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A Word to “Manufactured Crisis” Creators...

We can’t possibly feed nine billion people by 2050 or is it 2030 or 2020? Can we get our facts on this crisis straight?  I've listened as these numbers have changed for the past few years.  I got excited myself …OMG we can’t feed all of these people…the earth can’t sustain … we must do something…who will step in to fix this looming crisis?

 No need to fear, "The Mighty Global Roundtable on “SUSTAINABLE” Beef  along with third party auditors are a few more opportunists...and they have their tool kits near".

But where's the fire? Where are the long lines of concerned consumers demanding sustainable products?  Where's the crisis?  Oh that's right, it's not for 20-40 more years, but in the meantime  producer's ability to produce must be destroyed?  "And that's the plan to feed the 9 billion?"  That makes absolutely no sense at all.  But it might to those who want control.

Let’s take a closer look at the Global Roundtable for Sus…

Great Revivals In History

The Bible records revivals where great numbers of people turned to God. Each revival was characterized by a leader who recognized his nations’ spiritual decay.  In each case the leader took action, was not afraid and followed God’s guidance.  It is apparent our nation is under siege. If you’re considered a leader in one of the resource sectors under attack; health care, production agriculture, education, energy  you know something is wrong. You might be in the health care profession and have the task of “navigating” Obama Care.  You may be forced to make decisions to terminate a patient’s prescription drug or forced to make the call to proceed with lifesaving treatments or pull the plug. If you’re a teacher you are finding yourself forced to usher in Common Core curriculum you know is damaging your students and our nation’s future.  Maybe you’re a professor sharing radical progressive teachings in colleges or universities and you’ve suddenly realized what’s going on…God is nowhere t…

Mucho Meals on Wheels

This will be my 50th year- plus or minus- helping feed harvest hands. We fix it, deliver it and serve it...from the trunks of cars, backs of suburbans or in the luxury of an old un-air conditioned R.V.

 Assorted fare throughout the years has included Grandma Grace's homemade chicken and noodles, hot rolls, famous pickle slaw for hamburgers, and her assortment of delicious homemade desserts ranging from cinnamon rolls to cream pies; Mom's delicious Norwegian Corn casserole, Swiss Steak and Strawberry Cake, my sister-in-law Dianna's signature Blackberry Kuchen and German Krautburgers and today my daughters, daughter-in-laws, niece and even my brother, Monte's numerous delicacies...and I mean delicacies. They are not content presenting just any ole thing...they take it pretty seriously turning out tons of Pioneer Women, and Rachel Ray recipes. They own Traegers and the latest kitchen appliances. I think the harvest crew actually mourns the end of harvest, just because the…

Sunday Afternoon


Summer Pondering

Summertime's here.  Dusty fields & gritty meals, windy days, S'mored fingers dressing baby kittens in bonnets, playing in the river, shiney hineys, snow cones, chocolate syrup, hard work, dirty pool, dirty nails, late nights, silly jokes and gobs of everything difficult, summer and satisfying.

                                       Sustaining                                  I'm here.  Our ranch is here.  Did it take a complicated plan to make it work? No. But it did take wise decision making and a simple basic plan:  "use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without". Being frugal along with God's blessings has helped us sustain for the past 120 years.  If we made bad decisions we changed course, rethought our methods.  Adaptability = Sustainability and Sustainability= Profitability.

                               Common Core...Eat My Dust What I'm learning about Common Core has me mor…

Oklahoma American Agri Women Making a Comeback!

Oklahoma women from all across the state met recently to reignite the Oklahoma Chapter of the American Agri-Women.  AAW national president, Karen Yost, flew in from Billings, Montana to share ideas and guidance with our energetic group. The AAW is a national coalition of farm and ranch women's organizations and individuals and was formed in 1974.  This group of active women are extremely involved in agriculture policy and hold positions on ag research, biotechnology, crop protection, rural economic development, homeland security and taxation along with many, many other areas of impact to the agriculture community.  A steering committee was appointed during the two day event to begin a  membership drive and making plans for our next meeting where officers will be elected.

Where Have All The Leaders Gone?

Have you heard the one about Washington pulling out due to the “criticism crisis” at Valley Forge?Or how about the one where David decided not to fell Goliath because his feelings were hurt when people made fun of his over sized armor? How about the one where Patton quit at Bastogne because people were talking behind his back- no victorious Battle of the Bulge.Or the one where Nehemiah decided not to rebuild Jerusalem’s wall because Sanballat and Tobiah ridiculed him?
Luckily neither have I, that is not how those stories ended.Aren’t we glad those heroic leaders and numerous others like them chose to be true leaders?If fear and emotion had ruled their decision making our liberties and freedoms would have been lost; even our Lord’s ancestral lineage destroyed.
A silent, dangerous, insidious war is taking place on American soil: the infiltration of the U.N. Agenda 21 Sustainable Development into cities, homes and schools and onto ranches, farms, feedlots and businesses across the U.S. It …