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And Now I'm A Nerd

Another post I uncovered which had not been published, this one from 2013 I believe. Today Chris Chinn is a household name in Missouri agriculture. I do believe Ag Chat Foundation had great intentions, I've lost track of this group as my focus turned towards the battle I was encountering within my very own industry...those joining forces with the enemy- the very groups trying to destroy us. Property rights battles have raged on many fronts and that has become my focus, but it takes us all to win this war on American ag. I am not taking the time to tweek this piece, just publishing it like I wrote it several years ago.

I’ve been on Twitter for about 6 months but haven’t utilized it to any extent, especially not via my phone (Tweeting). This week all of that changed. I jumped into the deep end with a lot of tech savvy “Social Media Ag Nerds" (that's a compliment)

In March of last year, Ag Chat Foundation was founded by Michele Payn-Knopper and 7 other individuals, includ…
"I wrote this post in Sept of 2014...just came across it and noticed I hadn't published it guess I became sidetracked. We now have a new administration I'm hoping will stop some of this madness in it's tacks"

I do a lot of Facebook postings, nearly everyday.  I use it predominately   to educate fellow landowners and producers of the dangers of losing their private property rights.  We are losing those rights and most grassroots landowners are unaware of the incremental, strategic, dismantling going on under their noses.  These postings appear to be all over the place and I apologize. but you understand if you're keeping up with the multitude of attacks on producers of " once upon a time "... affordable food... aka land owners, animal owners, water owners/users, air inhalers, methane expellers (cattle- any way that's what the Climate Hub "consultant" revealed in the OETA Horizon clip I shared yesterday), dust stirring, antibiotic adminis…

COOL Education -Country of Origin Labeling

R-Calf Convention Cheyenne, Wyoming provided the truth on country of origin labeling and education on real issues that affect not only beef producers but American consumers

Psst... read my lips

Well I've got my five minute Pro-Ag GMO Fracking Fossil Fuel presentation down, but need work on my 1 minute version. The story goes like this: After Brad's blood plasma injection in Loveland, CO we decided to visit Estes Park. Brad stayed at the room and I shopped a little. Some pretty hair barrettes caught my eye as I walked past a cute shop, so I turned around. I loved the little shop, I loved the little lady's attitude that ran the shop. As I was checking out I made the comment, "I guess since I don't go to the beauty shop I can afford to buy some sweet pricey little hair pieces - $15 a piece is pricey to me- she exclaimed that she shunned hair stylists too, trimmed her own braid from side to side with lop sided results ...just like me we laughed. I made the comment I was a rancher-farmer which she quietly sympathetically in almost a whisper said, "the good people, the wonderful people, not those "corporate farmers", then she unleashed on f…

Sweet Independence

I hope you've enjoyed your free weekend. I take so much free stuff for granted- the ability to enjoy my air conditioned home, electricity, my family, great food, ready transportation, a dish washer, washing machine and dryer ( I can't imagine living without them), so far I can attend the church of my choice, say pretty much whatever I want to say, keep my guns buy ammo for those guns all without fear of being molested---I said so far. It's up to us to keep this wonderfully awesome God given free stuff available for the next generation. I know in reality that nothing is free- someone had to pay. Today I am thanking the Lord for my forefathers and the time they set aside, the wisdom they possessed and the lives they gave that I might enjoy this day we call Independence Day.

Around the Ranch Table

NOTE: It really didn't hit me until I revived this blog that I did have a funny sense of humor and a pretty normal ranch woman life "before activism". Reading back through it I was sad to see my naivety and blind reliance on my old standby trusted ag organizations. I have even been able to pin point the day I realized I could no longer rely on these groups to be my voice, our voices weren't harmonizing; they were advancing globalism, centralized control and buddying up with radical groups as in the case of the NCBA partnering with the World Wildlife Fund. This path is completely opposite of what drives grassroots producers; individualism and personal choice. "Behind Ag's Green Mask" is devoted to connecting those dots. "Around the Ranch Table" will be my little safe place, a place to recapture some of the funny and enjoyable. I wrote this piece for our local newspaper which hasn't been published yet and it may not be, they've been very…

Be Patient

Bear with me as I shorten and move my newspaper articles to this blog. I will be honest- I hate to blog. I can never remember my password, when I write the stinking thing is so slow that I forgot what I was posting, I'm just not good at it and I DO NOT HAVE THE TIME TO MESS WITH IT. But here I am again giving it one more shot. I like FB but my thoughts get lost there so I must start blogging again. As I reread my past posts it's clear that once upon a time I did like to do it, I just think being an activist took center stage. I miss sharing recipes, funny stories, projects etc. Time has flown, I do know that. Anyway, I'm sharing my Dewey County Record articles here under Behind Ag's Green Mask, feel free to share this info far and wide. I am having trouble linking so that's going to be messed up for awhile and the image I keep referring to's coming if I can figure it out. Have fun trying to gather my thoughts...

"Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing"

I started blogging and facebooking many years ago.  I put my blog on the shelf but tonight decided to pull it out again.  I found this in one of my drafts written in 2013...

Each morning I study my Bible and get quiet with the Lord before the activities of the day hit.  I've done this for the past 20 years or so and try never to miss these perfect peace times with Him. 
If you've followed my Facebook posts, my  blogs, my emails (if you're not on FB) I have been relentless on getting people to wake up to what's centralized control and the loss of individual freedoms and private property. This morning, once again, I poured out my problems and they seemed more, they seemed overwhelming...what do I do with all of the information I have swimming around in my head? what do I share what do I keep private?...please help me focus, help me communicate my message.  His answer before I finished my request: "keep the main thing the main thing&…