginning to see eyes open. As Brad put it, “our congregation is growing.”
For nearly an hour I shared a firsthand account of the UN AG 21 infiltration into our beef industry explaining how a communist method – “top down, bottom up, inside out” had allowed positions of a tyrannical type power to manifest; colluding by the world’s four major meat packers, the formation of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef and an HSUS affiliated program known as Global Animal Partnership 5-Step Animal Welfare, also that many leaders were involved in advancing this “U.S. food producer destroying” sustainable model.
“Oh my gosh” was exclaimed frequently on the other end.
We talked about the consolidation of agriculture media, the fact that one company now owns many publications allowing the destructive, regulatory- packed, social/ environmental/sustainable message to roll into the laps of readers across the world.
Many leaders are holding on to their special puzzle piece unwilling to view the big ugly Agenda 21…now 2030 picture or see that it fits perfectly in the destruction of America’s sovereignty. It’s past time to find those who will.


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The bulls have been in my backyard for several weeks. Getting fat. Getting ready to go north. Getting ready to...uh... go to slaughter, or should I say "harvest." Not too long ago that word reminded me of wheat. Kind of like the word "gay" used to make me think of someone happy.
Anyway, today our "politically correct" friends recommend we don't refer to the word that actually describes what has taken place since Adam and Eve. The word that describes what has taken place for centuries to insure human survival. No, today we mus…

Back In The Saddle...Almost

I’m back…for a while, barring I don’t slip on another tutu or fall over another tombstone.
The morning after Easter 5:45 a.m. to be exact, I slipped on a princess tutu and tore my rotator cuff. In June I had surgery and spent the summer going to physical therapy three times a week 60 miles away.In August my Grandmother Hazel passed away.She had lived a long, happy, successful, life.She was 96 years old and it was hard to say goodbye to one of my best friends.
My shoulder was on the mend, but at Grandma’s graveside service I fell over a tombstone.During the service I’d been watching near misses and worried about someone tripping over the one on my end of the tent.I didn’t realize there was another on the other end.Remember I have 10 grandkids, 7 of them under the age of 7.I had my hands full of water bottles, mine and theirs. As I hurried out of the tent to speak to some relatives I fell head, neck and face first over the tombstone my rear and high heels in the air and my mouth full of …